WWE Smackdown Hits and Misses 11.1.19 w/ The Chairman

Smackdown hailed from Buffalo this evening on the day after Crown Jewel and it was a show we’ll never forget. Many of the superstars that were supposed to appear on Smackdown didn’t make it back in time so there’s always a plan B. Find out how WWE adjusted Smackdown with a limited roster.


HIT: The Beast Quits Smackdown

Originally new Universal Championship Bray Wyatt was supposed to make an appearance, however that wasn’t the case with the travel issues. Brock Lesnar however was able to make it back stateside in time and made an appearance with Paul Heyman. They showed Lesnar’s quick match against Cain Velasquez and afterwards Rey Mysterio attacking Lesnar with a chair. Heyman brought up the rules where Lesnar and Mysterio will never see each other face to face because they’re on different shows. Therefore Lesnar is leaving Smackdown for Raw and nobody is going to stop him. So this is how they’re taking care of the two belts issue. I was worried the Fiend would be getting moved back to Raw, but instead it was Lesnar. This is a great move in all honesty because Raw has the deeper roster and can get by without Lesnar each week. This also separates Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins now so their feud is over. Of course I would rather the championship be on Raw full time, that is if Lesnar is actually allowed to quit. The real question is does Smackdown continue with a red Universal Championship? Does it turn blue?


HIT: Bayley Survives Nikki Cross

Originally Smackdown booked a six women tag team match where Bayley would team up with Fire & Desire to take on Nikki Cross, Carmella, and Dana Brooke. However with the lack of wrestlers available they had to spread the talent around. Therefore the Smackdown Women’s Championship match got bumped up to this week. Sasha Banks accompanied Bayley and ended up being the difference maker in this match. Nikki was able to nullify the threat early, but once the ref was distracted with Bayley, Sasha pushed Nikki off the top rope. Bayley then was able to secure the win, but wasn’t able to celebrate long. Shayna Baszler hopped the barricade and took out Sasha, kicked Nikki Cross out of the ring, and then assaulted the Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Baszler made a statement shocking everyone watching, but this was only the beginning.


HIT: Sami Zayn Runs Into More NXT Superstars

Sami Zayn was interviewed backstage about the events of the evening. Sami Zayn of course stated if anyone tried to confront him, things would end different. All the sudden Matt Riddle and Keith Lee showed up and Zayn quickly changed his tune. Zayn tried to get away, but Riddle and Lee caught up to him and showcased some of their signature moves taking out Zayn. Stinks Zayn didn’t wrestle a match, not really sure why he doesn’t wrestle these days? However it was nice to see Riddle and Lee.


HIT: Miz TV Will Not Survive

Miz TV was supposed to have Bray Wyatt, but of course that didn’t happen. Miz of course spoke about the NXT invasion and was confronted by Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa was looking to make a statement and a match was quickly agreed on between both men. The match was enjoyable and introduced Ciampa to those who aren’t familiar with him. Ciampa was able to defeat the Miz with the Fairy Tale Ending continuing NXT’s dominance on Smackdown.


HIT: Smackdown Continues Getting Invaded 

Dana Brooke and Carmella was scheduled to face Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, however Bianca Belair took out Dana and Carmella backstage. Deville and Rose didn’t have any opponents until Rhea Ripley and Tegan Nox made an appearance. This led to a match and it didn’t last long. Ripley and Nox are two of the more talented women in NXT and definitely made an impact. While I wish the match would’ve been slightly longer since there was alot of time to fill, I understand they wanted to show the dominance of NXT.


HIT: NXT Championship Defended on Smackdown

Earlier in the show, Daniel Bryan was backstage and asking Triple H and Shawn Michaels what they were doing there. This led to Bryan challenging Triple H to a match, but Triple H refused and hinted towards HBK, but we know that wasn’t happening. Triple H then summoned the champ and Adam Cole appeared. This led to Daniel Bryan challenging Cole for the NXT Championship. Triple H and HBK watched the big match at ringside as Bryan and Cole put on a match of the ages from the Smackdown audience. The only complaint was there were two commercial breaks interrupting this epic encounter. Otherwise this match was everything you could ask for and more. You were wondering how this was going to finish, but Cole managed to hit the Panama Sunrise followed with the Last Shot to get a clean win over Bryan. No Undisputed Era interference, no shenanigans at ringside from Triple H or HBK, just a clean fight between two top performers in the business.


Triple H at the end of the night along with all the NXT talent backstage sent a message to Raw and Smackdown regarding Survivor Series. Triple H talked up the NXT brand as an army and declared a war.


With the circumstances surrounding the show, this ended up being one of the best Smackdown’s this year. Smackdown really needed a strong show after the disappointments so far on FOX. It also probably helps they are done building towards crown jewel and can begin working towards Survivor Series.