Justin C’s Three Up, Three Down Week of 10.14.19

STOCK UP: Lance Archer

He may have very well lucked into this spot, but Lance Archer was already trending up as it is. Archer had a stand out performance in the G1. It surprised me, and it surprised pretty much every person who watched the tournament. With Jon Moxley out of his US Title match due to travel issues, Archer stepped in and didn’t disappoint. He kind of cooled off after the G1 but he made his presence known at Kings of Pro Wrestling by defeating Juice Robinson to win the US Title. The finish was great with Archer slamming Juice’s head into a pile of chairs multiple times until he stopped and pinned him. Can you imagine a potential Moxley vs Archer US Title match? That would be one fun brawl. Archer’s New Japan stock continues to go up.

STOCK DOWN: Seth Rollins

Seth was pretty bad last week but I left him off the list because I thought there were people worse than him. But I can’t leave him off this week. Rollins just needs to log off Twitter for an extended period of time after his attempt to defend the finish of Hell In A Cell. Then he cut another corny Rollins like promo when he talked about going Fiend Hunting on RAW. And then he burned down the Firefly Funhouse! How could anyone do that to such a kid friendly place? Rollins needs something to change his character. He’s getting booed constantly against Bray. I’m not blaming him for his promos (he isn’t coming up with them, you know that) but there are ways they can make them better. But the WWE continues to a disservice to their top babyface by making him come off lame. Rollins might not be salvageable as a top face after this Bray feud.

STOCK UP: Damian Priest

I appear to be one of the few people on the Damian Priest bandwagon. People refuse to disassociate him with the Ring of Honor stink he has on him. And hell, I even didn’t think he was that bad there. But Priest looks to be in the best shape of his career. And he is already up there in age. Priest’s booking has been strong since coming to NXT and I said he needed an actual feud to get going. I don’t know if this match with Pete Dunne leads to a long feud. But he had a great performance in the match. People overreacting to Dunne losing are hilarious to me. Priest may not be a main eventer player in NXT but he’s more than proven his worth so far in the mid card. If people started paying attention to his work now and erased Ring of Honor from their minds they would probably see Priest a bit differently.

STOCK DOWN: Ricochet

Again, similar to Seth Rollins, this has to do with how the WWE is presenting Ricochet. The entire “Superheros are Real” character is going to go bad for him. I understand Ricochet is not the strongest promo. But tagging him with this line is even worse. It is a death gimmick. First of all, I would argue that the superhero fad is starting to wind down. Secondly, tagging someone with bad gimmicks and one liners like this almost never works when it comes to elevating a character. Maybe Paul Heyman will just let Ricochet go out there and do his thing. But if Vince McMahon is still watching over things it won’t happen. I don’t know why Vince McMahon needs to tag everyone with a stupid line like this.

STOCK UP: Daniel Bryan

Earlier this year Daniel Bryan was the best heel in the WWE. You could even argue that he was the best heel in the entire business. The once beloved Daniel Bryan had people booing him left and right. Then the whole “Who is trying to kill Roman Reigns” stuff happened and everyone thought it was leading to an even bigger heel in Bryan. Then the WWE completely lost their way with the story, and all of the sudden Bryan is a hot face again. I really hope the WWE leaves it as is. The crowd wants to cheer Bryan again. Of course, in wrestling, that is normally the perfect time to turn someone heel. Turn them when they least expect it. But I think the WWE has something here with Bryan again. I would even argue to turn Roman Reigns heel instead, but we all know that isn’t happening.

STOCK DOWN: Marko Stunt

I know this turned into a big debate in the world of pro wrestling this week. I’m on the side that is against Stunt. Now, I understand that AEW was put into a tough spot with this match. Luchasaurus tore his hamstring preparing for the match and AEW had to find a replacement. And given their history, Stunt was the most logical fit. But if you are flipping channels and see Stunt in the ring, you probably thought it was a 12 year old kid. Now I understand ratings went up when Stunt was on. But if you saw someone that looked like a kid in the ring wrestling, wouldn’t you stop for a second too? People comparing him to Rey Mysterio when he was a kid. Well guess what, this is what Rey Mysterio looked like in ECW when he first came to the states:

It isn’t the best picture I know. But even from that photo, Rey looks like more of a wrestler than Stunt does now. I wasn’t onboard with the Stunt signing to begin with and while they were in a tough spot, I might have considered someone else to team with Jungle Boy.

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