WWE Smackdown Thoughts 1.17.20 w/Justin C

Sad Demonic Kane

Oh great, just what everyone wanted. Kane. Kane looks like he is eating a few extra meals and skipping some workouts as Mayor. Better keep all the camera shots above the head. Kane talks about the Rumble when he is interrupted by Bray Wyatt. Bray lets us know thankfully that Ramblin Rabbit is still alive. Thank god. Bray does some slap stick then says he will never forget him. The Fiend shows up from under the ring as Kane is outside of it now. Just as I think Kane is another dumb babyface, he turns around and sees The Fiend. Kane asks what took so long and Daniel Bryan takes The Fiend out with a running knee. The Fiend retreats and Bryan gets a couple of dreadlocks. The crowd does a YES chant and at least that saved the segment. Looks like those Kane/Fiend rumors for the next Saudi Arabia show are true. Also I don’t need to see Kane in the Rumble.

Bryan challenges The Fiend to a Strap Match at the Rumble. The only question is if it is a Yappa Pie Strap Match.

Ugh He’s Still Using It: Big E vs John Morrison

Morrison gets his slow-mo entrance. Cole and Graves try to explain what Parkour is. Of course anyone with half a brain knows what parkour is, especially at its peak.

Kofi has blonde dreads in. He looks stupid with them and I still can’t believe he is where he is after his WWE Title run. These two have a match. Morrison hits a decent looking spinning knee off the top onto Kofi on the outside. But guess what? Morrison is still using that awful Starship Pain, the worst finisher in wrestling. So it looks like we are getting New Day vs Miz/Morrison at some point.

Bet You Can Guess the Winner: Usos vs Revival

Another basic tag team match. The Usos won clean. I mean it is so obvious at this point that The Revival are on their way out. The guys are just going through the motions.

Lacey Evans attacks Sasha Banks backstage. Wait, if you were upset about the match not happening last week, why would you attack Sasha this week?

Sonya Deville asks Mandy Rose to ask Otis to be in her corner tonight. Everybody got that?

Oh now Bayley is going to fight Lacey in a non-Title match. So we can get the traditional Champion loses in a non Title match to set up a Title match feud.

One Good Thing Bruce Prichard Has Done Right: Lacey Evans vs Bayley

If you would have told me six months ago I would be all for face Lacey Evans I would have laughed at you. But here we are and I am enjoying it. And the crowd is behind her too. Bayley gets the upper hand early until Lacey starts her comeback. But Bayley gets her knees up on Lacey’s moonsault attempt then knees Lacey’s head into the barricade. Bayley continues to dominate then all of the sudden, Lacey hits the Women’s Right out of nowhere for the win. Just like I predicted. I’ve watched too much of this shit.

We get a mini Sheamus/Shorty G brawl after Sheamus was making fun of him. Rinse and Repeat

Braun Strowman wants an Intercontinental Title match. I want a girlfriend. We all have wants Braun.

Elias sings, is interrupted by Shinsuke, Cesaro and Sami Zayn. They attack until Braun makes the save. I can’t stand Elias so his segments do nothing for me.

Now It Is Overkill: Sonya Deville vs Alexa Bliss

I got a good chuckle at some of this at first. But they are already going overboard with this gimmick. Otis comes out right before the match starts. After two minutes Mandy jumps on the apron but Nikki knocks her off, and Mandy lands right in the arms of Otis. For some reason, that distracts Sonya and Alexa rolls her up for the win. Sonya Deville deserves better than this.

Why Won’t You Die: Robert Roode vs Roman Reigns

Roode attacked Reigns during his entrance. So Roode robbed us of quite possibly the only good thing Roode has nowadays. Reigns goes through the barricade as King Corbin comes out. Why won’t this feud just die already? The match has its normal table spot teases. Reigns takes forever to set up a table in one of the corners. Corbin runs down to distract Reigns. Ziggler then superkicks Reigns. Roode goes to the top to dive through Roman on the announce table. He never would have made it, so the Usos come down and superkick Roode jumping off. The Usos splash Dolph through the announce table and Regins spears Roode through a corner table in the ring to win.

Reigns picks a Falls Count Anywhere Match, when he really should have picked anything else because now Roode and Ziggler can interfere at will.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my Smackdown review dripping with sarcasm.

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