AEW Dynamite 12.4.19: The Top 3 Stories w/Justin C

1. What Was Brandi Rhodes Going On About?

Okay, I wanted to hear an explanation about this Brandi Rhodes/Awesome Kong stuff. And they did one this week. And it was absolute trash. It is almost the exact same story going with the Dark Order. Brandi was babbling on about the Nightmare Family and having people join them to protect them. It just was not working one bit at all. Brandi wasn’t convincing on the mic at all and it was dying a slow death in front of the audience. Plus, with a shallow women’s division as it is, you can’t really have too many people in it. The end with the head shaving was practically a Straight Edge Society rip off. Total dud of a segment.

2. A Sign Of Singles Pushes To Come?

Both Pentagon and Fenix picked up wins in singles action this week. I’ve been saying to anyone that will listen that these two, as good as they are as a team, are more valuable to AEW as singles stars. AEW continues to add more teams to their tag team division so it is okay to take Pentagon and Fenix away from the tag team division and give them some singles matches. Just imagine if they go on win streaks and they build up to an eventual match between the two with some high stakes on the line? It will be well worth it.

3. Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley Continue To Carry The Show

These two men continue to be the highlight of the show every week. Jon Moxley continues to come off as a huge star every time he is on the screen. Chris Jericho continues to entertain with his promo work. It is pretty obvious that they are building to a big match with these two at whenever their next PPV will be. At some point some other wrestlers will have to pick up the baton and run with it. But back to Moxley and Jericho. I think Moxley should be the one to take the title from Jericho. Moxley and Omega still has legs to it and will be the better match than Omega and Jericho. Moxley is hot right now and it is never a bad idea to put the Title on your hottest act.

Other Notes

-Cody Rhodes promo came off real heel like, and if he was fighting anyone other than MJF it wouldn’t have worked.

-Even if it is a storyline, Jungle Boy facing Chris Jericho for the AEW Title doesn’t work with the whole “wins and losses matter” thing. Plus, NXT is bringing out the big guns in two weeks and Jericho vs Jungle Boy isn’t that big of a draw. Maybe they should have gone Luchasaurus but I think it is too early for that.

-Why are people chanting “You Still Got It” at Dustin Rhodes? Were you not watching three months ago?

-I’m all in on the Bunny. Oh and Butcher and The Blade are fine too.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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