First, RIP to Rocky Johnson.

Now, we’ve already been told today that AEW is going to be getting a second show during the week soon and I am so hoping for the best.  And by best I mean WCW Saturday Night!  Haha.

Hangman Page & Kenny Omega defeated Young Bucks, Santana & Ortiz and Best Friends

Wins and losses matter in AEW, but being an actual established tag team is about as useless to them as it is in WWE.  Put two top guys as a team and despite the commentary consistently saying how much chemistry teams who have been together for years have, the top guys will always win.  Especially if they currently have animosity towards each other so are not on the same page.  I know that Page and Omega are, or at least are playing at the allusion that they’re friends, but this kind of thing never helps establish and build tag team divisions.  It only makes them look weak.  The match was good and fast paced and Page kind of lucked into the win, taking advantage of the work the Young Bucks had already done to get the win.  This continues to play up the angle that the Elite can’t get on the same wave length and that Page will turn on Omega.  This of course really could be a ruse, but I can’t think of how.  I thought maybe Omega would turn instead or Page and Omega were actually both separating from the Bucks, but with PAC on the horizon for Omega his good guy status is going nowhere.

Cody came out to answer MJF’s terms without Arn Anderson so that’s just a once and awhile thing where Anderson speaks for him I guess.  Which is fine, Cody doesn’t need a mouth piece but it makes Arn refusing to let Cody answer last week seem pretty useless.  Cody addressed MJF’s demands for a match:  Don’t touch MJF til it happens, 10 lashes on TV and fight Wardlow in a steel cage match.  Cody agreed to all three conditions and I can’t help but think how weird it’ll be to watch someone just whipped on television when it’s not some sort of designated match.  Oh well, whatever floats this kinky boat.  Cody said he’s going to give MJF his own scar, and that match is set for the Pay Per View.  Cody was pretty good here in Cody’s corner for the week.

Joey Janela cut a promo calling out Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford, dares Kip to come after him, then mentioned a match with Fenix next week.  I can’t imagine where this will lead.

Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida defeated Brandi Rhodes & Mel

Sure, this is how to quiet the critics of this angle, put Brandi in the ring!  I do like Brandi so it’s too bad she’s put herself in this weird angle.  She really did play her role well here, she only got in the ring when it seemed the match was firmly in their favor, and ran away when confronted with a fresh and fighting competitor.  Mel is a good muscle for Brandi but I did think that was what Awesome Kong was.  Mel must be the muscle that can eat the pin because that’s what happens here.

There’s a Dark Order video where whoever the hell discusses with a mystery person who they will try to recruit.  They mention specifically professional Barry Horowitz Brandon Cutler and Adam Page as targets.  None of this will happen.  Well, maybe Cutler but who will care?

Jon Moxley defeated Sammy Guevara 

This was a pretty good match.  Sammy was obviously trying to endear himself to the Inner Circle leadership by taking out the feral Moxley, and he put up a good effort.  While the winner seemed obvious as soon as it started, a sign of a good match is always when the obvious underdog can make you almost think they can pull it off.  Sammy actually had most of the offense going into the end when he moonsaulted into a rear naked choke to which Sammy immediately tapped out.

After the match the dulcet tones of Fozzy hit and the lights went out.  When they came back up Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz and that loser Jack Swagger were waiting in the ring.  They beat Moxley down before Jericho decided he liked the sound of Cody’s lashing decision earlier and he whipped Moxley with a weight belt.

After the match and Moxley was being led away, the commentators suddenly looked very concerned about chaos happening backstage, which ended up just being The Inner Circle walking to their car I guess.  They said they’d take out Moxley, they’d take out whoever won Pac vs Darby Allin later tonight and on the Jericho Cruise they’ll take out Jungle Express.  Some chaos.

MJF & Butcher & The Blade defeated DDP & Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall

I admittedly missed some weeks here and there of Dynamite and am not entirely sure who QT Marshall is.  My quick assessment is that he’s the guy here to eat the pin and guess what – I ended up being right on that.  This was a pretty fun match, and Dustin can really still go in the ring at least enough to make the match enjoyable.  Most of the story early on was DDP wanting to get in on the action, but it seemed obvious he needed to be somewhat protected.  When he finally did get the hot tag he got some good shots in before being taken out by a low blow.  He got a nice dive on the outside on EVERYONE to be sure he was safe and he still looked pretty winded.  MJF stole the win with a roll up on Marshall in the aftermath of the dive while everyone was probably making sure DDP was alive.  As a small aside, I had no idea his band was singing his theme song and well – it is not good.

Backstage SCU almost had an interview but it’s interrupted by a drinking Hangman Page.  He spilled some of his drink on Christopher Daniels who took exception to this as Hangman tried to be their friend then proclaimed he’d kick all their asses.  Kenny broke it up and SCU told him to get Page under control.  Interview over I guess.

Pac defeated Darby Allin

This was a really good match.  I genuinely thought that Kenny Omega was going to cost PAC the match here as it seems all but set in stone that Moxley is going to fight Jericho (I actually thought that was already decided?).  I do think though having PAC win sets up a better match with Moxley than Moxley vs Darby.  Nothing against him, I find him really entertaining and I have a friend who only likes steroid looking wrestlers who loves him which only proves his appeal.  I just think PAC vs Moxley packs more of a punch.  Down the road though, Allin is going to be a monster face champion.  You have to believe it.

After PAC’s win he had an in ring interview with Tony Schiavone where he says he’s the #1 Contender and will beat Jericho.  Tony pointed out he had to fight Moxley first who PAC said is hurt so he’s as good as forfeited before Tony throws to the back where Moxley is leaving an ambulance.  He had one eye taped up, but told PAC it didn’t matter he’d still beat him.  He looked pretty good like this…I mean what.



SKIP THIS MATCH: Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida vs Brandi Rhodes and Mel 

It just did not further the storyline at all.


That’s Dynamite!  An alright show heading to the Jericho Cruise next week now.  Lucky them and their lovely weather.

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