NXT Hits and Misses 12.11.19 w/ The Chairman

The Chairman is here to bring you the hits and misses for NXT and will be doing so going forward here at HTCWrestling. I had a good run covering Smackdown for quite some time, however it was time for a new adventure in the wide world of wrestling. With that being said, we got a big night of action at Full Sail. Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, and Finn Balor face off in a triple threat main event to determine who challenges Adam Cole BAY BAY for the NXT Championship next week. Rivals Mia Yim and Dakota Kai collide as do cruiserweight rivals Lio Rush and Angel Garza for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Let’s dive in and see what all went down.


HIT: Man of the Hour Gets Clipped by Angel Garza

Lio Rush ambushes his rival before the bell. The brawl goes outside and at one point with Rush on the apron, Garza grabs him and pulls him off with Rush smacking his face off the apron on the way down. Garza dominates this match early. One point he has Rush racked on the turnbuckle and Rush defeneless gets smoked by a superkick from Garza. Rush eventually makes a comeback and with Garza on the outside, Rush takes him out with a moonsault off the ropes. The battle continues between the rivals and Garza runs up and grabs Rush off the top rope and takes him down with a huge Avalanche Spanish Fly, it wasn’t enough though to keep Rush down. Neither man was willing to back down. Rush looked like he had it with the Final Hour, but Garza escaped to the outside. Rush then measured up Garza and went for the Final Hour to the outside, but Garza got up the knees and blocked it. Garza quickly tossed Rush into the ring and hit the Wing Clipper, but Rush kicked out. Garza then locked in a reverse full nelson to finish off Rush once in for all and become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion. This has been one hell of a rivalry and this is their best match by far. Angel Garza’s stock continues to rise and Lio Rush has been fantastic since escaping Lashley and winning the Cruiserweight title from Drew Gulak awhile back. Looking forward to the next chapter in this feud between Garza and Rush. Angel Garza also proposed to his girlfriend in the ring after the match so he definitely had himself a night he’ll never forget. Congratulations!!!


MISS: Cameron Grimes Loses Quick

Cameron Grimes for the most part has dominated his opponents in NXT. However Kushida managed to beat him last week and Grimes attacked Kushida at the performance center. Raul Mendoza was supposed to wrestle last week, but Grimes attacked him hence the match we have scheduled here. The match didn’t last long at all as Kushida appeared distracting Grimes and Mendoza got the huge upset victory. I honestly can’t recall Mendoza ever winning a match. Kushida adding salt to the wounds stole Grimes hat. Grimes and Kushida feuding is fine, however I don’t know if Grimes losing quick to Mendoza was the best way to go about it when Grimes was on a roll before facing Kushida.


MISS: NXT UK Star Slices a Forgotten Son

Another match that took place featured Travis Banks from NXT UK challenging Jaxson Ryker of the Forgotten Sons. Again, this match didn’t last long so it was hard to get invested into it. Banks managed to take Ryker out with the Slice of Heaven to earn the victory. Meanwhile Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake looked on as Ryker lost not doing anything to help him in his match. This is clearly why everyone forgets about the Forgotten Sons. They’re just there. I’m not familiar with Banks, but would’ve been nice to showcase him against a more superior opponent.


HIT: Mia Yim Gets Revenge on Dakota Kai

After a few quick enhancement matches, we’re back to one of the key stories in NXT. Dakota Kai attacked Mia Yim before NXT War Games as everyone knows and now Mia Yim finally gets her hands on Dakota Kai. Mia Yim at one point thought she had Kai with the Code Blue, but she kicked out. As the action continues and Kai got desperate so she goes for the knee brace, but the ref stops her. She takes off the top turnbuckle and smashes Mia Yim’s forehead into it to steal the victory. Yim attacks Kai on the outside after the match and they brawl into the tech area. Yim then grabs Kai and suplexes her off a stage and thru a table. The match was okay, but the story here is what happened afterwards. Mia Yim I’m sure will continue to pursue Dakota Kai until she can get a definite victory over her. However the real story is when Tegan Nox gets her hands on her former Team Kick partner Dakota Kai.


HOLD: Breezango Breeze Thru the Singh Brothers

With a new article comes a new addition to the Chairman rating system. I call it hold!?!?! Basically I’m holding the chair because I’m not sure if I want to call it a must see HIT or a big old swing and a MISS. I’m in between so call it I’m in the middle, neutral, an average rating, etc.

Several thoughts ran in my mind during this match. One was Fandango. It’s been a few years since he’s been a ballroom dancer. Honestly don’t know why they just don’t go back to his old ring name Johnny Curtis? The other main thought was who is going to be the next team to challenge the Undisputed Era for the NXT Tag Team Championship? Could it be Breezango? They showed a more aggressive side in this match against the Singh Brothers. The match served it’s purpose and got Breezango over and Fandango sealed the win with a leg drop off the top rope.


MISS: The EST is LOST in the Shuffle

Bianca Belair is a great addition to the strong women’s division of NXT. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything for her right now. She had a great showing at NXT War Games, even though her team lost. She took care of Kayden Carter on this episode with her signature K.O.D. but what is next for the EST? There are alot of great stories with the women of NXT and unfortunately there’s nothing right now for Belair. Hopefully something blossoms for her soon in the new year.


HIT: Triple Threat #1 Contender Match

The main event featured three of NXT’s top stars. Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, and Finn Balor faced off to determine the number one contender for Adam Cole’s NXT Championship. That very match is scheduled to take place next week. During the course of the show, there were some excellent video packages showcasing all three men in the match. The match did a fantastic job giving all three men moments to shine in this match. One moment of the match was absolutely jaw dropping when Keith Lee had Ciampa and Balor all stacked one each other in the air and they all crashed to the mat. There were some amazing momemnts such as a near Keith Lee powerbomb countered into a double stomp from Finn Balor. This set off a fury of offense from Balor as Balor tosses Ciampa into barricade. He goes back into the ring and goes for the Coup De Grace, but Balor misses and Lee with a powerful push takes Balor down. Ciampa somehow lifts Lee and hits an Air Raid Crash, but Lee kicks out. Lee follows up with a moonsault from second rope, Ciampa kicks out. Lee looks to polish off Ciampa with a Spirit Bomb and just as Lee delivers Balor picked his moment and struck with a Coup De Grace to Lee’s chest and Balor steals the match by pinning Lee. An amazing match and Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era look on at Balor in the ring. I thought Lee would’ve won this one being he’s been on fire the past month and a half. My guess is NXT is saving that clash for another time along with Ciampa vs Cole. Of course Finn Balor could very well claim the NXT Championship next week.


Overall a good episode of NXT. The main event was as good as advertised and we’re getting Finn Balor vs Adam Cole next week. What a way to close out 2019 in what will most likely be the final 2019 match of the year candidate because I’m confident it’s going to be that good. We’re also getting Shayna Baszler vs Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women’s Championship as well and that’s also a must see match. Lio Rush and Angel Garza also continued their great rivalry in another showcase in the cruiserweight division. Sure there were some enhancement matches, but that is to be expected. All I know is I’m ready for next Wednesday night’s double main event.