WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (Jan 24th) (Dallas Texas)


Match 1 6 Man Tag Team Match:The Bloodline vs King Corbin & Glorious Showoffs
Ziggler and Jey Uso start things off. A little back and forth before Ziggler gets dropped with a chop, then Jimmy Uso tags it and they double team Ziggler for a second before Ziggler escapes and tags in Roode. Roode grounds Uso in the corner and stomps him, but the Uso takes over with chops (even commentary isn’t differentiating between them, just calling them the Usos. Uso slips on the apron, might have tweaked his knee and Ziggler drives him into the steel steps. That’s Jimmy that’s down, and the ref comes in to call for medics to check on him. Jimmy gets walked off with the medics as we head to commercial.After the break Reigns beats up Ziggler. Ziggler did something to the knee, Reigns is limping a bit. Jey gets tagged in and they resume abusing Ziggler. Diving headbutt from Jey gets a two count. Ziggler lands a back elbow and tags in Corbin to take over. Corbin plays with the crowd, Jey punches him a few times and they then avoid each others offense. Jey winds up on the top rope, misses a dive and Corbin catches him with a Deep Six for a two count. Corbin tosses Jey out, then talks smack with Reigns to distract the ref and allows Ziggler to hit Jey a few times on the outside. Roode takes over, driving Jey into the ring apron then they both wind up in the ring. Neck breaker from Roode but only a two count. Ziggler tagged in and they double team Jey a bit then tag in Corbin. Elbows from Corbin, then he tags in Roode. Jey knocks Corbin and Ziggler off of the apron, then hits an enziguri to Roode so they’re both down. Reigns wants the tag, but Corbin takes him off of the apron and tosses him around a bit as we go to another commercial break.After the break Jey still getting beaten like a drum. Corbin mocks the crowd a bit, but that lets Jey throw him into the ring post shoulder first. Reigns just about now getting back to the ring apron, convenient that. Corbin grabs Jey’s leg, doesn’t matter as he tags in Reigns and Corbin instantly tags in Ziggler. Reigns does the typical house of fire routine on Ziggler and Roode. Ziggler in the corner, Reigns with sequential clotheslines then the running kick to the face. Reigns sets for the Superman punch, Roode distracts the ref, Corbin grabs Reigns, Ziggler hits a super kick but of course only for 2. Ziggler tosses Reigns to the outside, then complains tot he ref while Corbin and Roode kick Reigns for a bit. Reigns back into the ring, Ziggler drops an elbow. Jey hasn’t been seen since tagging out, Roman still has terrible friends I guess even if they’re his family. Corbin tags in, lands a knee then a running right. Mounted forearms from Corbin then he tags in Roode. Roode sets for the Glorious DDT, but Reigns counters into a school boy, and hits the one armed powerbomb. Jey shows up on screen again and wants the tag, but Ziggler takes him out and slams him around the barricades outside. Jey gets thrown over the announce table, Roode tags in Corbin. Rights from Corbin to the body and head then tags in Ziggler and admonishes him to “finish it”. Ziggler with a neck breaker, for a 2 count. Now Ziggler channels his inner Shawn Michaels and tunes up the metaphorical band, but his super kick is cut off with a superman punch and they’re both down. Jimmy runs down and takes the tag to run wild on Ziggler and Roode. Samoan drop from Jimmy, then a right to Corbin and a suicide dive onto him as well. Roode tries to cut him off but Jimmy is en fuego and takes them all out, then hits a cross body onto Roode for a near fall but Corbin breaks it up. Jimmy avoids an End of Days, Reigns takes out Corbin with a superman punch and beats him around the ringside area. Reigns takes him out into the fans to preview their falls count anywhere match at the Rumble. Jimmy looks for the splash, Ziggler distracts him but Jey takes him out then Jimmy hits the splash to get the win.Winners:The Bloodline

They replay Kane’s interaction with The Fiend from last week and how Daniel Bryan showed up to scare him off.

They also run down what’s coming up, the contract signing between Wyatt and Bryan as well as an interview with Lacey Evans ahead of her title shot. That sends us to another break.

After the break with a promo for the Royal Rumble to head into Evans’ interview. Cole interviews Evans at the top of the entrance ramp, I’m sure that wont lead to someone jumping her from behind. Evans says Banks and Bayley are just bullies and she learned early to stand up to bullies. Cole brings up her rough upbringing, Evans gets a little emotional talking about her father but uses this platform for positive means. She says that knowing she can set the proper example about how people can make it if they work hard enough motivates her. That dovetails into her service in the Marine Corps, with Cole asking about what kind of leader she’ll be if she wins. She gets emotional again but wants to show the world not what she’s been through but how to get through it, which is something the world needs right now. Then a video package of Banks mocking Evans’ daughter. Evans is angry about that, but also proud of her daughter then talks about having to explain to her daughter backstage about her job. She says last week she took out Banks, and that prompts the Pearl Harbor job from Bayley. Refs pull Bayley off to end the segment.

Kayla Braxton in the back with Carmella and Dana Brooke to talk about the women’s Royal Rumble match. They both express readiness and run down their accomplishments. Brooke mentions that its every woman for herself, but that’s cut off as Evans and Bayley are still brawling. Evans slams Bayley into equipment containers, officials try to separate them. Evans actually takes off her shoe and beats Bayley with it as we cut to commercial. I’m surprised they didn’t have those two brawl past Reigns and Corbin, who I also assume are still brawling.

Match 2 Tag Team Match:Fire N Desire vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
Bliss and Deville start us off. They lock up, Deville with a takedown, Bayley and Evans run in as the brawl continues and this match is now just a preview of the Rumble.Winners:No One (Double DQ)

We cut to the back with Elias and his guitar. Strowman walks by, and says they need to go to work.

After the break, Elias is in the ring. He talks about the Rumble, who needs these constant refreshers on the rules and stakes for that match? He asks the crowd if they’ll walk with Elias for the Rumble, crowd seems somewhat amenable to that. Now for a song about the Rumble and the participants then introduces Strowman. He talks with Strowman, and asks him to sing with him. The crowd wants to hear Strowman sing with Elias apparently. Strowman takes a mic, plays with the crowd then clears his throat. Elias back on the guitar but Cesaro’s entrance cuts him off from singing.

Match 3 Tag Team Match:Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura (c) & Cesaro vs Braun Strowman & Elias
Cesaro and Elias get us going. They trade some wrestling holds then Cesaro with uppercuts and kicks to take control. Elias with a scoop into snake eyes then a clothesline. Next Elias looks to walk the ropes, he does so then hits a dive double knee strike to Cesaro. Cesaro shoves Elias away, who takes out Nakamura which leads to confusion and Zayn cuts off Elias. They attack Elias on the outside, Strowman then hits the running shoulder tackle to Nakamura on the outside to send us to another break.After the break Cesaro has Elias grounded. Elias fights back and takes down both Cesaro and Nakamura. Strowman really wants the tag, Nakamura tags in and cuts him off. They both kick Strowman off of the apron but Elias dumps Cesaro, then Nakamura takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Nakamura sets for the kinshasha but Elias cuts him off with a running knee of his own. Strowman back up and now gets the hot tag. Strowman runs wild with shoulder blocks then an avalanche in the corner and then tosses Nakamura across the ring. A modified heart punch follows and Nakamura is down. Another charge from Strowman but Nakamrua avoids it and takes him down with kicks before tagging in Cesaro. They both post Strowman then a double Russian leg sweep, and Nakamura with a kick to the chest but all that only gets 2. Zayn up to distract the ref, Nakamura tries to get a chair but Elias cuts him off, Cesaro turns into the running powerslam. Strowman tags in Elias who hits the Macho Man elbow drop to pick up the win.Winners:Braun Strowman & Elias

We get a replay of the finish, Zayn escorts the losers to the back, and we head to the commentary desk. The desk runs down more of the Rumble match, then we get a flashback to Bryan issuing the strap match challenge. In case you didn’t know, those two will sign their contract for that match later tonight. Now we see Big E getting oiled up by a random guy, Kofi shows up to question this but Big E says it’s a strategy for the Rumble. Kofi has a match with John Morrison that they hype up. Kofi says this is his favorite time of year, and puts over the Rumble, and says the power of positivity is on their side and they’ll win for Xavier Woods. They send us to break with a “New Day Rocks” chant.

We come back to a replay of Reigns and Corbin brawling through the arena and the Usos getting the win in the opener. Corbin is in the back unwrapping his wrists, and is ambush interviewed. He says he’s not concerned about Reigns, then says Kayla will be asking more stupid questions on Sunday but he’ll be giving Reigns the beating of his life. He promises that Reigns will not make the Rumble match, but he will, and he’ll win, and the win at WrestleMania and he’ll be crowned the new Universal champion there.

Back ringside, who send us to our annual statistic based video package about the Rumble.

The New Day are here after that, but before the match we’ll have another commercial break.

Back with a Sheamus video, he says he just went after the loudest rat he could find in Shorty G. But Shorty bit back, he hopes he enjoys the cheese while he can, because at the Rumble he’ll finish what he started.

Ringside Morrison arrives, and Miz has a mic. He says the crowd disrespected Morrison in Morrison’s return after 8 years away. Miz doesn’t get why people boo Morrison, I’ve got a few reasons. Miz plugs his new season of Miz and Mrs. then calls everyone associated with him a winner, says Morrison will beat Kofi this week and then roll into the Rumble. He announces that Miz and Morrison will both be in the Rumble, and says the Rumble will be awesome.

Main Event:Smackdown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (c) vs John Morrison
They lock up and Morrison drives Kofi into the corner. They break, Kofi and Morrison both avoid kicks and chops then stand off. Another tie up, that hits the corner again. Morrison tries a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet, tries one of his own that launches Morrison onto his face. Kofi gets sent outside, Morrison tries a flying dive but misses, Kofi then bounces on the top rope a few times and flips onto Morrison. Morrison shoves Kofi into the post outside as we head to another break.After the break Morrison still in control. Kofi starts fighting back, Morrison whips him into the corner but Kofi with a slingshot kick. Morrison rolls through a sunset flip attempt, then lands a running knee but misses a Starship Pain and they’re both down. Kofi to the apron, springboard hammer fist and chops then a drop kick. Morrison avoids a move, kicks Kofi in the gut to take over again. Kofi now with a running head scissors takedown but can only get a 2 count. Kicks from Kofi as Morrison is down, Boom drop from Kofi lands. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but Morrison with a wheel kick counter in mid air but only gets a 2 count. Morrison puts Kofi on the top rope, they start fighting up in the high rent district. The ref gets distracted and Morrison pokes Kofi in the eye then hits a second rope Spanish Fly but that also only gets a 2 count. Because only your finisher, and even then probably multiples, can end a match. Rights from Morrison, then Kofi hits a surprise SOS but again only 2. The counter game from both men has been strong in this match. Morrison tries a roll up with feet on the ropes, Big E pushes them off. Miz tries to hit him but Big E no sells it, Miz runs into a Trouble in Paradise but that lets Morrison drop him and hit Starship Pain for the win.Winner:John Morrison

In the back Daniel Bryan walks for his contract signing, which will be coming up after these commercial messages.

Cole runs down the rules for a strap match, as though it wasn’t self explanatory, and then introduces Daniel Bryan. Bryan makes his way to the ring and takes a seat at the table. Now Cole introduces Bray Wyatt, which gives us a Firefly Funhouse bit. Wyatt is trying to fax the contract to Bryan but he can’t get it to work, which is frustrating him. He says this might be a blessing in disguise, because it’s madness to tie yourself to “him”. Wyatt tries to cal customer service, Bryan cuts him off and says he wants Wyatt to come out and sign the contract. Wyatt say’s he’s not sick, in fact he’s never been better, but his attorney Mercy the Buzzard has advised him to remain in the Funhouse. Bryan says he finally sees through him, all Wyatt does is run. Run from his past, his mistakes, but this Sunday there wont be any running. Wyatt cuts him off, with mistake being the word of the day. Because all of this is about Bryan’s big mistake, a lesson he never learned. He says Bryan betrayed him, calls him a liar, and says it’s time to pay. Wyatt notes he wont be competing against him, so it’s only fitting that “he” signs the contract. The lights start going out, and when they come back on the Fiend is in the ring holding the other end of the strap. Bryan attacks him, the Fiend gets the mandible claw on him though. He disables Bryan with the claw, then hits Sister Abigail. Fiend tears the shirt off of Bryan and straps him a few times before signing the contract. He stabs the pen into his own hand a few times, then leaves a bloody hand print on the contract. I’m not sure how legally binding that is as the crowd chants “You’ve got issues” at the Fiend. The lights go out, and he’s gone when they come back on. Bryan is left looking at the bloody contract, as the crowd starts the “Yes” chant and we fade to black.