WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.24.19 w/ The Chairman

Tonight is the end of an era as this is the final Tuesday Night Smackdown on USA. Next week Smackdown Live moves to Fox on Friday nights perhaps changing everything. With that being said, let’s see what happens on the final Tuesday edition of Smackdown Live.


HIT: Daniel Bryan Goes After Rowan

Props to Rowan wearing a Killswitch Engage shirt. Rowan started off the show venting about being disrespected. However it didn’t take long for Daniel Bryan to confront him and challenge him to a match. The match went on for a significant amount of time getting two commercial breaks. Rowan used his power to toss around Bryan however he wanted. Bryan used his athletic ability and speed to keep in the fight. Bryan at one point got the big redwood down into the Labell Lock. However where there’s Rowan, there’s Harper. Harper made his presence felt and distracted Bryan enough to give Rowan the advantage he needed. Rowan used the Iron Claw to put Bryan down and sure enough the numbers game was too much for Bryan. However another man who has had issues with this duo, Roman Reigns, came out to assist Bryan. Afterwards Bryan made a pact with Roman Reigns on taking Harper and Rowan down. More than likely we’ll be getting a tag team match at Hell in a Cell. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns against The Wyatt Family, I mean Bludgeon Brothers, I mean Rowan and Harper.


MISS: Gable Wins a Short Match

Chad Gable aired his grievances towards King Corbin only to get interrupted by Mike Kanellis. Kanellis of course took shots at Gable’s size when he’s literally an inch or two taller than him and honestly I think Gable is more filled out in the muscle department. The match basically ended instantly with a few suplexes and a ankle lock from Gable. Elias then showed up on took some shots at Gable as well on the titantron about his height of course. Clearly they’re going to run with this terrible gimmick of making fun of Chad Gable’s height. He’s seriously not that short so I don’t see the big deal.


HIT: Sasha and Bayley Take on Charlotte and Carmella

Hot off winning the 24 7 title from her friend R-Truth, Carmella is joining forces with Charlotte Flair to take on Bayley and Sasha Banks. Carmella doesn’t know what happened to Bayley, but Charlotte sees right thru her. The segment between Charlotte and R-Truth was fantastic. The match was back and forth. You can definitely tell how well Bayley and Sasha Banks work together as a team. In the end it was Carmella locked in the Bank Statement as Charlotte for some reason watched on to give Sasha Banks and Bayley the win. Truth quickly took Carmella and bailed as many hungry Smackdown Live women chased after the 24 7 title. This left Charlotte alone for a two on one attack. Becky Lynch however was in the house and made the save. Later in the show it was announced Charlotte and Becky would team up to face Bayley and Sasha on the FOX debut of Friday Night Smackdown (even though we just seen this on Raw recently).


MISS: The Majority of the Second Hour

It’s clear Smackdown Live is fully focused on FOX and this episode was almost a throwaway. I felt the show really fell off after the women’s tag match. Sami and Shinsuke play the two on one game on Ali. New Day squash B Team and Kabuki Warriors are finally found and defeat Fire and Desire rather quickly. Just felt like alot of this was thrown together with probably no long term plan and with a draft coming up I don’t expect much long term plans going forward. Of course the show ended with Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens once again having their dispute. Shane told KO he wouldn’t beat him in court and if he dropped the lawsuit he would get his job back and the fines dropped. KO decided to have a final match with Shane where winner takes all. If KO loses, he’s gone. However if Shane loses he’s gone. KO picked ladder match. Sadly no matter what we’ll never be truly done with Shane so I’m not buying it.


Well there you have it. End of an era. The first hour was pretty good, but the second hour really fell apart. Hopefully with the move to FOX gives Smackdown Live a rejuvenation if you will. Between Kofi vs Brock for the WWE Championship and the draft a week after, Friday will be a can’t miss night for a few weeks anyway.