AEW Dynamite 2.5.20: Justin C’s Take

Jon Moxley defeated Ortiz

Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle is on commentary. Jericho says it is Ortiz’s first singles match in 583 days. He made that up. But he said he’s a genius so who are we to doubt him? Santana pulled the leg of Moxley to give Ortiz the upper hand. Ortiz went after the bad eye of Moxley. Moxley escaped a Camel Clutch and applied a Figure Four and hit a dive to the outside. Santana tried distracting Moxley but Moxley threw Ortiz into him then hit the Paradigm Shift for the win.

After the match Moxley pulled out the keys to the car Chris Jericho gave him. Did Moxley wrestle with those keys in his pocket the whole time? That’s dangerous. Moxley stabbed Santana in the eye with them before the Inner Circle could get to him.

SCU defeated The Best Friends

The Best Friends dominated the match into commercial. It was all them until all four men got laid out on the outside do to German suplexes and spinning neckbreakers. Orange Cassidy came over and laid down with all four men into the break. Back and forth action with both competitors back in the ring. Best Friends do their hug, but turn around into a superkick pinfall combo to give SCU the win.

After the match the Dark Order attacks both teams. Orange Cassidy comes in and Evil Uno offers him a spot in the group, but Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets. Christopher Daniels comes out but the Dark Order leaves.

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Dr. Britt Baker

Shorter match. Yuka hit a nice dive to the outside off the top. Yuka won after escaping Lock Jaw and rolling Baker up. After the match Britt Baker attacked Yuka with the ring bell. Aubrey Edwards pulled the bell away, but Britt Baker applied the Lock Jaw and ripped out some of Yuka’s teeth.

The Lucha Bros and Butcher and the Blade defeat The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page

The Elite worked over the Blade early on. They cleaned house and took out all four members outside of the opposition. Except Hangman Page. He rushed to the ring and didn’t pose and didn’t hit a dive to the outside with the rest of his team. The Lucha Bros and the Butcher and the Blade came back in and beat down The Elite. They sent them to the outside then Fenix hit a Swanton off the top.

We get a quick hot tag from Nick Jackson to Matt Jackson back from break. Matt takes out both members of the Lucha Bros. Feniz does his springboard armdrag. Penta comes off the top and dropkicks into Omega’s thigh. It was a weird spot setup as Fenix also hit a reverse facebuster. Now it is the heels turn to work over Kenny Omega. Omega eventually hits a hurricarrana on the Butcher and tags in Hangman who cleans house on all four members of the opposition. He hits a moonsault off the top onto all four members of the other team. All four members of The Elite hit moves on Penta in the corner except Matt. Chaos breaks loose in the ring as everyone hits a move. This happens two straight times. Hangman hurts his knee but refuses to tag out. Penta hits a Package Piledriver with a Fenix stomp for the win. A bit too chaotic at times but a good match.

Kenny Omega is in the ring for an interview, but PAC is in the back and confronts Riho. Kenny leaves but PAC does as well and Nyla Rose attacks. Rose powerbombs Riho onto a table, but it doesn’t break.

We get a short video of Darby Allin using a flamethrower on a cardboard cutout of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. Who the hell thought it was a smart idea to give Darby Allin access to a flamethrower?

Kip Sabian defeats Joey Janela

I did not expect this match to go as long as it did. Janela begs for Sabian to hit him early but Sabian instead goes down into a sleeper. Sabian sends Janela to the outside and Penelope Ford slans Janela’s head into the steps. We GET some back and forth action in the ring. Sabian kisses Penelope. Janela runs into her and she sells her knee, she might have been legit injured. Sabian rolls up Janela and grabs the tights for the win.

Santana challenges Moxley to a match next week.

A Dark Order vignette aired that looked just like a heartburn ad. I was fooled.

The Young Bucks pretty much accuse Hangman of being a drunk. They take away his beer, but then he has a pitcher. Where the fuck did that come from?

MJF doesn’t want to whip Cody with his own belt so he asks for Cody’s. MJF begs for Cody to hit him after two whips as heels come out on the stage to watch. Arn Anderson and Dustin Rhodes come out after the next few. Cody keeps trying to will himself up. This is dragging a bit. Am I not suppose to believe Cody hasn’t endured worse in the ring? Cody gets the last whip across the chest as the faces come in. MJF lands a cheap shot and runs through the crowd to escape. That dragged way too long for my liking.

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