NXT UK 08.14.19

Mark Coffey Vs Flash Morgan Webster

Coffey has the obvious size and weight advantage here…surely he can’t lose to Webster. The way he throws Flash around is nothing short of brutal. Despite this, Webster is using his ariel abilities to try take the big man down…and beyond all belief, he only goes and does it! It took a bit of distraction, but a wins a win.

Kenny Williams Vs Travis Banks

This match up is the perfect exhibition of NXT UK talent; fast paced, hard hitting, high flying…really exceptional stuff. The only thing that let it down was Noam Dar on commentary. That guy really winds me up, but as a heel…he’s just doing his job (& doing it very well given how much he annoys me) Regardless, you should check out this match and see for yourself just how good it was (Banks gets the win)

Nina Samuels Vs Isla Dawn

Whoever had to follow that last match REALLY had to dig deep, and that honour went to these two ladies…and good lord, they delivered. Once again, fast paced and hard hitting and with a whole heap of killer kicks thrown in. Another phenomenonal display of talent. Great show. Samuels gains another win.

Kassius Ohno Vs Dragunov

This is set to be interesting. Not only do they have to follow TWO amazing match-ups, but there is also the potential for Ohno to end Dragunovs streak.

I honestly thought that Dragunov was going to ‘Goldberg’ the crap out of Ohno, but it was far from the case. Dragunov might be intense, but Ohno is brutal as hell. I swear he nearly took the Russians head off multiple times. He was so cool, calm and collected while doing so too. A side of the man I’ve never seen before.

Whatever I write here will not do justice to what was witnessed. This was in-ring storytelling at its best. So good…I’m NOT going to tell you how it ended. Do yourself a favour, go watch the match-up then come back and thank me. Amazing night of wrestling. Great show.