AEW Dynamite 11.20.19: The Top 3 Stories

1. Scorpio Sky Has Arrived

You could tell all throughout the tag title tournament that AEW’s goal was to make Scorpio Sky a future star. They accomplished that. Then he pinned Chris Jericho last week. And last night he had a great promo exchange with Chris Jericho. It was funny to watch SCU use reverse psychology to get Jericho to agree to an AEW Title match. But Scorpio Sky looked so calm and confident in the ring during that promo that I would argue he’s ready for a main event push right now. I’m sure the Title match with Jericho is going to be great and Scorpio Sky will continue to come out looking great from it. When Daniels and Kazrian eventually turn on Scorpio Sky, the heat will be huge.

2. How Far Can You Go With Darby Allin?

Darby Allin is quickly becoming a crowd favorite in AEW. He’s gone toe-to-toe with Cody, Chris Jericho and now Jon Moxley. He’s yet to come out victorious in either of those matches. So the question becomes: How far can you push Allin? Eventually he is going to need a big win over an established star in AEW. I don’t know when. He’s still extremely over with the crowd at this point. I don’t know if the AEW crowd will “give up” on him if he continues to lose like the WWE crowds do. But I think Allin needs a big win in the near future to establish that he is more than just a scrappy underdog in AEW.

3. A Show Built Around The Future

I think my favorite thing about AEW Dynamite this week is that the show was built around guys that could be pegged as future stars in the company. I’ve already talked about Darby Allin and Scorpio Sky. Luchasaurus won a squash match and stood toe-to-toe with Jake Hager. Private Party picked up a win over Santana and Ortiz. MJF and Hangman Page were the last two guys in the battle royal. This show established future players in the world of AEW and it was a great show because of it.

Other Thoughts

-They need to get to the point with this Kenny Omega stuff soon. I didn’t really like that video promo he did with him struggling to bench press 60 pounds.

-If there is one thing AEW needs to cut down on, it is the crowd shots after big moves.

-Hikaru Shida should beat Riho for the Women’s Title.

-Wardlow looks like a giant Marty Scurll.

-Watching Jake Hager trying not to crack up while Jericho talked was great.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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