WWE Smackdown Hits and Misses 11.22.19 w/ The Chairman

Survivor Series weekend is officially underway from Chicago and the first stop is Smackdown. What is going to happen on the final televised show before Smackdown, Raw, and NXT collide on the center stage this Sunday at Survivor Series in a battle for brand supremacy (whatever that is)? Let’s see where the hits and misses were this week.


HIT: Triple Threat Between the Women Leaders

The Smackdown roster opened the doors and welcomed all comers. Sasha Banks and her women’s team Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, and Nikki Cross hit the ring and called out Charlotte Flair and the Raw women’s team. Charlotte led her team to the ring and challenged the Boss one on one. However before they got started, Rhea Ripley and her NXT team made their way to the ring and interjected herself into the match making it a triple threat. Some reason the NXT team that showed up included Toni Storm and very little attention was made to this. Ummmm…. this is kind of a big deal here everyone. Of course who knows who from NXT is going to make it to Sunday with War Games on the horizon Saturday night. The action was all over the ring and all the women were ringside from all three teams making me wonder if this was a lumberjill match. It’s no secret Sasha Banks didn’t want Nikki Cross on her team and the two had a heated exchange at ringside. With all the chaos outside, Charlotte took everyone out with her moonsault. Eventually the match makes it back to the ring showcasing the rivalry of Sasha and Charlotte. Charlotte manages to get Sasha in the Figure Eight, but it’s Rhea Ripley who slides into the ring and somehow pins Charlotte as she locked her submission in to steal the win. Kudos to whoever decided for that finish, very creative. Rhea Ripley is looking like a star the past month and I can see her having a big weekend.


HIT: Undisputed Era Continue Making a Statement

Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura are in the ring as Sami Zayn hyped up Nakamura for Survivor Series saying he can beat AJ Styles and they don’t even know who Roderick Strong is. Zayn then presents Nakamura a new Intercontinental Championship. Everyone has their theories on why there’s a new title belt, however I think the belt looks outstanding. Dare I say it looks better than the WWE and Universal Championship? Well Universal for sure. They get interrupted by Undisputed Era and Zayn and Nakamura leave the ring. Cole said the Undisputed Era was going to dominate Raw and Smackdown this weekend. This led to New Day coming out wanting a match. Undisputed Era was okay with a four on two. This led to New Day saying they had two partners. I got excited for Zayn and Nakamura, but instead we get Heavy Machinery. New Day maybe should’ve went with some other partners because the chemistry wasn’t there. Otis and Big E got into an altercation on the outside while Undisputed Era took advantage. Heavy Machinery started getting more involved in the action showcasing their ability, but Undisputed Era is a force to be reckoned with. O’Reilly and Fish were taking out both Kofi and Big E on the outside. Meanwhile Roderick Strong smokes Tucker with the running knee giving Undisputed Era the win. Nakamura and Zayn were watching from the ramp and get confronted by Roderick Strong, but it’s AJ Styles who takes out both of his opponents for Survivor Series. Sami Zayn got a steel chair and started taking everyone out protecting Nakamura before being chased off by Undisputed Era.


HIT: Daniel Bryan Wants the Fiend Now 

Daniel Bryan wasn’t waiting for Survivor Series. He called out the Fiend and we thought he was coming when the lights went out. However there wasn’t those odd sound effects associated with it therefore it was a false alarm. All the sudden The Miz comes out and gets in Daniel Bryan’s face and slaps him. Of course typical WWE fashion place a commercial literally right after the slap. We come back and we get an impromptu match between the two rivals Bryan and Miz. Of course there wasn’t going to be a definite finish with the Fiend lurking and that’s exactly what happened. Bryan had Miz down in the corner and was teasing the YES chants. However before he did it, the lights went out with the weird noise associated. The red light is on and Miz is gone, instead it’s the Fiend. The Fiend locks the Mandible Claw on Bryan striking once again.


HIT: Bayley Wants Shayna Face to Face 

Earlier on Smackdown Bayley said Shayna only can attack Bayley from behind. This prompted Shayna to head to the ring and call Bayley out. Bayley of course went the sneak attack route on Baszler. However it was Shayna who dominated here. She attempted to lock the Kirifuda Clutch on several times and Bayley was able to escape. We should be in a for a good match between these two and Becky Lynch Sunday at Survivor Series.


MISS: Six Man Tag Closes the Night

I just can’t get invested in this King Corbin, Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler team but here we are as they face Roman Reigns, Ali, and Shorty G. Of course King Corbin has to look strong here as he was able to secure the pin on Ali. Ali of course eats the pin because he’s from Chicago. It was also odd that the match ended with alot of time left on Smackdown so of course you knew a giant brawl was going down and sure enough it did. Seth Rollins led Raw superstars in from the crowd and NXT raided as well coming with the DX tank from years ago. It was basically what you expected. A cool moment though closing the show was seeing Keith Lee and Braun Strowman face to face. I’d be down for this match someday.


Overall a decent go home show for Smackdown with Survivor Series coming up. Of course alot of it has to do with the inclusion of NXT. Many of the NXT superstars and the NXT brand as a whole is beloved by wrestling fans and once Survivor Series is over, we’ll be force fed more awful King Corbin material. At least we have the Fiend vs Daniel Bryan coming up Sunday and we’ll see who shows up next week on Smackdown the Universal Champion.