WWE Raw Review 10.28.19

Raw’s final episode before Crown Jewel this Thursday began with Paige making her first appearance on WWE in quite some time! After welcoming the crowd to Raw, she started talking about how she was the one who had the vision to get Asuka and Kairi Sane together to form a tag team.

It was not long until the Kabuki Warriors joined Paige in the ring, but they were not as excited to see their former manager. Both Asuka and Sane ripped the mic out of Paige’s hand and cut a promo in Japanese. Then Asuka turned to Paige and hit her with the green mist!

Just when it looked like the women’s tag champions would gang up on Paige, her former Team PCB member, Becky Lynch, came to the rescue. Lynch thwarted the attack and then was in the ring, ready for her match against Sane.

This was an okay opening to the show, but WWE did an excellent job of the Kabuki Warriors turning on Paige without having to get physical. This segment also set up the opening match of the night. The crowd was super into Lynch (no surprise there), and both her and Sane are skilled in-ring wrestlers, so I was looking forward to their match.

What happened in that match as well as the rest of Raw? Check out the rest of my review below, where I rank the segments, followed by my overall rating.

Becky vs. Sane: 

Lynch took control of the match early on, but when Becky went up to the top rope for a dropkick, Sane was able to knock her off balance and then slowed the pace of the match down for a bit. Lynch was able to gain the upper hand again and had Sane down on the mat in a submission hold, then hit a kick to the face for a near fall.

After Sane retreated to the outside, Asuka tried to provide a distraction, and she and Becky had a brief encounter. Heading into the break, Sane kicked Lynch into the steps. Sane had Lynch in a submission hold out of the commercial break, but Lynch broke free and then went on a nice run of her own, eventually hitting a Bexploder for a near fall.

Sane would counter a move from Lynch nicely into another submission hold, but again Lynch was able to break free. Lynch again came close to defeat when Sane countered a move and planted her to the mat for a two-count.

Lynch and Sane eventually worked their way up to the top rope, before Becky broke free and then hit a leg drop for what looked like a win, but Sane kicked out at 2.5! Then there was another near fall, this time from Sane, though, who took advantage of a distraction by Asuka. This was the end of the line for Sane, though, as Becky was able to lock in the Dis-Arm-Her for the win.

After no women were featured on Raw last week, Lynch and Sane had quite a good TV match that the crowd seemed into, and there were a lot of close near falls. If I had to guess, Asuka might be getting a women’s title match with Lynch sooner rather than later.

King’s Divorce Court gets juicy: 

In a segment that was teased throughout the show, Rusev and Lana joined Jerry Lawler in the ring. Lana starts off by saying that the only thing Rusev wanted from her was sex, which drew a cheer from the crowd and a “well can you blame me?” response from Rusev.

Lana then clarifies these comments by saying he wanted sex all the time, which again drew a loud cheer from the crowd. Lana even went as far as to say Rusev was a sex addict, and he just wanted to put a baby inside her.

Then Lana took it a step further, accusing Rusev of cheating on her first, saying he heard it from Bobby Lashley. This made Rusev irate, and to make matters worse, Lashley’s music hit, and the All-Mighty made his way to the ring.

Rusev was chomping at the bit to get his hands on Lashley, and Rusev threw Bobby around for a bit. He then took off his wedding ring, shoved it into Lashley’s mouth, and continued to beat Lashley down despite Lana hitting him with a kendo stick.

But this distraction proved to be Rusev’s downfall, as Lashley went low on him twice, and then he and Lana made out right over top of Rusev as the show went off the air.

This segment was crazy and chaotic, but it was entertaining, and I was all for it. I totally understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is drama, and we all love us a good love triangle. Even better is that the crowd seemed into this, cheering for Rusev while booing Lana and Lashley.

Team Hogan vs. Team Flair rematch: 

After their match last week, which stole the show, in my opinion, Drew McIntyre was set to take on Ricochet again. Before the match even began, Ricochet took the fight to Drew on the outside. But once the bell rang, McIntyre slowed the pace down and tossed Ricochet around like a rag doll and cracked him across the face, nearly knocking Ricochet out cold.

McIntyre was just too powerful throughout the match and even got out of the ring at one point to go face-to-face with Hulk. Also, when Ricochet would look to have some momentum, Drew was quick to cut that momentum off. Drew made it a point to target Ricochet’s ribs, which were taped up from the beatdown last week courtesy of McIntyre.

Ricochet did have a nice reversal when he turned a buckle bomb into a hurricanrana that sent Drew into the corner. For the first time all match, Ricochet finally knocked Drew off his feet and later hit an excellent-looking springboard moonsault to pick up a near fall, and the crowd was chanting “this is awesome!”

Just when it looked like Ricochet was going to pick up the win, Team Flair’s captain Randy Orton appeared out of nowhere to plant Ricochet with an RKO. According to McIntyre, Team Hogan is screwed. Overall this was a pretty good build to the five-on-five match this Thursday at Crown Jewel.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: 

Just three days out from his Universal Title Match against the Fiend, Rollins had a monster of a challenge here. He was taking on Erik Rowan in a falls count anywhere match. This match did not take long to leave the confines of the ring and out into the arena.

Rowan established dominance early on, tossing Rollins all around the arena and eventually into the WWE Universe. These two made their way through the crowd and into the concourse area, and Rowan put Rollins through the merchandise stand and then a table.

After the commercial break, the match was somehow back ringside already. Rollins then would hit a pair of dives to the outside and then would shove Rowan into the steps, but Rowan would use those steps and cut off Rollins’ momentum. Rowan would then carry Rollins up onto the stage and cleared the announcer’s desk, saying Rollins was trying to embarrass him.

Rollins would avoid going through the table by landing on his feet and hit a superkick, then a stomp on the table. Rollins was unsuccessful in pinning Rowan and then jumped from the table, taking out Rowan on the floor.

The ending sequence was fast-paced, as Rollins avoided getting hit by a case that Rowan had ahold of and then grabbed a ladder and nailed Rowan with it before hitting a stomp on Rowan, whose head cracked into the ladder below. Seth then got a crew member backstage to turn on the forklift and trap Rowan under it, and with his shoulders pinned, Seth picked up the win.

I expect something similar to this on Thursday, as WWE will want to protect the Fiend, but obviously have to keep the belt on Rollins. No matter what they do there, I know I’ll hate the outcome.

Humberto Carrillo impresses again: 

This match began at a rapid pace, and Carrillo went on the offensive attack early and often, hitting a springboard roundhouse kick and then a standing moonsault for a near fall. Right before the commercial break, Styles avoided a baseball slide and then planted with a DDT by Styles.

After the break, Carrillo fought out of a chin lock Carrillo dropped Styles with another roundhouse kick. Humberto would then go to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick from the top rope before hitting the Aztec press for another near fall.

Styles would avoid a moonsault by Carrillo from the top rope, and then AJ hit him with an inverted DDT. Styles was set up for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Carrillo had it scouted and then nearly won the match after connecting on a moonsault this time. Carrillo would grab his leg, and Style picked up on this and went for the kill, locking in the Calf Crusher to pick up the win.

Styles rolled back in the ring to shake Carrillo’s hand but pulled it away, which caused Humberto to strike Styles, which made AJ irate, and he hit one Styles Clash, and then the OC set up to hit the Magic Killer, but out come the Street Profits for the save!

Two weeks and two stellar performances from Carrillo, Raw may have something here with Humberto.

Street Profits want the smoke:

I got to see the Street Profits live last week, and my oh my this group has the “it” factor. From their music to their excellent promo skills and stellar in-ring work, they are the shot in the arm this tag division needs. Going through the crowd, Ford and Dawkins were hyped and put the tag team division on notice that they want the smoke!

I am looking forward to seeing what Paul Heyman does with this charismatic duo.

Sin Cara rematch with Andrade: 

After Zelina Vega cost Sin Cara the match last week, he wised up this week and brought his own backup in the form of Carolina. Sin Cara was building momentum throughout the match and looked to have the match won when he countered a back body drop with a flip piledriver. But when Sin Cara went for the cover, Vega popped up on the apron to distract the referee.

Carolina would take out Vega though and slammed her into the barricade, but Andrade took advantage of the chaos outside of the ring and rolled up Sin Cara (though he had his feet on the ropes) for the win. I am all for Andrade to be getting pushed, but I would like to see him win a match with no interference or dirty shenanigans.

Charlotte and Nattie vs. The IIconics:

So it looks like the Queen is now officially a babyface, as she was here to team up with Natalya to take on a heel team in the IIconics. Flair started out the match and dominated from the opening bell. Once Nattie was in the match, the IIconics got in a bit of offense, and this match came to a grinding halt.

Nattie was worked over for what seemed like an eternity, but eventually, Flair had seen enough and took matters into her own hands by going after the IIconics.  This would lead to Nattie locking in the sharpshooter on Billie Kay for the win. Could we have our next women’s tag team here?

Buddy Murphy vs. R-Truth: 

When it comes to comedy, R-Truth is still the best in the WWE. But things took a serious turn when Buddy Murphy entered the ring. I thought this would be a showcase match for Murphy, but Truth got in quite a bit of offense early on. Truth even got a near fall, but then the 24/7 championship gang came down to the ring and distracted Truth, who would leave the ring to chase the title. But once he got back in the ring, Truth ate a wicked knee from Murphy, and he picked up the win.

Not sure exactly what this does for Murphy, but hopefully this is the beginning of the push Buddy Murphy has long deserved.

Viking Raiders take a step back: 

After taking a step up in competition and winning the Raw Tag Team Championships, the Viking Raiders were again squashing jobbers. Not really interested in seeing this, I was hoping they would be facing better competition by now.

WOW, this episode sure did have it all. First and foremost, there were great TV matches on this episode between Lynch and Sane, Carrillo, and Styles, as well as McIntyre and Richochet. But the ending segment is what made this episode for me. It was so over the top, and while I am sure some will hate this segment, I thought it was a home run.

This episode was not was out its faults, as no episode is perfect. But from where Raw has been in the past, this was a step in the right direction.

My rating this week: 4 out of 5.