AEW Dynamite is one week removed from the New Year!  What did AEW have in store for us tonight?  Did Hangman Adam Page finally fully align himself with the Elite?  Or did he abandon them?  Do the Best Friends & Orange Cassidy get squeezed by Jungle Express?  Did an alien escape our planet with its hands on the AEW Women’s Championship?  Or was it a hot mess?  Did Jon Moxley join the intercircle or will he continue his revenge tour for his beloved friend Mitch?

Hangman Adam Page & Kenny Omega defeated Private Party by pinfall

Well, the Elite just can’t get it together can they?  First they aren’t winning their matches, now they can’t even get resident cowboy Hangman Adam Page to fully commit himself to their Elite cause.  Still, Page and Kenny Omega teamed up to take on Private Party since Page disrespected them with alcohol last week.  Private Party are so touch and go for me.  Sometimes I’m really impressed with them and other times I can see how much trouble they have really following through.  Generally it’s when they go for tag team maneuvers which wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t supposed to believe they were dangerous as a tag team.   It bewilderingly got a “This is Awesome” chant which it really wasn’t, even if it was a perfectly serviceable match.  I’m actually pretty surprised Private Party didn’t get the win, especially after good ol’ JR pointed out that Page and Kenny didn’t have the same team chemistry (neither team really does).  There was a moment where Kenny miscued and took Page out, but in the end Private Party took the loss.  There was a brief stare down between Page and Kenny but no further escalation.

The lack of escalation could have been due to Pac interrupting with a video from the back where he has Nakazawa locked in a brutalizer.  He told Kenny he wants their rubber match and this will keep happening unless he gets it.  Why isn’t Kenny fighting him?  Is there a storyline reason I missed?  Perfectly possible otherwise he can probably get this match booked….

Riho defeated Kris Statlander for the AEW Women’s Championship by pinfall…and a lot of interference

Okay, no doubt Riho and Kris Statlander are both great wrestlers and this could have been a good match, but I found the outcome completely ridiculous and a gigantic example of one of the problems AEW has.  They just throw new people at the audience watching at home and live and expect them to know what is going on.  Was this match booked as a NO DQ?  Once Awesome Kong and Mel hit the ring and started beating up the competitors up the match should have been called right?  What about when the mystery member of the Nightmare Collective (Luther, who Excalibur is aware of but I certainly am not) and attacks Statlander?  No?  The match ended in a pinfull when Awesome Kong interfered so Riho could squeak out a win, but it was a hot hot mess.

After the match the Nightmare Collective continued to attack Riho and Statlander only to be attacked by Hikaru Shida (who was watching at ringside) followed by Big Swole and Sonny Kiss.  Britt Baker who had also been watching at ringside decided she’d continue to sit and watch.

Sammy Guevara defeated Christopher Daniels by pinfall

I love Christopher Daniels and it’s a good storyline to have him be the grizzled vet who’s kind of off now with all these new kids.  Pentagon calling him out on the ramp and rubbing his face in his recent failings and costing him the win was good too.  I was just typing that I really thought the end result of this was that Christopher Daniels was going to join The Dark Order and reveal himself as a part of it all along, and the Dark Order interrupted.  Sure he attacked the creepy crawlers or whatever they are after the match, but I still think the end result is him returning to the Fallen Angel and pledging.

After Daniels turned down their offer he got jumped and SCU and the Young Bucks made the save.

Cody and Dustin Rhodes defeated Lucha Bros by pinfall

Man, Cody really has proven what a regular guy he is still getting a special entrance every week.  I mean it’s his thing, sure, yeah but you’re just a guy Cody!  This was definitely the best match of the night.  Everything was really cohesive and it flowed really nicely.  I don’t mind Cody and Dustin being a random tag team and beating established, championship caliber teams because their family history and bonding obviously can overcome anything.  Arn did get briefly involved taking a chair away from Fenix mid match.  I marked a little.  I enjoy some Arn Anderson.

After the match Tony Schiavone hits the ring and asks Cody if he’s going to accept MJF’s conditions.  Arn answered for him and says he doesn’t like MJF but Cody wants to fight him and will answer next week.

I got more excited in the next segment to see hero Diamond Dallas Page interrupt MJF calling Cody out for being a little bitch.  DDP talked for…well he talked for too long despite me loving him.  It was basically a set up to beat up one of Cody’s mentors by using the Butcher & The Blade, but they both came out only to eat diamond cutters.  MJF kind of attacked DDP but before anything could escalate Dustin, QT Marshall and others hit the ring to break it up.  JR at one point said Cody probably wasn’t even here and well, I mean, he had left the ring only minutes before so I find it hard to believe.  Especially since Dustin came out.  I mean, oh well, I know better than to use logic in wrestling.

Jungle Express defeated Best Friends & Orange Cassidy

Sometimes I think about how many people decide they can live their dreams just by seeing someone else do it on a big stage so I refuse to have a problem with Marko Stunt.  He’s not out here winning championships – he’s getting lucky shots on bigger wrestlers by biding his time.  I’m cool with it.  Plus, he’s tiny so it’s very easy for me to believe he can maneuver out of holds.  Besides, he has a dinosaur on his side so I’m not going to be the one who tells him he can’t wrestle.  This was a fun match for sure, Best Friends are usually a good time and Orange Cassidy is out there just to get a fun pop out of the crowd right?  Also he’s pretty good while wrestling with hands in his pockets.  I thought for sure Best Friends and Cassidy were going to get the win, but it’s a fun win for the Jurassic Express.  Plus if they’re going to try and market trios teams, it’s a good trio to get people behind.

Jon Moxley’s answer to Chris Jericho’s request to join The Inner Circle ended the night, and man oh man is it emotional every time Mox comes out of the crowd.  Jericho had laid out the terms, they were really nice.  So nice in fact that Mox informed Jericho his answer was yes!  He said he learned from the best, the best being Chris Jericho and he wanted to join the most dominant group in AEW.  I thought for a moment he had forgotten about Jericho’s murder of his beloved Mitch but of course it was all a ruse and after Mox asked for the keys to his new car he told Jericho he forgot one more thing – he was only kidding, he would never join their stupid group.  He attacked Jericho with A BIT OF THE BUBBLEH and hit the road.  Presumably in the brand new car Jericho gave him.  Haha, Mox is the best.

That’s our show!

WATCH THIS MATCH: Cody & Dustin Rhodes vs Lucha Bros

It was definitely the highest quality match of the night, but the Jungle Express vs Best Friends & Orange Cassidy was a jolly good time so watch that too.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Riho vs Kris Statlander

Because of the mess about it.  That could and will be a stellar match, but this was shit.


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