WWE Smackdown Hits and Misses 11.29.19 w/ The Chairman

Survivor Series has come and gone, but alot of things remain the same on Smackdown Live as we witnessed on the first Smackdown after the big event. Roman Reigns is still having problems with King Corbin and his jesters Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. The Fiend still has his eyes on Daniel Bryan and the Smackdown Live Women’s Division as Sasha Banks said “sucks.” However we did have a Smackdown Tag Team Championship match and a few returns so not all was bad. Let’s break it down on this weeks hits and misses.


HIT: Roman Reigns Lays Waste to the Kingdom

This segment made Roman Reigns look like a badass with a chip on his shoulder and this is something Smackdown needs to do going forward. I really feel the WWE is holding Reigns back and force feeding him his promos which hurts him from unleashing his true potential. With that being said he opened up Smackdown thanking his teammates Mustafa Ali, Shorty G, and Braun Strowman. However he didn’t thank the dummy King Corbin. This led to long drawn out blabbering session that eventually transitioned into a match between Reigns and Robert Roode. It’s good to see Roode getting this spot against Reigns in a one on one match. However the Roode we have now isn’t the same Roode I enjoyed in TNA and NXT. Roode could be one of the top heels, but some reason he’s lost in the midcard as a henchmen to Corbin. Of course Ziggler and Corbin were at ringside trying to make things difficult, but Reigns prevailed with a Spear. We all knew Reigns was going to win, but what we didn’t see what was going to happen afterwards. Reigns absolutely destroyed Roode and Ziggler and all Corbin did was stand back and watch. Roode gets blasted thru the barricade that Reigns has done time and time again while Ziggler gets laid out by the ringside steps. Reigns sent a strong message to Corbin he’s not to be messed with. Granted this segment definitely didn’t need to take up the first forty minutes of Smackdown, but ultimately this will probably lead to Reigns vs Corbin at TLC. Hopefully after that this feud is finally over and it should be because Reigns then will be positioned as a heavy favorite to win the Royal Rumble.


HIT: The Return of the Celtic Warrior

Interesting they went the promotional video route opposed to a unannounced appearance, but this is big news. Sheamus has thrived in many different positions in the WWE and would definitely be a desperate shot in the arm that Smackdown needs. Smackdown is definitely lacking of star power it appears since the move to FOX and Sheamus can right the ship. Who does he feud with first remains to be seen after he put several superstars on notice. Only time will tell. It’s also worth noting he’s ditched the mohawk and returned to his original look so I’m willing to bet he’s going to be face this time around.


MISS: Ali Makes Quick Work of Gulak

I didn’t realize Mustafa Ali got his entire name back until last night so that one slid by me. Now let’s hope Shorty G gets changed back to Chad Gable. Anyhow the match was short hence the low rating because I know damn well these two could go if given the proper time. Unfortunately when Corbin and Reigns get almost the whole first hour, the rest of the roster has to suffer. Basically all this did was give some momentum to Mustafa Ali and continue making Gulak look like a fool. Ali won with the 450 Splash.


HIT: Bayley and Sasha Blast the Smackdown Women

Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks address the women of Smackdown Live and basically told them they all suck and blamed them for their poor performance at Survivor Series. I guess Bayley forgot she tapped out to Shayna Baszler, but the crowd sure didn’t make her forget. Lacey Evans took exception and confronted the duo and took Sasha out with a Women’s Right. Well I don’t know how I feel about Evans going face and being propelled in this top spot again, but I guess at least it’s not Bayley and Sasha feuding with Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss again. This just shows you how bad the depth is on the Smackdown women’s roster and why NXT’s women division is stacked. Of course is there a depth problem or a main roster creative problem making us not care about the women other than the elite few?


HIT: Cross Wins Before a Moment of Bliss

Nikki Cross took on Sonya Deville and managed to make quick work of her. However Mandy Rose was at ringside and the duo went after Nikki before Alexa Bliss made her return to even the odds. Alexa Bliss definitely is somebody that can elevate the women’s division on Smackdown. The problem is her health is definitely a concern being she seems to get injured often. Makes you wonder if FOX regrets making that deal with Raw???


HIT: Dana Wants to Walk With Elias?

In a somewhat awkward segment. Drake Maverick tries to get with Dana Brooke with mistletoe. I thought he was married? Guess adultery storylines are going to work themselves into Smackdown now? Anyhow he was declined and then Elias returned as a face it appeared and sang a song and ripped on Maverick. Heel Elias was amazing, what are they doing? All I know is if they’re all courting Dana Brooke they better watch out for Batista.


HIT: New Day Open Challenge

Kofi Kingston and Big E were willing to put their titles on the line and I predicted Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro and got my wish. I was also relieved it wasn’t Heavy Machinery. Sami Zayn of course cut a promo ripping on the fans regarding Black Friday and accepted New Day’s challenge. Would’ve loved to see Sami Zayn be the difference maker and help Cesaro and Nakamura win the titles since New Day is down Xavier Woods. However that didn’t happen as Zayn got himself ejected and Cesaro received a Trouble in Paradise giving New Day the win. I’m hoping next week we get Shinsuke Nakamura against either Kofi or Big E for the Intercontinental Championship and keep this feud going.


HIT: The Yes Movement Returns, But at a Cost

Bray Wyatt appeared in multiple segments over the course of Smackdown. He unveiled a new custom Fiend title and asked if Daniel Bryan wanted to play with him again? Wyatt then showed a video bringing back the Muscle Man and rapping with Huskus. Bryan seeing all this didn’t know what to think. Miz of course warns Bryan about going after the Fiend again. Bryan goes out to the ring and tells the fans that they brought the YES movement back. Wyatt appeared on the screen and vowed to rip off Daniel Bryan’s mask and that’s when it happened. The Fiend came up from under the ring with the red light and locked on the Mandible Claw. Bryan was brought under the ring and the Fiend started ripped hair off from Bryan and throwing it. Who knows what Bryan is going to look like next week, but it’s all but certain these two are meeting at TLC in a Red Light Universal Championship TLC match.


Overall not a bad episode of Smackdown. Wasn’t a must see episode either. The Fiend and Daniel Bryan continue being the best thing going on Friday night and the returns of a few superstars is always exciting as well. We’ll see what happens next week.