WWE Raw Review – 1.27.20

After a wild night at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, we saw a lot of the fallout from that show here on Raw. Both Royal Rumble winners were advertised as picking their Wrestlemania opponents, and of course, Edge was going to appear on the show for the first time in nearly nine years.

But the show kicked off with the Men’s Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre. He says that he is waiting for someone to pinch him because the last 24 hours have felt like a dream. Without much drama, McIntyre said he was challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

After that announcement, McIntyre said he felt like having a Claymore party and issues an open challenge. The O.C. answer this challenge, and both Gallows and Anderson want a shot at Drew, and he lets them know they are in luck because they can both face him.

This is where the luck ran out for the O.C. as McIntyre made quick work of the duo despite this being a two-on-one match. He delivered a Claymore to both Gallows and Anderson and picked up the win. After dumping the O.C. outside, Lesnar ran down and hit an F-5 on his challenger for Wrestlemania.

I am glad to see McIntyre is finally getting the push he deserved years ago. He does not even have to be a pure babyface in this scenario, just continue to be a badass, and the crowd will get behind him. The buildup to this feud should be good, and I am just hoping this leads to McIntyre being crowned at Wrestlemania.

Below is the rest of what happened on Raw, ranked from best to worst, followed by my rating at the end.


Edge makes his entrance to a thunderous ovation. He tries to speak several times but is drowned out by chants of “you still got it!” When Edge finally speaks, he says nine years ago he was medically disqualified from ever stepping in a ring again, but wrestling stuck with him, and he kept asking over the years, “What if?”

The Rated-R superstar said he wanted to finish his career on his own terms, and that is why he is stepping back in the ring at age 46. Edge then says he knows this final ride may not last long, but wants the fans to come along for the ride. He finally says that he has grit. If you knock him down, he will get back up.

Enter Randy Orton, who Edge eliminated from the Royal Rumble. The viper gets sentimental for a moment and lets the crowd know in his younger days when he would get into trouble, Edge would always be there to pull him up. Randy even teased getting team Rated-RKO back together, but then with Edge’s guard down, the Viper struck!

Orton delivered an RKO to Edge and then rolls out of the ring and gets a chair, then delivers a couple shots to Edge’s back. He then stuck Edge’s head in a chair but has second thoughts. However, Randy goes and gets more chairs and sticks Edge’s head under a chair before crashing a chair down on his head.

This feud is going to be something special, and it is really nice to see Edge get thrown into a significant storyline right away. I am looking forward to the buildup to this feud, with the culmination hopefully taking place at Wrestlemania.

Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo – U.S. Title Match: 

After losing to Andrade the night before at the Royal Rumble, Carrillo was again awarded a title shot. While that does not make a ton of sense, Carrillo’s mood here seemed a bit different than in past matches. He took the fight right to Andrade from the beginning, and it continued up to the commercial break as Humberto hit a corkscrew dive off the ropes.

Carrillo got in quite a bit of offense overall, and it looked like he might even pick up the win…but of course Zelina Vega slides in and breaks up a pin attempt after Carrillo hit a moonsault.

This DQ finish sets Humberto off, as he immediately goes after Andrade. On the outside, Carrillo pulls the mats up and hits Andrade with a Hammerlock DDT on the exposed concrete. According to Jeremy Lambert of Fightful.com, this was a way to write Andrade off TV for the next 30 days due to a wellness policy violation.

For once, it was nice to see the babyface to not take a loss like this and walk away. This was a nice touch and a good addition to Carrillo’s character. But it looks like the U.S. Title won’t be on TV until late next month, which is a shame to see because it looked as if the company was starting to get fully get behind Andrade.

Kevin Owns and Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy:

Before this tag team match got underway, Owens and Joe confronted Rollins on the mic. Seth tells Owens to stop talking and come down to fight him. The good guys smell a potential trap, as Joe says Kevin has wanted this fight for weeks, and Seth keeps ducking him. So what changed? They believed the AOP was lurking around the ring and ready to strike.

So Rollins shows the AOP backstage, which Owens and Joe don’t buy, and call him a liar. Seth says they are in his private dressing room backstage, and this delighted the good guys, as now they do not have to look for them backstage. All of a sudden, the AOP is jumped backstage by the Viking Raiders, now the match really will be a fair fight.

Early on in this match, Joe hit a dive onto Buddy Murphy outside, and while he connected with the dive, Joe appeared to hit his head on the floor. After the break, the broadcast team let us know that Joe was removed from the match due to an injury.

Owens was forced to finish the match two-on-one. KO did his best to try and win the tag belts despite being a man down, he even hit a pop-up powerbomb and a stunner, but in the end, Murphy rolls Owens up for the win and he and Rollins retain their tag titles.

It made sense for Rollins and Murphy to keep the belts here, but the more significant concern is Joe. He just made a return from injury, and with this being Wrestlemania season, I would hate for such a big name to be sidelined at this time of the year.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka: 

Just like McIntyre did earlier in the night, Charlotte Flair was out here to inform us of her decision. But in what looks like the beginning of a heel turn (she acted like one here), Flair told the crowd she will be challenging for a championship at Wrestlemania.

The Queen was cut off by Asuka’s music, and she made her way to the ring along with Kairi Sane. Asuka, who just lost to Becky Lynch on Sunday, said that if she was in the rumble, she would have been the winner. The Kabuki Warriors attack Flair, and this leads to a match between Charlotte and Asuka.

It is nice to finally see Asuka in meaningful matches against Raw’s top women. These two women have a bit of history, dating back to Wrestlemania 34 and then last year when Flair beat Asuka for the women’s title just weeks before Wrestlemania 35.

After the two went back and forth in the beginning part of the match, Flair was able to escape a few submission attempts from Asuka later on in the match. Charlotte fought back to hit a spear and then locked in her figure eight leg lock. This is when Sane hit a flying elbow from the top rope to cause the DQ finish.

This finish says to me that this may not be the last time we see Asuka and Flair do battle. With Charlotte being so secretive about her decision, could she use her title opportunity to face for the women’s tag titles? I hope not, I would rather see her go after Bayley, heck I would rather see Flair vs. Lynch part 20.

Aleister Black is done waiting: 

Black took out another jobber in mere seconds with a Black Mass. Black then gets on the microphone and says he has made a mistake by waiting for people to bring a fight to him. All that is going to change now, as Black will be the one looking for the fights now. Aleister has proven over the past several weeks he is a force to reckoned with, and the rest of the roster better beware.

Rey Mysterio vs. MVP:

After returning on Sunday in the Royal Rumble, MVP was back for his first match on WWE TV since November of 2010.  There was not much of an explanation as to why these two squared off, but this ended up being a rather solid match. This lasted longer than I thought, and MVP came close to picking up a win after hitting his ballin’ elbow on Rey.

But in the end, Rey still managed to connect with a 619 and hit a springboard splash off the top rope for the win. With the video package before the beginning of this match, it would appear that MVP is back with the company in some compacity, and put on a good showing here, so he could be used in more mid-card matches later on down the road.

Lana vs. Liv Morgan: 

This feud was furthered after Liv eliminated Lana from the Royal Rumble, and then Lana returned the favor. What we saw here was not much of a match, and the crowd was dead.

Shockingly enough, it looks like WWE has ruined LIv’s “new” character. They brought her back in a feud where the top woman was Lana, and despite her claims, is far from the best wrestler in the WWE. Now, if they would have brought Liv back and put her up against Becky or Charlotte, they could have maybe done something with her.

But in a feud made for daytime TV, it is sad to see Liv get this kind of treatment, even though she picked up the win and debuted a new finisher.

Mojo Rawley’s new protection: 

After winning the 24/7 title a few weeks back, Mojo was out here to let us know he is not going to run like other champions. But he needs protection for his blindside and introduces Riddick Moss as his offensive lineman.

Rawley defeats No Way Jose to keep his title, but then R-Truth comes in disguised as a conga line member to win the 24/7 title. However, Rawley wins his title back with a military press.

Erick Rowan: 

Rowan wins (another) squash match. This time we did not get any interactions with the cage. I was over this storyline weeks ago, but I guess WWE needs to fill three hours of air-time.


I was a big fan of this show overall. With the build to Wrestlemania officially underway, a few storylines seem to already be lining up for the show of shows. Drew taking of the Beast has a ton of potential, but Drew (and Paul Heyman) may have to do most of the heavy lifting for that build-up.

With Andrade now gone for the next month, the mid-card may become a bit jumbled with nothing to really chase. As for the women’s division, at least for the moment, Flair does not seem to be going after Becky. This leaves Becky without a challenger and Flair without an opponent for the time being.

My rating: 4 out of 5.