AEW Dynamite Hits and Misses 11.27.19 w/ The Chairman

Yes it is I the Chairman and this is not a Smackdown review. I’m filling in this week to cover AEW Dynamite hailing from the city where it all started, Chicago. This action packed  episode featured Scorpio Sky challenging Le Champion Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship, rivals Pac and Kenny Omega collide once again, and more. Here are the hits and misses this week.


HIT: Le Champion Thanksgiving

Soultrain Jones aka Virgil introduced Le Champion to a ring full of gifts. Jericho brought out a Little Bit of the Bubbly and yes you can actually buy it. The Inner Circle introduced gifts including Chris Jerigoat and Jericho’s father former New York Rangers hockey player Ted Irvine which led to some trash talk to the hometown Blackhawks. Jericho then made Justin Roberts read a thank you note and Jericho was offended by the tone of Roberts so the Inner Circle jumped him. Fortunately SCU was nearby and made the save. Sure the opening segment went a little long with a stacked card, however Jericho made this segment a funny and entertaining one.


MISS: Best Friends Upset

Best Friends Trent and Chuck Taylor along with Orange Cassidy dressed as a turkey took on Lucha Bros Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. The match was okay, but the booking of Lucha Bros continue to baffle me at times. Fenix had such an amazing match in a win over Nick Jackson last week. However things haven’t gone well since with Penta losing to Trent on Dark a few days ago and now upset again by the Best Friends. We’ll see if Best Friends continue to soar in the tag team division with this big victory.


MISS: Women’s Tag Team Match

The AEW Women’s Division continues to be a glaring weakness and it’s no different this week. Has the champion Riho even been on Dynamite since her title defense against Emi Sakura at Full Gear? Sakura teamed up with Bea Priestley who’s looking to end a three match losing streak against the team of the number one ranked woman in AEW Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander. The match to me just didn’t click and in my opinion the wrong team won. Sakura used her microphone stand to help her and Priestley get the victory.  I don’t understand how you have Shida get a huge victory over Britt Baker last week only to lose this week in a tag team match?


MISS: How Many Active Feuds Does Cody Need?

Cody makes his return since getting vicious attacked by MJF and Wardlow against Matt Knicks. I have no idea who Knicks is and this match didn’t last long. Cody of course was victorious, but then all the sudden The Blade and The Butcher come out from under the ring and attack Cody. The Bunny follows who is Allie. I have no idea who The Blade or Butcher is and I feel the crowd didn’t either. The only positive here is this might give Allie a purpose in AEW finally. Thing is Cody obviously has a unresolved rivalry with MJF and Wardlow and I’m sure he still has his sights on Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle so does he really need another rivalry?


HIT: Omega vs Pac: The Battle of Chicago II

Kenny Omega and Pac return to the very city where they faced off the first time at All Out a few months ago. Kenny Omega’s downward spiral started after he lost to Pac so it was only fitting that he tried to right the wrong and get himself back on the right path. The match got a respectable amount of time for two of the best in AEW to showcase their skills. Both men tried going for their big signature moves, but each man was able to counter their opponent. In the end, Omega stole the match with a rollup pin. Big win for Kenny Omega as he was able to dethrone the number one wrestler in the men’s rankings Pac.


MISS: Dynamite Diamond Ring Match

Felt this match deserved more time than it got which is why I gave this a miss considering this match featured two of the young and upcoming wrestlers in AEW. The match did accomplish what it needed to and get MJF and Wardlow more heat as the duo used heel tactics for MJF to defeat Hangman Page to win the Dynamite Diamond ring. Diamond Dallas Page presented the ring to MJF and blasted MJF on the mic. MJF didn’t dish it back on the mic which was unfortunate because that’s MJF’s strong area. Instead Wardlow stepped in between DDP and MJF before a minor brawl broke out before it got broken up. MJF wins the Dynamite Diamond and who knows if it will mean anything later or not?


MISS: Dustin Rhodes Wants Jake Hager

I get they want to continue the story between Dustin Rhode and the Young Bucks against the Inner Circle, but you could tell this show was trying to cram way too much content into it. This segment really didn’t do anything. Basically a filler brawl. Dustin wants Hager for breaking his arm. Sammy Guevera, Ortiz, and Santana attack Dustin. Young Bucks make the save. Next week we get a six man tag match.


HIT: Scorpio Sky Challenges Le Champion

Scorpio Sky is the only man on the AEW roster to pin Chris Jericho inside an AEW ring so it’s only fitting he gets the next shot at the AEW World Championship. The action was back and forth until Jake Hager arrived to make things difficult. Fortunately for Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian was nearby and nullified the threat. Sky hit the TKO and was ever so close to dethroning Le Champion. The action continued, but in the end it was Jericho with the Liontamer forcing Sky to tap out. Jericho successfully retains his title, but it appears his next challenger came forward in Jon Moxley. It remains to be seen if Moxley indeed gets the next shot at Le Champion.


Overall this was an okay episode of AEW Dynamite. The two big matches that were announced delivered. Everything else was alright. There is definitely alot of things going on in AEW right now and it’s definitely a challenge to work all that inside a two hour window. Next week we get the six man tag with The Inner Circle between Dustin and the Young Bucks.