AEW Dynamite 1.29.20 Thoughts w/Justin C

Jon Pierre Moxley

Moxley starts the show off with a great promo. He talks about Jericho being a coward whose group likes to hand out five on one beatings. Moxley said he would have to keep his one good eye in the back of his head until Revolution. Moxley says he doesn’t want to wait for Revolution and wants to hand out a beating to Chris Jericho tonight.

Chris Jericho comes out and says this all could have been avoided if Moxley joined the Inner Circle. Jericho says Moxley looks like a jacked up Captain Jack Sparrow. Jericho says he saw Moxley’s mom backstage and said she was looking especially fetching. Jericho says the people of Cleveland are stupid if they thought he would fight Moxley tonight. Jericho says he doesn’t go anywhere without the Inner Circle. They all come out and Moxley says it is them against the whole state of Ohio. Jericho then has some Brooklyn street thugs join them so its 9-on-1 now. Moxley grabs Ortiz and DDT’s him as security then comes out.

The Young Bucks defeat Butcher and the Blade

The match started with the Young Bucks in control. Butcher and the Blade got the upper hand after the Bunny pulled Nick Jackson off the apron. Typical tag team heat on Nick until he makes the hot tag to Matt. MJF is on commentary. There was a weird vignette before the match where MJF went to the Butcher’s actual butcher shop and paid them to take out the Young Bucks. A couple of near falls until the Young Bucks win in about ten minutes with the Meltzer Driver. Basic tag team match.

Butcher and the Blade attack after the match. Kenny Omega looking like he’s ready for a golf outing comes out for the save, as well as Hangman Page with a drink in hand. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat and told one of the Bucks to hold his beer right before he did.

Nyla Rose defeats Big Swole

I don’t know why they decided to pair these two together. This match was not good. Big Swole’s offense just isn’t very good and goes very slow. Her offensive comeback inside the ring just didn’t look good. Nyla Rose ended up winning with the sitout powerbomb.

Cody Rhodes defeats Kip Sabian

Sabian gets sent to the outside and pushes Arn Anderson. Cody and Sabian brawled and Penelope walked into a Cody arm when he was going for a punch. The temporary distraction allowed Sabian to take over. They were doing a picture in picture with Sabian where it looked like he hurt his knee, but it was an obvious setup and they cut to full commercial right before it happened. Back from break Cody has corner mount punches. Penelope throws her boot in the ring long enough to distract the ref after a Disaster Kick for Sabian to kick out. Arn Anderson then comes in the ring and throws the shoe into the crowd, then bumps into the ref and gets tossed. What the hell was that?

Penelope hits a hurricarrana on Cody. Sabian and Penelope go to kiss but Joey Janela from the crowd sneaks in between. Sabian goes for a superplex in the ring but Cody escapes and hits a Cody Cutter then three Cross Rhodes for the win. The outside stuff kind of killed the crowd for the last few minutes.


Britt Baker comes out. She rips on Tony Schaivone for not calling her a Doctor. She then rips on JR for being overpaid and talking over her last week. She also called JR a sloppy BBQ Salesman who can’t get their names right. Britt says she is the star of the women’s division because it is her name all over the posters and billboards. She diagnosis Tony with gingivitis and tells Cleveland they finally have a Baker they can believe in.

SCU defeats Jack Evans and Angelico

So its SCU vs Angelico and Jack Evans. Good lord is the crowd dead for this. I mean zero heat. It followed the same formula of the opening tag. Heat on Scorpio Sky, hot tag to Kazarian. SCU picks up the win. I would give more commentary but if you look up Tag Match 101 in the dictionary this is in it.

The Dark Order said the Exalted One is upset with Christopher Daniels, and they have vowed to take out his friends.

PAC cuts a promo on some park stairs in full wrestling gear. He says Moxley has made his bed and is glad Kenny Omega is finally paying attention.

Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz defeat Darby Allin and Private Party

I’m trying to be nice here. I really am. But this is the third tag match tonight where the heels worked over the face again for an extended period of time. Darby Allin got the hot tag this time. He hit a pretty nice coffin drop to the outside on Hager. But Jericho won with the Judas Effect on Isaiak Kassidy. The Inner Circle attacked after the match and focused on Darby Allin. Sammy Guevara hit Allin with his skateboard. Moxley came out with a baseball bat for the save.

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