WWE NXT Review 10.23.19 w/Justin C

Rhea Ripley vs Bianca Belair

There’s a test of strength early on. Belair eventually pushes Rhea into the corner and spears her into it. Belair taunts Rhea as they reset. They reset and Rhea superkicks Belair into the corner but Belair moves out of the way of a charge. They fight for position as Ripley hits a delayed vertical suplex. Ripley goes to the top but Belair powerslams Ripley off the top of it. Belair applies an abdominal stretch but Ripley gets out of it. They exchange some counters and end up double face planting. Belair has the upper hand in the picture in picture break. Ripley wrestling as the face in peril here just seems off. Belair slams Ripley down into the mat a few times. Ripley escapes a headlock by slamming Belair into the corner. Belair goes for a leap frog but Ripley kicks her mid air. Ripley hits a few dropkicks but Belair sends Ripley to the outside. Io Shirai comes out and spin kicks Ripley then Belair spears Ripley but only gets two. Candice LeRae comes out and pulls Io off the apron, then Ripley hits the Pump Handle Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Rhea Ripley- That match just seemed off. Ripley working as a face in peril, Belair not being a believable heel. She also seemed slow in the match. If this gets me closer to Ripley/Io and Ripley/Shayna then I am all for it I guess. A slight blip on what should be a bright radar.

Pete Dunne is with Tyler Bate. He sees receipts are coming for Damian Preist and Killian Dain.

Tommoso Ciampa video package.

Matt Riddle vs Cameron Grimes

Both men go for their finishers early. Riddle takes Grimes down to the mat. Grimes gets a couple near falls trying to escape. Riddle lands a barrage of kicks to the chest then hits two flying forearms. Riddle hits a seated senton and PK for two. Riddle continues to keep control then hits a Jackhammer for two as the crowd chants his name in the cadence of Goldberg. Riddle misses a PK then ducks a Grimes knee. But Grimes flips right onto Riddle then hits a deadlift German suplex for two. Nice spot. Back from break, Riddle hits the Bro 2 Sleep and another German suplex for two. Grimes kicks Riddle away but Riddle comes back with a PK. Riddle lifts Grimes up but Grimes counters with a tilt-a-whirl side slam for two. Grimes goes to the top but Riddle meets him and hits a superplex for two. Riddle goes for a swanton but Grimes gets his knees up. We get a great exchange of near misses. Grimes hits a running Spanish Fly into a splash. Grimes goes for the running knees but Riddle catches him and hits a powerbomb followed by a running knee and BroDerek for the win.

After the match, Grimes refuses Riddle’s fist bump. Grimes then pushes Tyler Bate at ringside. Bate then knocks out Grimes with a right hand.

WINNER: Matt Riddle- Fun match. Riddle is going to be so over some day on the main roster and it is going to suck when Vince ruins him.

Breezango and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs The Forgotten Sons

Breezango has this weird new entrance with air traffic controller girls directing them to the ring. Ryker shoves Breeze down a few times so he tags in Scott. Ryker does the same to Scott so Fandango comes in, we get the usual clearance of the heels into commercial. The Forgotten Sons have control back from break, as Breeze was backdropped onto the apron during commercial. Breeze finally gets the hot tag to Fandango. He cleans house on Wesley Blake. Cutler comes in but so does Scott who hits a crossbody off the top. Cutler catches Scott with a knee and they hit an enziguri then a double dive off the top but Breezango breaks up the pin. Blake hits an atomic drop and tags in Cutler. Scott takes him out and Ryker tags in. All the heels end up outside. Ryker meets Scott on the top. Scott boots Ryker off to the apron, then goes off Ryker’s chest and moonsaults to the outside. Scott escapes Ryker and tags in Fandango. Breezango double superkicks Ryker but the pin is broken up. Fandango and Ryker exchange punches. Two blind tags are made. Scott ends up winning with a back kick to the back of the head.

WINNERS: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Breezango- Match picked up in the last few minutes with some good back and forth and nonstop action.

Killian Dain says he will break Pete Dunne.

Angel Garza vs Jack Gallagher

Both men battle for early control and we get some near falls. Garza tries to rip off his pants but Gallagher charges at him and ends up ripping the pants off on his own. Garza hits a front suplex. Gallagher blocks some punches and hits a few forearms then hits a deadlift suplex for two. Gallagher goes for an armbar but Garza gets to the ropes. Garza then catapults Gallagher out of the ring. Gallagher comes back in and headbutts Garza. Garza moves out of the way of a charge and drops Gallagher from the corner. Garza hits a springboard moonsault from the second rope for the win.

WINNER: Angel Garza- Short nothing match. Trying to build up Garza for a match with Lio Rush.

Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai vs Jessmyn Duke and Marina Shafir

Duke takes out Kai with a kick right after the bell. Shafir comes in and lands some knees to the gut of Kai. Shafir hits a gut buster then Duke slides in with a knee. Shafir applies an armbar that Kai gets out of. Kai makes the hot tag to Nox who comes in and hits a couple of chokeslams. Nox cannonballs into the corner then hits a crossbody off the top. Kai takes out Shafir. Nox hits the Shiniest Wizard for the win.

WINNERS: Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai- An even shorter match. Duke and Shafir don’t really look ready for anything remotely close to a longer match in the ring. Team Kick vs Kabuki Warriors should be good next week.

NXT North American Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic

Strong bails out of the ring early. He runs back in and then lays the boots to Dijakovic. Lee comes in and he power shoulder tackles Strong to the ground. Dijakovic lands some elbows in the corner. He goes off the ropes but Lee throws him up in the air and powers him down. Lee sends Strong back to the outside again. Dijakovic catches a charging Lee with a boot then chokes him with the boot in the corner. This time Dijakovic sends Strong off the apron. Both men exchange punches and chops. Strong keeps getting tossed away by both men.

Lee and Dijakovic go to the top. Strong comes in and pushes Lee off then superplexes Dijakovic off the top for two. Lee gets shoved off the apron but Dijakovic catches Strong with a spinning elbow. Dijakovic hits a leaping knee strike on Lee in the corner then suplexes onto Strong. Dijakovic goes to the top but Strong moves out of the way. Lee catches Dijakovic off the apron and Strong dropkicks them through the ropes. Dijakovic then hits a spinning forearm on the outside. Dijakovic and Strong exchange punches on top. We get the tower of doom spot, but Dijakovic just gets Strong over for the suplex and Lee falls to the outside after the powerbomb.

We get a triangle of exchanged kicks and punches back from break. Strong hits some running forearms on Lee then an Olympic Slam for two. Strong knocks Dijakovic off the apron but then eats two slaps. Strong goes for a dive on both men on the outside but he is caught he tries fighting them off but eats a Feast Your Eyes then a Pounce.

Dijakovic and Lee go to settle it in the ring. Lee hits a hard headbutt. They end up on the top. Dijakovic leaps off and hits a running kick then a discus kick. Dijakovic hits an avalanche choke bomb for two. Lee goes to the outside. Dijakovic hits a Fosberry Flop over the top and ends up taking out Strong. Lee then runs over the top and hits a swanton onto the back of Dijakovic. Lee hits a sitout powerbomb off the top but Strong comes running in and hits a Sick Kick to pin Lee for the win.

WINNER and STILL NXT North American Champion: Roderick Strong

After the match, Undisputed Era beats down Keith Lee. Tommaso Ciampa comes out with his crutch. Johnny Gargano joins Ciampa in the ring. Finn Balor joins them, but then Pele Kicks Gargano! Undisputed Era attacks Ciampa as Balor watches on. Balor then dropkicks Gargano into the barricade then spike suplexes Gargano onto the ramp.

Thoughts: First that triple threat was great. The tower of doom spot was scary but the action kept going on and on. I could watch Dijakovic and Lee fight all day. Those two have great chemistry together and should fight on the next Takeover.

As far as that finish, it came out of nowhere. I thought NXT was too loaded with faces but did not expect Balor to be the one that ended up turning heel. Balor didn’t associate himself directly with Undisputed Era so they look like they are separate for the time being. It’ll be interesting to hear Balor’s explanation for his actions next week.

Everything else outside of Grimes/Riddle just seemed okay. I would argue the weakest of the NXT’s so far since the start of the Wednesday Night War.

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