WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (Jan 10th) (Evansville Indiana)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with Miz TV.Miz does his intro and people have said he changed last week. He says he just had a bad day, and didn’t want to smile and that’s why he attacked Kofi. His temper got the best of him and he apologizes to Kofi. The Fiend has put him through a lot, he failed to beat him and the only good thing to happen was the return of his guest, John Morrison. He gets welcome back chants, and Miz says this is awesome while putting them over as a great tag team, leading to a Morrison video package. Miz welcomes him back and Morrison is glad to be back. They filmed a WWE Chronicle for his return, but he saw what Miz was going through and he felt he needed to be here for Miz. They talked last week and he realized, he’s disappointed in the fans. His friend has one bad day and you trash him. Miz has worked hard for 15-years, he became WWE Champion, and is only his dad’s fifth favorite wrestler. The fans don’t get it, Miz does what he does for you and the fans don’t understand because they’ve never been in the ring. New Day arrives and Kofi asks who Miz is trying to fool? You’re trying to blame the fans, Big E doesn’t accept his apology and bashes his acting. Kofi would have respected him if he would have stopped at he had a bad day. That would have been respectable. Miz respects Kofi was WWE champion for 6 months, and the 6 seconds it took him to lose it and smile about it. He then talks about Kofi not going back after it, and Kofi says it was 8 seconds, and Miz has changed from cool Miz to annoying Miz. The people are right when they say he sucks.

Match 1:Smackdown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (c) vs The Miz
They lockup and work into counters, Kofi lands kicks and grounds Miz. Kofi follows with a dropkick and Miz cuts him off until Kofi cradles him for 2 after a sloppy counter exchange. Miz takes control with kicks, covering for 2. He grounds the action, follows with a shoulder tackle, but Kofi hits a back elbow and dumps Miz. The suicide dive follows, and Miz then shoves him into Big E. Post break and Kofi hits a belly to back suplex on Miz. He follows with chops, a clothesline and the boom drop. Trouble In Paradise is countered, Miz attacks the knee but Kofi battles back with a High Cross for 2. DDT by Miz and that gets 2. Miz follows with kicks, Kofi counters and cradles Miz for 2. SOS follows for 2 again. Miz goes back to the knee, hits knee strikes until Kofi cuts him off. Miz quickly cuts him off, locks on the figure four and Kofi makes the ropes and spills to the floor. Miz argues with Big E, Morrison attacks and Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.Winner:The Miz

Firefly Funhouse time. Bray says he loves us and that love is special. But the Fiend doesn’t love Daniel Bryan, because he’s been naughty and he’s in trouble at the Rumble. The Fiend wants to hurt you now. “I love you, not you Daniel.”

Mandy & Sonya talk as Mandy prepares for her match. Mandy says she has to take care of something first and grabs a cake, presumably for Otis.

Elias arrives and it’s song time. He sings about the Rumble, running down the field and proclaims he will win it.

Heavy Machinery talk as Mandy arrives. She gives Otis a cake that she made him, and it says “I’m sorry.”

Match 2:Alexa Bliss vs Mandy Rose
They lockup and work to the ropes. Lockup again, they trade shoulder tackles, push and shove and then talk shit until Alexa slaps her. She follows with kicks, slaps her again and Mandy fires back. Alexa fires back with a slap and dumps Mandy. She follows with a dropkick and Nikki & Sonya fight as Mandy hits the running knee strike for 2. Mandy chokes her out in the ropes, and then grounds things. Alexa fires back, escapes and they trade. They work into a double down. and then Alexa fires up with clotheslines, slaps and the double knees moonsault. Otis arrives and Mandy cradles Alexa for the win.Winner:Mandy Rose

Match 3:Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks
Smackdown Womens Champion Bayley arrives on the screen and says Banks isn’t here tonight because she’s finishing her rap album in LA. Lacey says Banks is too busy while Lacey is always ready to fight. Lacey challenges Bayley to take Banks’ place, and to put the title on the line. Bayley refuses and Lacey heads backstage. Bayley attacks and they brawl as Bayley bats her don and tells her to go home and put on her mom jeans. Lacey fights back and they get separated.Winner:No One (Match Never Got Started)

Daniel Bryan is interviewed. Bryan says that the Fiend sure wants a lot of things, and Bryan remembers it all and especially outsmarting him. He did change as well, but for the better and is now more dangerous than ever before. The Fiend can be hurt and can be beat, by him at the Rumble. Ramblin rabbit appears on the screen and knows a secret to beating the Fiend. Bray stops him before he can share the info and tells Bryan to let him in.

Match 4 Non Title Match:Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Braun Strowman
Braun attacks and goes wild to begin. Nakamura fires back with kicks, strikes and then runs into a big boot. Braun follows with clubbing strikes, chops and whips him to the buckles. The corner splash follows, and Nakamura powders. Braun follows him out, lays the boots o him unto Cesaro posts him allowing Nakamura to attack. Post break and Nakamura works bad vibrations, an enziguri and a second rope knee strike for 2. Nakamura grounds things, Braun powers up and is cut off with a spin kick. Braun cuts him off with a big clothesline, tackles, and a clubbing strike for 2. Nakamura counters the Powerslam, hits the running kick and knee strike for 2. He follow with grounded knee strikes, until Braun hits a spinebuster. Sami takes the ref, Cesaro in and Braun takes him out. Nakamura has the belt and Braun counters, Powerslam, win.Winner:Braun Strowman

Sheamus cuts a promo on Chad Gable, and promises change on Smackdown. Gable represents what’s wrong with Smackdown, he’s small and needs exterminated. Size matters and he will embrace chaos.

Daniel Bryan finds a presenting the locker room. It’s the bloody corpse of Ramblin Rabbit.

Roman Reigns arrives and it’s promo time. He says 2019 was rough, he’s been outnumbered and embarrassed many times. He’s always had backup, and this time he has the backup from family. His family helped him last week and 2020 will be his year. He will win the Rumble, main event Mania and do that with Jimmy & Jey at his side. The Usos arrive and are fired up. They are glad to be back, ands will turn the show into Friday Night Lockdown. Its been rough being on the sidelines and watching the big dog defend himself against queen Corbin and her kingdom. The disrespected Reigns, and that means he disrespected the whole family. Corbin & Dolph arrive and runs down Reigns for being afraid of him. Corbin vows to win the Rumble and Reigns says he’d love to beat his ass twice in one night and challenges him to a match at the Rumble. Corbin accepts and promises to take out the big dog’s bitches tonight. The Usos hit dives as we go to break.

Main Event Tag Team Match:The Usos vs King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler
The Usos take early control, double teaming Dolph. Corbin tags in and hits the in and out lariat for 2. Dolph back in and follows with a dropkick for 2. He grounds things, tags in Corbin and since the Usos have short hair, commentary isn’t even trying to tell hem apart, which is no help to me. Jimmy I guess hits an enziguri, the Revival arrive and that allows the heels to take control. Roman Reigns arrives and lays out the Revival. Post break an an Uso is running wild. They say this is Jey. Jimmy’s dive is cut off as Corbin slams him into Reigns. Superkick by Jey, and the top rope splash connects. Corbin posts him and Reigns spears Corbin on the floor.Winners By DQ:King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

Post match, Roode returns as the Big Dog gets his ass beat on the floor. The layout the Usos, Roode hits a spinebuster to Reigns on the announce table, but I AM THE TABLE. Dolph elbow shim through it and the heels stand tall and bury Reigns under the announce table like Reigns did to Roode pre wellness violation.