Wrestling Nonsense: WWE Nitro Sprints by Playmates

Wrestling merchandise is some of the most bizarre merch, of any fandom…ever. From as early as I can remember company after company has released the most ridiculous stuff to ever pass approval. I get that a huge percentage of WWE’s target audience is of children, but surely even they must look at this stuff and feel somewhat confused. Case in point Nitro Sprints by Playmates.

From what I can gather these were released around 2016/2017 and…well. I don’t know what their initial RRP was, but you can get them for under $2 at Ringside Collectables as we speak, which should tell you all you need to know about these things. So what exactly are they?

From the what I can gather they are mini-figures (of sorts) with motorised ‘legs’ (I use that word very loosely) stylized to look like WWE Superstars we know & love. Each figure comes with a vehicle that best represents their character…again, kind of.

The Undertaker is in a hearse, which makes sense, but the others (Cena, Brock and The Rock) are just in generic-looking vehicles that are painted to somewhat represent their character. It’s all a bit vague & generic.

The play feature behind these toys is actually pretty good. Fans ‘rev up’ the figure and then place it into the vehicle which then sends it speeding off racing into action. My problem is, why do they exist in the WWE universe. Why wrestling? it’s not even 4 of the fastest guys. It’s just so very random and strange to me.

Swap out WWE characters with the cast of Fast and Furious and I’m sold. I’d love to see a little plastic Vin Diesel race, Paul Walker, but this…just simply bizarre.

But what do you think? do you have any of these? or maybe you’d like to nominate an item to be featured in the future. Either way, let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Wrestling Nonsense.