NXT UK 11.07.19

Joe Coffey Vs T-Bone

One thing I never noticed about Coffey is his speed. The way he zips around the ring is rather surprising, given that he’s built like a brick sh*t house.

Both men throw around some true haymakers. It’s more like a boxing match than a wrestling match at first, but Coffey soon turns things around with a submission attempt, but T-Bone isn’t giving up anytime soon.

The fight continues until Coffey literally leaps from one corner of the ring to the other, and then finishes off T-bone with a sickening spinning Lariat.

Killer Kelly Vs Isla Dawn

I’m not overly familiar with Kelly. So this should make for an interesting watch.

Isla Dawn is all over this matchup. Everything she did was very technical and methodical, whereas Kelly is much more…well, she’s more brawler than a wrestler. As soon as she got the chance she threw in a sneaky boot to the face, which leads to an onslaught of somewhat unorthodox fighting. Especially for inside the ring.

Despite this barrage of attacks Dawn is able to keep her cool and the wrestling prevailed. Great win for Dawn.

Morgan and Webster Vs Grizzled Young Vets

These 2 teams always put on a spectacle of a show, so I’m really hoping tonight doesn’t disappoint.

Surprise, surprise…it doesn’t. Everything we expect from these men is delivered…tenfold. Usually, it’s Morgan and Webster who are known as the high flyers, but the GYV are showing them how it’s done tonight. Not only are they ‘catching air’ but they’re landing these moves with a brute force too. I’m surprised Morgan and Webster aren’t done already. They deserve all the credit for not giving up.

I did think this match was all but over, but out came Gallus to distract the GYVs…and it worked. Both Morgan and Webster found that extra (much needed) push and began to take control of the match.

Both teams continued to give it their all (it really was a remarkable desplay of wrestling from all four men) but Gallus could take no more and the match was cancelled due to their interference.

But this was not the end of the show. Far from it.

Mere moments later it was Imperiums turn to interrupt proceedings and show the NXT UK audience who the real dominant faction in this universe is.

To the right were the 3 men of Gallus. To the left, the 4 men of Imperium. The Scots were clearly outnumbered and it was only going to get worse. Wolfie (of Imperium) had spent the last few weeks trying to get Dragunov to join Imperium…and it looked like it had worked as the Russian psychopath ALSO showed up and slowly began to make his way down to the ring.

At this point, my mind was blown. I’m a genuine fan of all the men in the ring, but if I HAD to pick an overall favourite It would most definitely be Imperium. If they grew into a ‘roster sized’ faction (a la nWo) they would truly be the most dominant faction throughout the whole of the WWE universe, never mind NXT UK. getting Dragunov would be a phenomenal way to start things off.

In a twist that legitimately did not see coming, Dragunov partnered up with Gallus!! making it an even ‘4 on 4’! The crowd are going ape sh*t, I can barely keep calm myself and the whole show ends with a collosol brawl in the middle of the ring.

Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!

What an amazing show from start to finish, and as NXT UK referee Chris Sharpe Tweeted out: It was a TakeOver worthy match!

If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched the show, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. You won’t be disappointed.