WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (Feb 7th) (San Jose California)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with the return of the Dirt Sheet,They have a new film to show us and it includes Miz’s dad, Lance Storm, Big Johnny, the history of Miz’s heel turn, return of Morrison and wackiness with Miz & Morrison parodying “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.” They claim it’s Oscar worthy and tag title worthy as well. Morrison runs down the fans, and New Day arrives. They have popcorn and praise Miz’s dad, and Kofi says he’s Miz dad’s favorite wrestler. Big E wasn’t watching as he was taking in BET Uncut. They find it funny Miz & Morrison think they will take the tag titles. The challengers claim they have dominated everyone including New Day and the Usos arrive. They remind Miz & Morrison they haven’t beaten them. We get a brawl as Dolph’s music distracted the faces.

Match 1 Tag Team Match:The Usos vs Glorious Showoffs
Jimmy and Dolph begin, they lockup as Roode tags in and takes control. Jimmy fires back with chops, strikes and dumps Dolph. Jey in and is cut off by Roode, who covers for 2. Dolph tags back in and chokes out Jey. He follows with a dropkick for 2. Roode rakes the eyes and tags in. He grounds Jey, Dolph tags in and the fameasser gets 2. Dolph dumps Jimmy, tags in Roode and the spinebuster/zigzag follows for 2 as Jimmy makes the save. He follows with a superkick, it breaks down and Roode dumps Jey. Post break and Roode Is working the heat on Jey, laying the boots to him. Dolph tags in and Jey fires back, gets cut off and Roode tags in. Jey fires back again, dumps Roode and then fights off Roode, and makes the tag. Jimmy hits a high cross, follows with strikes, the Samoan drop to both and then the Samoan clambake on Dolph.. Roode cuts him off, looks for the DDT but Jimmy counters into a backdrop. Dolph cuts off the tag and zigzag gets 2. The superkick is countered by a superkick, Jey in and Dolph counters the splash with knees and cradles him for 2. Roode in, Jimmy makes the save, it breaks down and the top rope splash finishes it.Winners:The Usos

Alexa gets ready backstage as Nikki gives her a pep talk. Alexa says he has something twisted up her sleeve.

We get highlights of last week’s dog food match.

King Corbin yells at the production crew for playing the video. He assaults a poor man and tosses him out of the truck.

Elias arrives and plays a tune. He faces Cesaro tonight, and has a song. But is interrupted by Cesaro & Sami. Sami says it is revenge for last week, while Elias says he always gets interrupted. Sami is pissed, claiming Nakamura was robbed of the IC Title. Elias will pay tonight at the hands of Cesaro.

Match 2:Elias vs Cesaro
JIP with Cesaro in control. Cesaro follows with uppercuts until Elias hits a backdrop and backbreaker for 2. He follows with kicks heads up top and Sami distracts him as Cesaro kicks him to the floor. Cesaro follows him out and slams him to the barricades. Back in and the cover gets 2. Cesaro grounds things, and then hits a backdrop and elbow drop for 2. The gut wrench suplex connects and that gets 2. Cesaro chokes him out in the ropes, cheap shot by Sami and Cesaro grounds things. Elias fights to his feet, hits a belly to back suplex and a jumping knee strike for 2. Elias heads up top, Cesaro crotches him and follows him up. Elias fights him of, knocks him to the mat but Cesaro pops up and follows with the superplex for 2. They trade near falls, popup uppercut by Cesaro and that gets 2. They trade, Elias takes control and follows with a clothesline, slam, heads up top and the elbow drop gets the win.Winner:Elias

King Corbin arrives and rants about being the king. He won’t be silenced and this is his kingdom. Last week was an abomination, praises his Chiefs for beating the 49ers and says Reigns should have lost. He can’t so anything without the Usos helping him. Corbin says it should have been one on one at the Rumble, because he would have won and also won the Rumble. He demands another match with Reigns and says the show won’t go on until he gets Reigns in the ring. He pours a drink on “a fan,” and Reigns arrives. Superman punch by Reigns, he slams him to the steps and hits the drive by. Corbin runs away. Reigns says that he’ll face Corbin in a steel cage match.

Goldberg is back and here via satellite. Goldberg says that he watched the Rumble and it was inspiring. He has an itch again, and wants the Universal Title again. Bray Wyatt interrupts with Firefly Funhouse news. He says Goldberg challenging the Fiend is a bad idea, and the Fiend accepts. Goldberg says that he isn’t falling for these tricks and will take the championship, because the Fiend is next.

Heath Slater meets with Daniel Bryan backstage, talking about the Fiend. Slater talks to him about the ass beating the Fiend gave him, and how it was a stupid decision. Bryan challenges him to a match.

Match 3:Heath Slater vs Daniel Bryan
Bryan hits the running dropkick, dumps him and follows with the suicide dive. Back in and the missile dropkick follows. Bryan follows with kicks, and the busaiku knee connects. He follows with repeated stomps and the YES lock for the win.Winner By Referee Stoppage:Daniel Bryan

We see highlights of Braun winning the IC Title last week.

The new Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman arrives for interview time. Braun says he gets chills thinking about winning the title; it’s his biggest achievement and is thrilled to finally hold singles gold. Sami & Nakamura arrive as Sami demands Nakamura’s rematch. Braun wants it tonight, but Sami says it will take place when they want it. The Revival attack Braun, Nakamura joins in and beat Braun down. Braun fires up, fights them off and chases Sami, runs over the Revival and Nakamura cuts Braun off with Kinshasa.

Otis prepares for his Valentine’s Day date with Mandy Rose. He has Mandy’s calendar and is counting down the days. Tucker helps to get him ready with workouts, in a beautiful video montage. Tucker then teaches him table manners, but Otis topples over the table.

Match 4:Apollo Crews vs Sheamus
They brawl at the bell, enziguri by Crews and the brogue kick finishes it.Winner:Sheamus

Post match, Gable tries to make the save and eats a brogue kick as well.

Main Event Smackdown Womens Title #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way Match:Alexa Bliss vs Carmella vs Dana Brooke vs Naomi
They brawl at the bell, pair off and start going for pins. It breaks down, Naomi hits a plancha onto all three and she shoves Bayley and they brawl as Naomi gets slammed top the steps. Post break and Dana misses the swanton, Carmella levels Bliss with a flatliner and the blondes are down. Naomi back in with a high cross, jawbreaker and full nelson bomb. The disaster kick follows for 2. Bliss follows with strikes on Carmella, but Dana cuts her off with a powerbomb for 2. Carmella follows with kicks, a broncobuster and Naomi cuts her off and the spit legged moonsault gets 2 as Dana makes the save. Dana slaps Naomi but Naomi counters into a stunner. Bliss cuts her off, lays the boots to her but Naomi cuts her off with a slam and leg drop for 2. She takes Bliss up top and follows with strikes. Bliss shoves her off and coves for 2. Bliss follows with saps and covers for 1. Naomi fires back, runs her into Carmella and suplexes Dana. The spit leg drop follows for 2. She dumps Dana, Bliss cuts her off and heads up top. Twisted bliss eats knees, and Naomi hits the rear view but Carmella hits the superkick.Winner & #1 Contender:Carmella

After the match,Bayley lays her out