WWE Royal Rumble 1.26.20: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Charlotte Wins LOL

Let me start off by saying I think Charlotte Flair is a good wrestler. With that out of the way, her winning the Rumble was awful booking. Does Charlotte really need to do every possible thing a woman could do in the WWE? No one wants to see Charlotte vs Becky Lynch again. It’s been done to death. Charlotte does not need to be in the spotlight every time it is possible. She does not need to be in a top level female match every big show. Plus they made Shayna Baszler look like a complete idiot with how she was eliminated in the match. At least the WWE realized it and played it up with her heel promo afterwards. But the WWE has sucked a lot of the life out of the women’s match possibilities going into Wrestlemania season with this one.

2. The Complete Opposite With Drew McIntyre

I’m going to pat myself on the back with this one. I called Drew McIntyre winning on the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast (as did The Chairman) but I didn’t think the WWE would have the balls to actually go through with it. But here we are and Drew McIntyre is on his way to Wrestlemania. The WWE has been slowly tweaking Drew McIntyre’s character over the last few weeks to get him ready for this moment. And the live crowds slowly started getting behind Drew McIntyre as the weeks went on. Hopefully this gets the crowd fully behind him as we go into Wrestlemania. I can’t imagine Drew not fighting Brock Lesnar there. They set the match up perfectly tonight. Anyone shitting on Drew winning at this point will just shit on anything.

3. Correcting The Fiend

After Bray Wyatt’s match with Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell, we were all left to wonder how the hell they were going to book Bray Wyatt going forward with The Fiend gimmick. Well it looks like the WWE learned their lesson from that match and have slowly started to tweak the Fiend gimmick. They have made him more vulnerable in recent weeks and actually showed he can be beaten. Now I thought the ending to tonight’s match with Daniel Bryan fell flat. But the match overall was good. This is pretty much exactly how they needed to book this. They made Daniel Bryan look strong in defeat and the crowd was still behind him after the match. I still think they are on a path to Bray/Roman at Wrestlemania.

Random Rumble Match Thoughts

-Are the IIconics dead? Why the hell were they not in the Rumble?

-Beth Phoenix being busted open as bad as she was and to continue going was bad ass. Everyone at my party thought it was just her hair. But then the hair got redder as the match went on and we knew it was bad.

-I guess Sasha Banks is injured again. What other explanation is there for her to not be in the Rumble?

-Did they really need to have Corbin eliminate Riddle in under a minute?

-Hope John Morrison is getting paid well.

-Edge’s return was great and all. But what is next for him?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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