WWE Smackdown Hits and Misses 12.6.19 w/ The Chairman

Even though I couldn’t live tweet the action of Smackdown thanks to a tree knocking out my cable last night, I was able to catch everything this morning. With that being said, they finally booked some matches for TLC so find out which ones along with the action of Smackdown.


HIT: Bray Wyatt Wants To Join The Miz’s Family

Smackdown started off with the must see storyline when The Miz went to the ring and mentioned he was going to have a Miz TV, but since Daniel Bryan wasn’t there it wasn’t possible. Miz then went on about how him and Bryan will never be friends, but Miz realizes the importance of Daniel Bryan to Smackdown and how he is beloved by the fans. This triggered the Firefly Funhouse to appear on the screen and Bray Wyatt talked about family and how he had one once. He then showed a picture of Miz, Maryse, and their children. (It’s clear someone stole JCWonka’s storyline back when he had his own universe.) This upset the Miz and he went backstage. After the break Miz was on the phone with Maryse and told her to lock the doors and he was on his way home. Miz then later discovers the family picture, only this time he’s replaced by Wyatt. Wyatt then attacked Miz and let it be known it was Bray Wyatt and not The Fiend attacking Miz. Miz comes to and the picture is gone. Later it is announced The Miz will face Bray Wyatt at TLC. Interesting that it isn’t for the title, but maybe it’s because the Fiend is the persona that defends the title and Miz is facing Bray Wyatt. The bigger question now is what happened to Daniel Bryan and when is he returning? I just assumed we’d see a rematch in a TLC match, but it’s clear that isn’t happening now. The Miz however is an excellent placeholder until Bryan does indeed return.


MISS: Mandy Rose is Not Good

It’s hard to get behind Fire and Desire because they haven’t been booked the best, but then again only one of them truly belongs in a wrestling ring. Some reason we see Mandy Rose wrestling more often than Sonya Deville in singles matches when Deville is the one that can actually wrestle. Rose once again is sloppy in the ring and honestly shouldn’t have been called up to the “main roster” as quickly as she was. Alexa Bliss got a win in her first singles match in quite some time with the Twisted Bliss which will probably propel her to a match against Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship at some point being Bliss by default is the top babyface on Smackdown.


MISS: Is Dana Brooke an Elias Groupie or Actually With Batista?

Drake Maverick continues to court Dana Brooke for some reason even though he’s married and Maverick questions why Dana is going out with Batista. Elias once again blocks Maverick’s pickup attempts and berates him with a song and saying he got with his wife. Honestly this segment would’ve been fine ending here, but it didn’t. Maverick goes to the ring to prolong the segment and calls out Elias for a fight. Elias and Dana go to the ring and Elias spanks Maverick, yes spanks him. Elias hits the Drift Away and then Dana stands on fallen Maverick as Elias counts to three. Not really sure where this is going? Is Dana Brooke an Elias groupie even though it’s well known on Twitter her and Batista have a thing going? I guess stayed tuned?


HIT: Fatal Four Way to Decide New Day’s TLC Opponent

Looks like someone realized TLC is coming up and they need matches. Therefore we got a fatal four way match between the teams of Shorty G and Mustafa Ali taking on Heavy Machinery, The Revival, and Lucha House Party. The Smackdown Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Big E provided a much improved commentary to help with the match.It was an elimination style match which I support opposed to the first pinfall wins. Usually Lucha House Party are cringe because of their gimmick, but they actually had a somewhat serious showing in this match and this is good because Smackdown desperate needs tag team depth. However Lince Dorado and Gran Metallik were the first team eliminated when they fell victim to the Compactor from Heavy Machinery. Otis of course got to showcase his skills, but ultimately fell victim to the Revival and a roll up pin. The final two teams were Revival against Shorty G and Mustafa Ali. A brawl broke out around the commentary table after Shorty G and Ali tossed the Revival into the New Day. New Day was not happy about this at all taking back everything good they said about Shorty G. The action continued and Shorty G had the Ankle Lock on Wilder for awhile, but ultimately Dawson was able to get in the ring at just the right time as Wilder broke free and the Revival hit the Shatter Machine to secure a title shot at TLC. Great match showcasing four tag teams in the ring and the match got a great amount of television time. Well done! I was hoping for a Ali and Shorty G win here, but their time will come.


MISS: Sassy Southern Belle Wipes Out Local Talent

Apparently if you have an alignment change, you have to beat up local talents again? Lacey Evans makes quick work of Haley Jones and then Sasha Banks came out to confront Evans after last week’s altercation. Sasha warned Evans not to get in her or Bayley’s way. Evans then tried cutting a promo and she still needs some work in this department. Luckily she had Sasha on the other end to keep it afloat. Sasha went to the ring to confront Evans and almost got nailed with the Woman’s Right. Evans then went to the back and got ambushed by Bayley leading to a two on one assault. It’ll be interesting to see if the fans can get behind Evans if she’s getting the top spot as rivals for Bayley and Sasha. Hopefully things go better this time around than it did with Becky earlier this year.


MISS: The Big Dog Gets Dinner

I was already in fear when I seen Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler announced because it’s basically Roman’s next conquest before he finally gets his hands on King Corbin, which was made official for TLC. Of course the King had his servants carry him out so he could watch the match. Eventually Corbin tried to help Ziggler, but Roman took care of the threat and Ziggler got rocked with a Spear to give Reigns the win. However all the servants who carry Corbin to the ring ambushed Reigns and Reigns found himself handcuffed to the ring. Corbin and Ziggler then attacked Reigns and dumped dog food on him. Yep, somebody thought this was funny? It’s tough to get into a match when you know what the end result is going to be and this is exactly what that was. The after match beat down would’ve been fine, unfortunately the added effect of dog food sent this over the top as petty potty humor that only a small demographic finds funny. The sooner this feud is over, the better.


Smackdown thrived with the story between The Miz and Bray Wyatt and we got a solid tag team match between four of Smackdown’s hungriest competitors. However the show didn’t offer much else after that, especially when they continue to push King Corbin as a top heel. Hopefully Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro are involved next week because their presence was missed this week. With that being said, next Friday is the final episode before TLC so we’ll see what else gets added to the event perhaps.