WWE NXT 11.6.19: The Top 3 Stories

1. Dakota Kai over Mia Kim

The teams were announced for the Women’s War Games match at Takeover. Well, most of the teams. It will be Rhea Ripley, Candice LaRae and Tegan Nox vs Shayna Baszler, Io Shirai and Bianca Belair. That leaves one spot open for each team. After Shayna defeated Dakota Kai, her lackies started to attack. This lead to the heels coming out for the save, followed immediately by the heels. Then Mia Yim came out and cleared house with a kendo stick. The storyline here makes more sense for Dakota Kai to be in the match. I was not impressed with Mia Yim in the build to her match with Shayna and her match. She never clicked with the crowd. Dakota Kai has more of a history with Shayna and has more of a connection with the crowd. She also has an underdog mentality people like. After Rhea picked Mia, Dakota walked off disappointed. I hope Dakota Kai finds her way into the match. Or they pick both of them and Duke and Shafir get in the match. Just don’t leave Dakota Kai out.

2. What To See In Killian Dain?

After Pete Dunne got his revenge in a win over Damian Priest, Dain came out and attacked Dunne. Priest pulled him away and went after Dunne on his own, only to be attacked by Dain as well. Someone in NXT seems to be behind Dain. I just don’t see it. He’s a good worker but I don’t buy him as this giant threat that I think the people who run NXT want you to think he is. I think Damian Priest is better suited for that role. I’m guessing we get Priest vs Dain at some point in the weeks ahead. But NXT needs to be careful to not over push Dain. The crowd is already lukewarm on him at best. If they try to push a upper card run with him going through everyone, the crowd may be silent all together.

3. A No Finish Done Right

On RAW Monday, the all out brawl finish that was done just didn’t seem right. Tonight on NXT, I thought they did it very well. We had a ref bump, followed by Finn Balor coming out and taking out Matt Riddle on the stage. Then he gave the finger guns symbol to AJ Styles as Styles threw up the Bullet Club sign. Then Adam Cole hit the ring to take out both Styles (who attacked Cole/UE earlier in the night) and Ciampa (who Cole has obvious beef with). On RAW Monday we had way too much of the fake “brand allegiance” crap that the main roster always does during Survivor Series time. Despite The OC showing up, you never had that feeling that it was forced. They felt like they were disrespected Monday and showed up to get revenge. The ending actually left you wanting more.

Random Thoughts

-I’m not a fan of Taynara. She has time to improve. But I don’t think she should be getting TV matches every other week.

-Cathy Kelly is the best backstage interviewer WWE has and I hope they don’t ruin her on the main roster.

-Dominik Dijakovic vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott was a sneaky good match that won’t get a lot of pub. I don’t know how big Scott can get in WWE, but Dijakovic should be a big time star in a few years.

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