WWE Smackdown Hits and Misses 10.25.19 w/ The Chairman

Tonight’s Smackdown takes place in Kansas City and is airing on FS1 due to FOX hosting the World Series. This episode of Smackdown is the final one before Crown Jewel so let’s dive in and see where this weeks hits and misses were on Smackdown this week.


MISS: Miz TV Featuring Team Hogan and Team Flair

After Monday night, I’m actually shocked they would even let Flair speak. This segment was an absolute hot mess. Miz basically took a backseat in this one and the two legends spent a good portion bickering. The brand split though is in full effect because the members of Team Hogan and Team Flair that represented Raw were absent. Hogan had Roman Reigns, Ali, and Shorty G (complete with new awful attire) while Flair had King Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn. Zayn tried to generate as much heat as possible and of course this ended in a big melee. Zayn of course wanted no part of the six man tag later so Cesaro was recruited as a fill in. I’m still trying to figure out why Sami Zayn doesn’t wrestle anymore these days? My bias is definitely going to show here because I have no interest at all in this match, let alone event. The sooner we get thru this, the better we’ll all be.


MISS: Former WWE Champion Eating Meaningless Pins

New Day is down to two for the time being. Xavier Woods tore his achilles over the weekend and is out indefinitely. With tag team turmoil coming up at Crown Jewel, Kofi Kingston and Big E took on Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. What could’ve been a good match didn’t deliver. The match was over almost before it started and it’s absolutely mind blowing that Kofi Kingston had Dolph Ziggler’s number all year as WWE Champion and is now taking rollup pins. Absolutely tragic how Kofi has been booked since getting jobbed out to Brock Lesnar.


MISS: Sassy Southern Squash

You have a locker room full of wrestlers not getting used and once again this week we’re seeing a local talent appearing in a WWE match. Lacey Evans made quick work out of Cameron Connors in a squash match with a Women’s Right. Does Lacey Evans really need this? We would’ve been better off having her cut a promo. This did nothing for nobody.


HIT: The Return of Firefly Funhouse 

After Seth Rollins burnt down the Firefly Funhouse last week, fans weren’t happy. However the Firefly Funhouse returned with all your favorite characters including a resurrected Ramblin Rabbit by Bray Wyatt’s HEAL hand. While this wasn’t the best Firefly Funhouse promo, it was nice to see it’s still going to be around for the time being. We did express concern though about the long term booking of Bray Wyatt/Fiend this week on the HTCWrestling Podcast and whether or not FOX is the right place for this character with so many other stars to steal his thunder. The Fiend is possibly the most over act in WWE right now and screwing him up at all will result in immediate backlash towards WWE as many witnessed after the Hell in a Cell fiasco. WWE definitely has to be careful how they book Wyatt’s upcoming match with Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel.


MISS: Another Former WWE Champion Mishandled

Drew Gulak a few weeks ago was the Cruiserweight Champion and had a great run this summer. However now that he’s part of the Smackdown roster, creative decided to take away the momentum he built up as a serious champion and turned him into a comedy wrestler more worried about his powerpoint presentations. Gulak was to wrestle Kalisto, but before the match could get anywhere, Braun Strowman showed up. The distraction gave Kalisto the victory and Braun continued going after Drew Gulak and assaulting him. Braun however can’t be taken serious because when it’s time for a big match, he always falls short. His match with Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel will be no different.


HIT: What’s Next for Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan the past few weeks has had a strange alliance of some sort with Roman Reigns. Fans and Michael Cole were wondering if the YES movement was coming back putting an official end to Daniel Bryan’s heel run? Before we got a definite answer, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura came to the ring. Zayn showed a clip from last November where Bryan proclaimed the YES movement was dead. Zayn then went on about how him and Bryan are both vegans and Shinsuke along with Bryan cares about the oceans. Shinsuke of course is a big surfer so oceans are his passion. Zayn and Nakamura proposed Bryan joined them to form an alliance. Bryan however left the two men hanging in the ring, but looked unsure of what to do next. I personally would love to see Bryan align with these two. They could create one hell of a faction. Of course I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Daniel Bryan feud with Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship either. Either or, this is a win win for us fans. This is one of the few bright spots going on Friday Night Smackdown right now.


HIT: Nikki Cross Building Momentum 

Well we finally got a women’s match this week on WWE programming that wasn’t a squash match. Nikki Cross took on Mandy Rose while Bayley and Sasha Banks were guest on commentary. The match was fine and served it’s purpose with Cross getting the victory. It’s worth noting Alexa Bliss hasn’t been around the past few weeks so it looks like Cross might be on her way as a singles star.


HIT: The Beast Conquers

I give no cares about the upcoming match between Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez, however I felt this segment did a good job building towards the match. Rey Mysterio (who was in violation of the brand split) appeared with Velasquez and wanted to meet the Beast face to face. Paul Heyman was on the titantron and said that him and his client wouldn’t be coming to the ring. It was then revealed Lesnar brutalized Mysterio’s son Dominic in the backstage area. Why Dominic didn’t come to the ring is questionable. I also don’t understand why they keep having Cain yell in Spanish, but it is what it is I guess. Moments later Lesnar ambushed everyone in the doctor’s office and tossed Mysterio into the wall and F5’ed Cain onto the table where Dominic was laying. Lesnar conquered everyone here.


HIT: Team Hogan vs Team Flair Light

So the main event is Team Hogan’s Roman Reigns, Ali, and Shorty G taking on Team Flair’s King Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, and fill in Cesaro. WWE loves their six man tag team matches and it’s your typical heels dominate early and faces rally late for the victory story. It was nice to see Cesaro featured in this one considering he went undrafted? I felt all the wrestlers involved were showcased well. It was also nice to see Ali get the pin with the 450 splash. However as we all know in wrestling, since Team Hogan won here expect Team Flair to win at Crown Jewel. Of course once this glorified exhibition match is done and over, the real question remains where all these wrestlers go next?


Definitely a throwaway episode of Smackdown. You can definitely tell they didn’t put much effort in this show at all. One could assume because the show got moved to FS1 in favor of the World Series or because they’re building towards an event that some wrestling fans have very little interest in. Hopefully next week’s Smackdown is alot better and is similar to how great Raw was this past Monday. With that thanks for reading and follow along on Twitter @ChairmanSV.