NXT Takeover UK 8.31.19: Justin C’s Thoughts

So it is a rainy, gloomy Labor Day here in Buffalo. That pretty much limits what I can do today. So I decided to watched NXT Takeover UK and give my thoughts on the show. Now please bare in mind, I don’t watch this show on a regular basis. I know who a lot of these guys are, but I haven’t watched a good amount of their matches. So I’m doing this in the old “quick hits” like fashion I used to do reviews in.

Noam Dar vs Travis Bnaks

-Dar has that smug look that makes you want to slap him every time you see him.

-Banks had Dar down but Dar started kicking Banks. Cool looking stuff.

-Banks with a good looking double stomp for two.

-Dar ends up winning with the Nova Roller. Fun opening match that got the crowd into it. They kept it basic but the crowd liked it.

Ilja Dragunov vs Cesaro

-The pop Cesaro got before coming out was great. I guess the live crowd didn’t see his backstage interview.

-Dragunov’s selling is a bit over the top for me early on. It is one thing to sell, but the over reaction to some stuff is a bit much.

-Cesaro does the spin for over 30 seconds. I still have no idea how he does it so long.

-Dragunov finally gets some offense in after escaping a Crossface. He almost falls of the top rope going for a coast to coast but he is able to recover nicely.

-Cesaro catches Dragunov and hits a Gut Buster and follows it up with a running uppercut for two.

-Dragunov comes back with a running DVD into the corner. I love moves like that. They look more devastating than they probably are.

-Cesaro tosses Dragunov running at him, tosses him in the air, and hits an upper cut and follows it up with the Neutralizer for the win. Cesaro controlled most of the match but Dragunov came off very well here in the end.

NXT Takeover Tag Team Championship: Grizzled Young Vets (c) vs Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster vs Wolfgang and Mark Coffey

-Andrews and Webster are the home town favorites. If Vince McMahon was booking this show we know they would not win.

-All six men end up in the ring together at one point and don’t start fighting? What world is this?

-Webster gets worked over for a bit by everyone.

-Mark Andrews does a nice roll through then jumps into a DDT.

-Webster and Andrews hit dives to the outside on both teams. Dives are done way too much in wrestling nowadays. There’s been one in every match so far.

-Andrews is on Wolfgang’s soldiers as Webster runs in and hits a knee sending Wolfgang into a reverse ranna.

-Andrews follows it up with a shooting star press to the outside.

-Gibson goes for a sit out slam but Andrews counters into a Stunner and Webster hits a swanton but only gets a two.

-The Grizzled Young Vets then hit Helter Skeltor then a 450 splash but only get two on Andrews.

-Webster and Andrews as well as the Grizzled Young Vets all end up on the mat. That allows Coffey and Wolfgang to come in and do some work.

-Ah here we go. Things finally start to break down. Wolfgang catapults Webster but he goes right into a Destroyer on Coffey. Wolfgang then gets put into a Doomsday Device on the outside and gets taken out by the Grizzled Young Vets.

-The Grizzled Young Vets and Andrews/Webster have a stare down before brawling. Gibson pulls the ref out of the ring to avoid a three count on his partner.

-Grizzled Young Vets hit Ticket to Ride. But Andrews breaks up the pin with Fall to Pieces and drags Webster over onto Gibson for the win. Drake took out members of Gallus on the outside and wasn’t able to break up the pin. Really fun match.

Last Man Standing Match: Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey

-Apparently the arena has been reinforced for this match. How can you reinforce a whole arena?

-Mastiff throws Coffey hard into the corner and the top turnbuckle breaks. So they reinforced the arena but not the ring?

-Coffey finds a pool cue and uses it on Mastiff. There’s a whole bag of them and pool balls. What the hell is going on under that ring?

-Mastiff misses a charge and Coffey ends up pushing him through a table set up on the barricade.

-Coffey misses a chain shot. Mastiff hits a German suplex then whips Coffey with the chain.

-Mastiff gets another table and hits a rolling cannonball into Coffey through the table.

-They go into the crowd and have a chair duel. They literally ran at each other with chairs then both fell down.

-Mastiff hits a rolling DVD on the announce table. They brawl above it until Mastiff headbutts Coffey and they both fall through a table. They both crawl to their feet, until Coffey kicks the travel case out from under Mastiff and beats the count up. Okay LMS match. A bit slow at spots, and I didn’t like the brawling outside the ring for the majority of the match. Finish was a bit weak too given the rivalry between both men.

NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm (c) vs Kay Lee Ray

-Toni Storm is doing a good job of fighting her emotions to start. With the story that Ray and Storm were once friends, it is a nice added touch.

-Storm hits a Storm Zero pretty early in the match but Ray kicks out.

-Ray goes to the top and tries to hit a dive or a swanton. It was really awkward because she did it with one foot and zero push off and she almost killed herself.

-Ray hits the Gory Special for the third time for the win. Match was too short for my liking. The crowd was behind Storm early on and then all of a sudden it sounded like they just went to sleep. No idea why.

NXT UK Championship: Walter (c) vs Tyler Bate

-Bate tries using his quickness early on to avoid Walter. Bate lands some kicks to the legs of Walter.

-A hurricarrana sends Walter to the outside. But Walter catches Bate on a dive then chops and powerbombs him on the apron. Walter then powerbombed Bate into the ring post and it looked a bit rough for Bate. Doctors came out to check on him.

-Walter starts to slowly wear down Bate. It is the slow point of the match but the crowd is still into it.

-They go out to the apron. Bate blocks a powerbomb on the apron then backdrops Walter off it onto the floor.

-Bate tries getting a comeback going but eats a hard chop to the back on a back elbow attempt from the top.

-Both men try for a suplex. Walter gets Bate up but Bate knees him. Bate then finally suplexes Walter.

-Bate hits an exploder supex and a running shooting star press for two.

-Walter dropkicks Bate in the back into the turnbuckle. Walter goes for a powerbomb but Bate counters into a sunset flip bomb for two. Really nice spot.

-After going to the top, Bate tries a suplex but Walter says fuck that and chops him off.

-Bate runs up and headbutts Walter. He then snaps Walter’s fingers and hits an exploder suplex off the top for two.

-Bate keeps trying to throw punches but Walter keeps chopping him down.

-Bate ends up forearming Walter. But Walter falls down right onto Bate’s already bad back.

-After Walter escapes Bate after a twirl around, Bate lifts Walter up and hits a burning hammer for two.

-Walter rolls to the outside where Bate runs through and hits a Bulldog, then a dive over the top.

-Bate low bridges a pin attempt then hits the Tyler 97 Driver for two. He follows it up with a corkscrew off the top for two.

-Bate squares up and starts throwing punches. He doesn’t break in the corner so the ref separates him. Walter then lands a few chops and a kick. Walter applies a Sleeper but Bate powers up and backdrops his way out of it.

-Walter recovers and goes right back to the sleeper. Bate gets to the ropes but Walter goes over and keeps it in. Walter then reverse Dragon suplexes Bate on the apron.

-Walter hits the top rope splash but only gets two. Walter powerbombs him but Bate kicks out at one. Bate powers up, but Walter shuts it down with a chop and running lariat, which Bate just flips over for, to get the win. Phenomenal Match. Easily the best match of the weekend.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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