AEW Dynamite Review 10.23.19 w/Heather


LET’S GO!  I’m back and better than eeeeeve…no I guess it’s a bad time to bring up Eric Bischoff.  But I am back and I watched AEW Dynamite and am ready to give a brief rundown of the very fun and exciting events and matches that transpired tonight.  Let’s get this party started.


AEW Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals Match Lucha Bros defeated Private Party

Jumping immediately into a wrestling match to start a wrestling show is such a novel concept, and by god it just might have worked.  When I, and probably a lot of people, saw the brackets for the AEW Tag Title tournament it seemed a foregone conclusion that The Young Bucks would be in the second round facing Lucha Bros.  However Private Party being in this match was a great move.  The diehard AEW fans love the Bucks and they love Lucha Bros and showcasing another tag team and letting them progress further than expected shows that there is depth in the tag division – something that gives credibility to their claim that they would care about tag teams.  I myself am not really that familiar with Private Party and I definitely want to see more of them.

I thought this was a great match, a really terrific choice to open the show.  I expected Lucha Bros to win, but last week’s surprise over The Bucks meant that there were times I was sure I was wrong and we’d see Private Party fighting their way into the finals.  It was a fast paced match that was a bit awkward at times, and definitely had some sloppy moments but even then there was a quick recovery into another crazy spot.  The problem with a match like this is that they hit huge spot after huge spot only to be countered and make it seem like none of seemingly devastating efforts had much of an impact at all.  This doesn’t bother everyone, and while it does bother me– I’m a fan of the athleticism so I can get enjoy the match anyway.  There was definitely some fatigue setting in from the pace as evidenced by the almost Orange Cassidy style kicks Mark Quen was delivering towards the end.

I almost thought Private Party had it when Penta got Quen wrapped up in a near spiked pile driver but he escaped and Private Party hit Gin and Juice on Fenix only to realize amongst themselves that he wasn’t the legal man.  Fenix and Penta were able to break them up and throw Kassidy to the outside leaving Quen alone to get caught up in the ropes, kneed from the top rope by Fenix into an armbreaker by Penta and finally the spiked piledriver.  Fenix dove to the outside to stop any attack from Kassidy and Lucha Bros got the 1-2-3 to make their way to the finals.


AEW Tag Title Tournament Semi Finals Match SCU defeated The Dark Order

Going from the great opener to the second match in the Tag Title Tournament immediately seemed like an odd move that shifted into a positive outcome.  The match wasn’t totally engaging the crowd in the beginning and I feel a lot of it is because The Dark Order hasn’t been really explained to us yet outside weird little vignettes and JR expressing concern about his shows when their minions wandered off.  Don’t get me wrong – I love a good vignette, and it is fine to have a weird, dark tag team but I’m not sure the crowd, or I, know what to make of them.  SCU is and should be universally beloved but as they’re the elder statesmen I was nervous the crowd would totally crap on this match after being worn out by PP and Lucha Bros.  It seemed that WOULD happen especially when inexplicably Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle came out in the middle of the match just to find their seats in a private box.  The crowd was more interested in them than the match for a brief amount of time before good wrestling does what good wrestling can do.  After SCU gained control going into the end of the match the crowd was firmly behind them and, despite the constant shots of Inner Circle, they were focused on the action in the ring.  SCU got the win which makes sense given the animosity with Lucha Bros who just made the finals too, but giving Dark Order the bye made me think they would seem like a more dangerous tag team and they really didn’t.  I’m sure there’s a bigger plan for them down the line, but if there isn’t and it’s just coming out with minions who are after JR’s shoes, well, I’m not sure it’s gonna work for me.

SCU wins this one when Scorpio Sky tosses Grayson at Kazarian to hit the SCU Later and the finals for next week’s tag team championship is set.  Was it the right move after kind of trying to make Dark Order look strong?  Yes – because it isn’t working and it was SCU that brought the crowd back from being observers of the Inner Circle.

Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela

Going right into another match and really the only interruption to any of the action is Jericho and his little cronies.  Incredible.  After the great reception their Unsanctioned match on AEW Dark 2 weeks ago it’s not a surprise to see them want to give it to a wider audience.  Plus giving Kenny Omega any match is going to make the crowd happy, and giving another wrestler a showcase against such a great wrestler and also look good does nothing but help the product.  Janela may have lost both matches, but looking good in both does nothing but build his stock as most fans who know and love Kenny Omega think he’s the best in the world, and if someone can give the best in the world a run for his money, then why wouldn’t they want to see more?

There’s a lot of near falls in this where it seemed like Janela might be able to pull off a win, especially after a huge lariat from Janela to Omega, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Omega hits multiple V Triggers to no avail before a huge one while Janela is tied up in the ropes that Omega follows up with a One Winged Angel.  Kenny does the good guy thing and checks on Janela after the match proving the camaraderie before one of them eventually just kicks the crap out of the other.  I mean Janela IS the bad boy isn’t he?

Cody Rhodes interview with Tony Schiavone

We get our first and only non wrestling segment of the night here with Cody coming out of the giant chandelier thing at the top of the ramp again.  He’s out there to make an announcement but keeps getting interrupted by Jericho and his inner circle blowing air horns.  Cody makes fun of WWE again and says there isn’t an invisible wall between him and the crowd here like in that other company and he’ll come up there and beat him and his friends down.  Jericho points out he’s outnumbered before Cody is joined by Dustin Rhodes.  Still outnumbered so out comes soon to be turning on Cody and joining The Inner Circle (I mean, right?) MJF.  Jericho makes fun of him and asks who wears a scarf?  I genuinely laughed.  STILL OUTNUMBERED and out comes, to a big pop from me, D…D…P.  Hell yeah!  Just kidding.  I mean I AM happy to see DDP and it’s a move to pop the crowd, but …no you know what?  I like it.  They go after The Inner Circle who lock themselves behind a glass door.  MJF gives Cody his stupid scarf, Cody busts the glass out and attacks Jericho who steals a stranger’s crutch and then just kind of gets his ass beat.  The funniest part is definitely him at the end crying about how he has a ticket.  Haha.

It was an effective segment and it’s obviously setting up a 4 on 4 situation sometime soon.  I imagine this will be the match where MJF shows his true colors, but maybe they’ll be like WWE and inexplicable make him a face for too long of a time.

The Young Bucks vs Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy

Another really good wrestling match on a night filled with really good wrestling matches.  It all starts after Orange Cassidy hits some real devastating super kicks to Nick and Matt Jackson before eating a double superkick of their own.  Rude.  This was almost as dastardly as when Nick and Matt mocked the best friends hug in the middle of the ring after tossing Chuck and Trent to the outside.  Again I like to see the depth of the tag division here.  Both teams are excellent and while it’s a surprise to not see the Bucks in the finals of the tag tournament it was the right move.  They get the win here after a strong showing by Best Friends who nearly pull off a win after hitting a half and half combo and getting their friend Orange to splash Nick and Matt on the outside (with both hands in his pockets, of course).  Nick returned the favor though by diving onto Orange and Trent on the outside of the ring while Matt controlled Chuck in the ring, waiting for his brother so they could hit More Bang for your Buck (is that what this is called) for the win.

Not a surprising victory, but honestly at least going into these matches I’m honestly not sure who is going to win and when even the obvious person does I’ve been left thinking how good their opponents looked too.

Britt Baker vs Jamie Hayter

This is the first we’re seeing of Jamie Hayter though she is a member of Oedo Tai in Stardom so therefore an ally of Bea Priestley.  Since this is Baker’s hometown she gets a huge reception and the Steelers mascot accompanies her to the ring.  Did you guys know that she’s a DOCTOR?  I want to like her but the absolutely annoying way they talk about Britt makes me want to scream.  Hayter dominated for most of the match, but because wrestling now speaks in currencies of Superkicks, Diamond Cutters and slingblades we get Britt hitting multiple slingblades early in the match and then a superkick to gain control and another and locking in her submission, Lockjaw (SINCE SHE’S A DENTIST) and getting the win.  I’m going to keep giving Britt Baker a chance but maybe I’ll mute the commentary just while she’s on.   Jamie Hayter who I know next to nothing about did well to show aggression and really took it to THE DOCTOR.

Backstage when Jenn Decker tries to interview Britt she’s interrupted by who I did not realize was Brandi who was super mad for some reason and did some really angry pointing at Decker after attacking Hayter.  O…kay.

Pac and Moxley ends in Time Limit Draw

Well, I can certainly say that this was the match with the best selling of the night.  After being attacked by Pac on the entrance ramp with a chair, Mox is seemingly pretty out of it.  So out of it they almost didn’t start the match! But, of course, they did.  Even after the bell rang Moxley seemed to be suffering from the effects of the chair shot, and it continued for a good portion of the match.  In a night of great matches, all of them pretty fast paced, I still found myself most drawn to this one.  It definitely was the most psychologically sound match of the night and there was a purpose to what was being done instead of spot after spot.  Mox was obviously thrown off by the early chair shot, and after hitting a nasty 450 on the outside to Moxley, Pac was unable to immediately balance himself on the top rope for the Black Arrow presumably because he was actually suffering effects OF the match.  This match had a time limit of “time remaining” when it started and with only 15 minutes when Moxley was entering and the delay in the start because of Pac’s attack gave it only about 12 minutes of time.  The draw was looming the whole time, and really was probably the right move to end it.  Moxley hit a Paradigm shift with about 10 seconds left, but Pac kicked out and the match ended while Moxley took his aggression out on the ref.  “TV Time limit my ass”.  Folks, we are out of time.

What a great night of wrestling.  Like I said, the first match was a bit sloppy at times, and the first 4 were more about the spots and the fast paced style than the selling, but that is what a lot of people want to see in their wrestling now.  For the fans like me, who can tolerate it but appreciate strong selling – I got Pac vs Moxley.  Which I promise you takes nothing away from my enjoyment of the others.  I thought it was a really solid night that kept the crowd hot, told stories, and built people up even in their losses.


This is tough.  I really did genuinely enjoy most of the matches tonight, and picking a favorite would be too hard.  I obviously took to Pac vs Moxley more, but I felt it wasn’t a complete match and it makes me not want to pick it.  Watch all the matches how’s that?

What did you love about the show?  What did you hate?  Do you agree with the more fast paced spot style or are you a fan of the more hard hitting hard selling way?  Isn’t it nice that we can have a mixture of both?  Isn’t it nice to have great wrestling?  I hope you all feel DY NO MITE after this night of wrasslin.  Do yourselves a favor and watch some AEW.

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