AEW Dynamite Review 11.6.19 w/Heather


TONIGHT we have the go home show to AEW’s first PPV since they debuted on TNT.  Let’s see how they can lead into that.  It’s a pretty packed show and I am ready for more Tony Schiavone.  LET’S GO!

Pac defeated TRENT? by Submission

Trent and Pac really delivered here and AEW continues to get it by putting bangers out there right as the show starts to make sure people don’t want to look away.  Trent looked great here in a solo performance and if you ask me, helps continue to prove that you can have fun with wrestling and still make a real impact as a serious competitor if you’re just that good.  The crowd was pretty loud with how much they hated Pac (a whole lot) and how into Trent they were.  It was really pretty evenly matched and while I do think it may have been better to maybe have Pac just run someone over here, I like that most of these matches are pretty competitive.  I never thought Trent was going to win, but with his performance here he’d be believable as a future singles wrestler in the promotion.

Two things I didn’t like was a weird interaction between Chuck Taylor and the ref in the corner while Orange Cassidy tried some devastating offense on Pac in the ring (some very harsh kicks).  It wasn’t the Cassidy thing I minded so much as the weird up and down duck and weave thing Chuck was doing.  I was curious to see how Pac would respond to Cassidy’s….interesting style and he did by kicking him right in the face.  It served to energize Trent and was a fun moment of levity, but the ref/Chuck interaction seemed lame.  I understand it’s weird to say that and not thinking the Cassidy/Pac interaction was weird.  I don’t care.

The ending was also a problem as there was clearly a missed 3 count.  I’m guessing maybe the ref knew the finish was supposed to be a submission, but Pac hit a Black Arrow on Trent that he did not kick out of, but the ref stopped at 2 and they rolled into the awkward brutalizer.  Even Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone called the match after the Black Arrow and had almost moved on before they realized.  Stuff like that happens, I’d say just keep counting.


Cody’s Decision

Cody comes out to a huge ovation, not surprising but even less surprising considering they’re in Charlotte tonight.  Cody cuts a really charged promo about how he finds himself here in the title picture and kind of seems to apologize that he’s here despite being a member of management.  He says something about AEW being like Ellis Island and that’s a weird comparison but okay.  He claims that if he loses to Chris Jericho this Saturday then in order to not seem like he’s getting handed things – he will NEVER challenge for the AEW World Title again.  Big words here from Cody.  He got pretty emotional when describing how he’s gone from undesirable to undeniable and it really is hard to not get behind Cody here.  He says Jericho needs this new generation of wrestlers and he and his friends, The Elite, are coming for him and his friends.

Really this seems to hint towards a future big match and so many people are saying it will lead to a War Games type match.  Based on the ending that seems inevitable.

Will Cody win this Saturday?  I don’t know, but his declaration means almost nothing to me.  If or…well, WHEN he goes heel why wouldn’t he just say he lied and can do what he wants?  It was a grand gesture for a good guy – but a guy that continues to come out of a giant chandelier ain’t gonna be a good guy forever.


Private Party defeated Dark Order by pinfall (Private Party gets added to Tag Title Match at Full Gear)

I understand the tag tournament ended just last week so there hasn’t been time to build up new opponents, but I don’t love that Lucha Bros are fighting for the titles again at Full Gear.  They made a big deal about how wins and losses matter, but the direct losers of the title match are immediately getting another shot at the titles.  I get they’re the draw, but maybe have them fight another team at Full Gear and let the champs relax.  Adding a 3rd team to the match at least adds some new blood to the match but really – they just lost to the Lucha Bros in this tournament.  I know that there would have to be someone who lost in the tag title match, but that’s really why maybe just let them have a breather.

That has nothing to do with this match though, which Private Party win with a Gin and Juice.  I didn’t think it was a bad match, but I rewatched the Private Party match I praised a few weeks ago and this one now and while I don’t mind choreographed wrestling some of their stuff looks REALLY choreographed.  Dark Order looked fine.  It was a match!

Chris Jericho/Inner Circle promo

You need to watch this segment.  As much of a bitch Jericho is this was a really funny promo.  I do think the Bubbly thing is kind of played out, but this was a fun package.  Guevera talks about how he looks up to Jericho like a father.  That he’s the youngest AEW champion of all time and an inspiration.  Jericho sits in a bath drinking bubbly.  Jake Hager looks tough standing around.  Jericho calls himself LE CHAMPION and – Virgil.  Well, he’s credited as “Soultrain Jones” and even makes a goddamn Olive Garden joke.  Can’t make this up.  It was a fun segment, I’ll give it credit.


Emi Sakura and Jamie Hayter defeated Riho and Shanna by pinfall (Sakura pinned Riho)

I really liked this match.  I hate that I’m not as familiar with any of these ladies as I should be.  I find Jamie Hayter to be a pretty good shit heel, the Joshis are almost always great and is she Portugese or is she French Shanna won me over too (I mean no disrespect – she was introduced as from France then had the Portugal’s Perfect Athlete tag pop up.  It threw me!).  I am glad to see more of Riho and this match made me very excited for the Title match this Saturday.   Riho is so small and yet can make her moves look so powerful, proving again that in wrestling size will never matter.  Maybe in most things!  I said MOST things.

This may have been the best women’s match I’ve seen in AEW thus far, though I am still clouded by my love for that women’s world title match.  Still, all of the women in this one looked good and I never found myself wondering who the weakest was or hoping they’d tag someone else in.

After the match Brandi is sitting in a very nice chair with some nice lighting drinking some very nice looking wine.  I see you Brandi, I enjoy this.  She talks while pictures of Amazing Kong are interspersed.  She says nobody understands how hard she’s worked and she’s still seen as only being where she is because of her pretty face and her husband.  She says she and Kong will use her brains and Kong’s power to create nightmares.

Not a bad promo, but well produced.  I do like Brandi and I like the idea of her with Kong.  I’ll not let the fact she’s clearly in a position of power playing a Stephanie McMahon type role bother me.  Maybe because I love, or at least used to really love Stephanie.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard defeated Brandon Cutler by pinfall

This was a squash, which I mean, we all knew it was going to be on AEW’s own personal Barry Horowitz hit the ring.  I admire that they’re trying to give Spears a rub by putting him with a legend like Tully, but I just have never gotten the hype.  I wasn’t a Tye Dillinger fan and nothing Spears has done here, outside cracking open Cody’s head has made an impact.  Another smart move I guess to play on that by having him be “The Chairman”, but I need something dynamic when he’s in the ring outside chair shots.  After the match, Spears tries to beat Cutler down with his signature weapon and Joey Janela runs down to break it up.  And you know, that’s it.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevera w/ Jake Hager defeated Kenny Omega and Adam Page (Jericho pinned Page after Pac interference)

I know how much people love Jericho and Omega and it’s mostly well deserved, but damn I do love Adam Page.  I’m not so sure they did him right by shoving him into the main event right away when they did, but it’s nice to see him in matches like this.  His lariat is fire and he can move inside and outside of the ring like a much smaller guy.  Guevera I’m still not sold on, but he’s effective in his role.  Kenny looked great, but that’s to be expected and Jericho let Guevera do most of the work, only getting involved when he knew it would benefit him.  Omega and Page got some good shots on him, and I will never deny that Jericho can still go. Both sides had a pretty even advantage and I imagined it would be Guevera eating the pin, but it was Page after Pac returned to ringside and kicked Page in the crotch after he executed a monster moonsault to the outside on Jericho and Guevera.

After the match the ring delved into chaos.  Hager hit the ring to attack, only for Cody to run down for the save and take out Guevera.  Jericho was attacked by MJF heading up the ramp and Moxley came from the crowd with a barbed wire bat (which I don’t think he used?) to attack Omega.  Ortiz and Santana then attacked Omega and Moxley, followed by The Young Bucks coming out.  CARNAGE! The highlight was probably a Nick Jackson flip from the entrance to the group of fighting wrestlers, and we end with some yelling and NOT as I wanted with Tony’s declaration that we are out of time.  Someday.  Dreams do come true.


I really liked this show.  It was action packed and the crowd was red hot for almost all of it.  The lone down point I really would say was the Spears/Cutler match.  I do not mind having talent around to lose, but I don’t like Spears and it really did nothing for me – or, if the crowd is anything to go by – anyone else.  They did love Janela though.   My main issue with the crowd tonight is how clear it is they just need to be chanting.  Chanting is good, chanting is fun!  We do not need it every time.  There were at least two “This is awesome” chants and a “Cowboy shit” chant because god damn we have to say shit!  I want them to have fun though, and it’s no Cookie Puss or whatever the fuck I’ve heard before so it’s a minor issue.

I am excited for Full Gear this Saturday!  I do think Cody may lose and it’s all leading towards Wargames type match sooner rather than later, but I’m down with it.  I really think it’s gonna be worth the watch.


I would say the women’s tag, and you should watch it, it was very good, but the last match was pure wrestling fun.  Why not watch both?  Why not watch them all!  Or oh okay, well wait…


If you’re going to skip one, skip Brandon Cutler vs Shawn Spears.  Unless you’re a 10-head then you know,  go on with your bad selves.

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