WWE Clash of Champions: 5 Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Two Opposite Ends Of The Women’s Division

Both women’s singles Title matches tonight were the complete opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to quality. Despite the cop out finish, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch delivered in their match. The intensity was great between them and the match was very good. The problem is that the WWE still books these stupid gimmick PPVs every year and they had to give us a reason for a Hell In A Cell match. So they went with them brawling through the crowd and the DQ. Charlotte and Bayley completely under delivered from a match perspective. The match was super short. The crowd was hot for Charlotte since it was her home town. And they delivered a quick finish with Bayley cheating. While it got Bayley heel heat, it also killed the crowd early. I’m calling it now, Sasha/Bayley vs Charlotte/Becky inside Hell In A Cell with both Titles on the line. It makes no sense, but it is HISTORY so the WWE will do it.

2. Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton Don’t Have Great Chemistry

Randy Orton is a really interesting wrestler. He either has really good matches with someone or he has really boring matches with someone. There is no in between. Unfortunately, Kofi falls into the boring match category. I don’t know what it is with these two but this match just felt long. It could have been trimmed by about five minutes. With Kofi’s clean win I really hope this is the end for the feud. But that leaves the question: Who is next for Kofi Kingston? The continuation of this feud to Hell In A Cell doesn’t make sense. My guess is that Kofi doesn’t get a Cell match at the show. I still think this is leading to Kofi/Roman at some point. But a one month fill in feud for someone heading into that show wouldn’t be the worst thing.

3. Oh Hi Luke Harper

To the surprise of no one, there was more boring wrestling in the Rowan/Reigns match. They started out fine working around the ring. But then they decided to have a regular wrestling match for half the match. Just when I was ready to fall asleep, Luke Harper made his return to help Rowan beat Roman Reigns. Now, I have no idea how this all factors into the on going storyline. I have no idea how Daniel Bryan fits into all of this. But Luke Harper is a very good professional wrestler, and him being back is a good thing. I wanted Harper in this spot instead of Rowan forever. Maybe now we will get a Harper/Reigns match which should be a little better.

4. Rollins/Strowman Follows The Rollins/Brock Script

It was smart of the WWE to have the Rollins/Strowman match follow the exact script that the Rollins/Lesnar match did. They kept Strowman looking strong by having kick out of three Curb Stomps before succumbing to a Pedigree and fourth Curb Stomp. I’m fine with that. I don’t know what you have left for Strowman after this, but they definitely protected him in the end. But if you ask me, Strowman is done as a World Title contender from this point going forward. That ship sailed and isn’t coming back any time soon.

5. A Heel Dominant Show

Heels won the majority of the matches tonight. That is fine in spots, but I think it killed the crowd for the early part of the show. You had two hometown wrestlers in Charlotte and Cedric Alexander lose early. That kind of killed the crowd for the start of the show. Miz lost because he is a dumb face. Revival won. Roode and Ziggler won. At times this is fine. But you can’t have that many heels win to start the show. It kills the crowd and that was quite evident until the Becky/Sasha match.

Random Thoughts

-Having Cedric Alexander in the preshow then jobbing him out in five minutes, in his hometown, is stupid. But this is the WWE so why am I surprised? So much for protecting him.

-For what I was expecting, the women’s tag title match wasn’t too bad. Nothing great, but not the awfulness I anticipated.

-I guess Vince wasn’t feeling too petty about Chris Jericho’s IC Title reign record today.

-If The Revival didn’t win after going after Xaiver’s knee they would have looked like the biggest idiots in the world.

-Bray Wyatt coming back at the end got the biggest pop of the night by far. His character is over and they pretty much have to put the Universal Title on him at Hell In A Cell.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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