NXT/NXT UK Worlds Collide 2020 w/ The Chairman

Royal Rumble weekend is upon us and instead of a Takeover event, we’re getting something a little different this year. NXT and NXT UK come together for one night only in a battle for brand supremacy. Feel like we did this a few months ago with Survivor Series. Anyhow there’s a few title matches on tap, reunions, and bragging rights so let’s break down the action.


NXT UK Women’s Champion Steals a Win

The preshow kicked off with NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray taking on Mia Yim. Yim of course was on the ladder about to win a match on the road to War Games when Kay Lee Ray knocked her off the ladder and cost Yim the match so now Yim has her chance to get some payback one on one. Yim brought everything she had including a Code Blue, but that wasn’t enough to stop Kay Lee Ray. Yim later hit a destroyer and still couldn’t beat Kay Lee Ray. Yim tried rolling up Kay Lee Ray, but Ray reversed the rollup and was close enough to the ropes to grab on for leverage and the referee didn’t see it therefore Kay Lee Ray was awarded the win.


The Prince Slays Dragunov

Finn Balor kicked off Worlds Collide with a match against Ilja Dragunov. There was alot of fast paced action between these two stars and they fought all over the ring inside and out. Dragunov hit a coast to coast with Balor in the ropes, but Balor wasn’t going down that way. In the end though Balor was too much for Dragunov. The Prince hit his signature shotgun dropkick followed with a Coup De Grace and sealed the deal with the 1916. Balor defeats Dragunov.


New Cruiserweight Championship Belt, New Champion

Angel Garza was awarded a new Cruiserweight Championship belt, but he had to defeat three opponents if he wanted to retain the title. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Jordan Devlin, and Travis Banks all wanted to leave Worlds Collide with the title. The match was a demolition derby as all four men went all out in this contest. If you like fast paced action, this match is for you. At one moment Travis Banks was on fire and hit the Slice of Heaven and the Kiwi Crusher on Devlin, but that wasn’t enough. As the action continued on, Garza was looking to retain when he hit the Wing Clipper on Scott, but Devlin broke up the pin. Devlin knocked Garza down with a headbutt and then took out Scott with a backdrop driver to win the match and the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Definitely a surprise being Garza just won the title that he would lose it already. However this just goes to show you how much talent is in this division and now Devlin is the Ace of the Cruiserweights.


DIY Reunites to Face Moustache Mountain

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa reunited for one night to take on the team of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven. There was some friendly banter in the early going, but eventually the action started and it was back and forth. Moustache Mountain were able to hit the Burning Hammer, but that wasn’t enough. Later Bate launched himself off the top with a spinning splash aiming for Ciampa, but ended up hitting Seven instead. When it was all said and done though, it was DIY that was victorious when they had Seven in the middle of the ring and Gargano and Ciampa finished him off with the Meet Me in the Middle. Question remains if this is a one night deal and Ciampa and Gargano go back to their separate journeys or stay together?


Rhea Ripley Defends Her Title Against Toni Storm

Rhea Ripley’s NXT Championship was on the line against her old rival Toni Storm. Bianca Belair was in the crowd looking on knowing she would be facing the champion at NXT Takeover Portland next month. The match seemed rather short, but both women tossed everything they had at each other. Toni Storm went big knowing she was going to have to do something to beat her rival and that was going for a top rope frog splash. Storm missed and Rhea didn’t waste any time taking Storm down with the Riptide to successfully defend her title.


Imperium and Undisputed Era Clash

The two most dominant factions in wrestling collide in the main event. Undisputed Era drew first blood at NXT Takeover Blackpool II a few weeks ago with an unexpected ambush. Imperium got their revenge by distracting Undisputed Era in their tag team match in the Dusty Classic. Alexander Wolfe was taken out of the match early with an injury giving Undisputed Era a four on three advantage. Undisputed Era tried using their numbers advantage, but Walter wasn’t going down easy. The big Austrian took down all comers during the course of the match. The match reached the outside and Undisputed Era swarmed Walter, but Walter kept fighting them off. Eventually Roderick Strong on a table managed to take Walter down with an Olympic Slam thru a commentary table. With Walter out, Imperium was in danger. However Walter managed to get back to his corner and started chopping everything in sight. Fish and O’Reilly hit the High/Low on Walter, but couldn’t do anything. Barthel and Cole were on the outside and Barthel neutralized him and O’Reilly when he came out. Strong did a dive over the ropes taking everyone out and Aichner followed. Fish measured up Walter for a moonsault, but missed. Walter then hit a dropkick followed with a powerbomb to secure the win for Imperium.


Solid show and gave alot of wrestling fans some exposure to NXT UK if they’re not familiar with them. Definitely excited knowing we’ll be seeing more Jordan Devlin since he’s the NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Now we’ll see who possibly shows up in the Royal Rumble tomorrow from NXT.