After a few weeks of real life keeping me away from the belt whipping world of AEW, I am back!  What kind of shenanigans will these guys get into tonight?  Will Hangman Page actually wrestle a drunken match?  Will we crown a new champion tonight?!  Find out below!

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Kenny Omega & Adam Page (c) defeated SCU

I have to get over the idea of AEW always giving us new matches.  I was kind of miffed we were getting SCU vs Page & Omega again so soon after the title change because I was under the impression AEW was not giving rematches to former champs so easily.  Really, the matches are good so why am I complaining if it’s not every week?  Also – I think a title change here would have been okay.  It’s good to show that a title change can happen any time.  I suppose there may be one later to make that case though.  This was a really good match that continued to help win me over to Page and Omega’s tag team stylings.  It’s not necessarily I thought they were bad, just that thrown together tag teams should not be better than established ones.  They’ve got the chemistry though so it works – and I guess we could say it’s a carry over from NJPW.  The crowd of course gives the match a “This is Awesome” chant, though I can’t blame them really.  SCU were playing the role of heels in this match kind of skirting the line of legality, which was kind of surprising as I thought that should be left to Page but it worked.  They had to get dirty to try and get their gold back.  In the end, it didn’t work, and Page and Kenny get the win.  It did look like Kazarian got his hand around the rope before the ref counted 3, but it was a weird ending where the ref just kind of said it was too late.  I almost think Kazarian just realized he was close enough so made the effort at the end because why wouldn’t he?

After the match the Dark Order hit the ring to surround SCU.  They’d put out a promo before the match and Christopher Daniels left to say he’d take care of them.  He never returned here even after Butcher & The Blade, Jack Evans & Angelico and The Young Bucks hit the ring.  It must mean they’re still pushing Daniels as the possible face behind The Dark Order.  Of course they didn’t let you forget about Matt Hardy as JR referred to the Bucks as THE BUCKS OF YOUTH!  Ha ha!   It is all a good mystery even if The Dark Order isn’t very exciting.  I guess it could also be Luke Harper?  I mean he certainly knows how a cult is run….

They showed a Jim Ross interview with Santana where he talks about a night he called his dad to express his frustrations in life and brought up how his dad actually is blind.  This was a good interview I recommend checking out.  It really built to the match with Moxley later when we get eye patch vs eye patch.

Dustin Rhodes defeated Sammy Guevara

Before this match there was a promo video of Darby Allin challenging Sammy Guevara at Revolution with cardboard signs because he can’t be seen on TV or talk because of his skateboard to the neck injury.  How very Bob Dylan of him.  Even with that piece of shit Jake Hager standing by, Dustin pulls off the win here after a canadian destroyer into a Final Reckoning.  After the match he calls out “Jericho’s bitch” Hager so it looks like we’re unfortunately going to have to see him get in the ring soon.

Britt Baker was out with my favorite man Tony Schiavone explaining that she was doing her duty as a dentist to remove Yuka’s tooth because it had to come out.  Then she hated on Tony some and I got mad and booed her while she talked about tonight’s title match.  I actually really enjoyed this segment.  It was the most I’ve liked Britt and let’s be honest we needed a remake of Isaac Yankem DDS.

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Nyla Rose defeated Riho (c)

I loved the Riho vs Nyla Rose match for the AEW Women’s Championship the first week so I had hoped I would enjoy this almost as much.  I do think a lot of it was excitement for a new product, but I liked it none the less!  This was pretty good though I had an unfortunate cat incident that caused me to miss the end.  A CAT-astrophe if you will.  Riho fought nobly though – I really can’t believe how believable that little lady makes it look.  Nyla is a real beast though, and I’m definitely behind her becoming champ.  The problem is she’s the heel and we should be celebrating the first trans champion on a major brand instead of wanting to boo her.  Maybe I’m off here.  I guess I do see the appeal of it not mattering that she’s trans and that shouldn’t make her a natural face – she should be who she is and if that’s a bad guy that’s a bad guy.  I’ve changed my own mind in mere sentences.

We get a look back at last week’s whipping and he newly cured by a shrink Brandi is out to discuss that with the commentary desk.  She says she hopes she is welcome there with Excalibur because of course she’s been terrible to him in the past.

Somewhere in here we also get a video package for Jeff Cobb!  Who I find to be very entertaining and a great wrestler but did not really do much for me in NJPW.  I really hope he finds a fit here.

MJF defeated Jungle Boy

I really enjoyed this match.  I wasn’t so hot on Jungle Boy despite my love of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and Luke Perry’s role in it, but he wins me over more each and every time I see him.  I think he’s an entertaining worker who clearly can command a crowd.  He’s small so it’ll be tough for him, but maybe not here in AEW.  I would not be surprised if he started to put on more weight, but I’m not sure he has to.  Crowds easily can get behind a super cruiserweight.  Even when he loses he only loses through nefarious means.  I have to believe they’re setting Jungle Boy up for greatness down the line.  Here, of course, he loses to MJF who makes a crude gesture to commentator Brandi but which also brings out Wardlow so maybe, as she said, it was his signal for him not her.  I really do think this match was a worth while watch.  MJF gets the win after Wardlow gives him a ring to wear to take Jungle Boy out.

Jon Moxley defeated Santana

Eyepatch vs Eyepatch!  If only Steve Johnson from Days of Our Lives were here!  Haha for the nobody reading this I hope they enjoyed that reference.  At one point Ortiz manages to get alcohol in Moxley’s good eye but it doesn’t stop him from winning.  The most bizarre part of this match is of course JR’s commentary.  For this being Santana’s first single’s match in 457 days it was pretty entertaining.  Mox wins, of course, and is immediately attacked by The Inner Circle.  Before the match ended JR inexplicably brought up Jeff Cobb which of course only led to him coming out and joining the Inner Circle and giving Moxley a Tour of the Islands.  It was a really strange ending for introducing a new guy because it lasted all of about 11 seconds and they kind of acted like “Of course it’s Jeff Cobb coming out he’s Jericho’s secret weapon!”  What?  Did we know about this?  We saw a Jeff Cobb promo earlier and got him here which is fine, but the commentators – at least GOOD OL JR – acted like it was a foregone conclusion that this is what was coming.  Really weird.

I really liked this show though.  Every match was good and I never felt bored watching it.  I honestly feel this is the best Dynamite I’ve seen in a long time.

WATCH THIS MATCH:  All of them!  Really.  They were all worth while

You should watch this whole episode really.  Even the Britt Baker promo got me over on her.  I felt the most comfortable I’ve been with the Kenny/Page tag team and eye patch vs eye patch was a lot of fun.  Dustin vs Sammy was fine.  MJF vs Jungle Boy has me pulling for Jungle Boy’s future and Nyla Rose vs Riho might not have been as good as the first night but it was still a quality match!


I had a lot of fun watching AEW this week.  I hope everyone else did too and that it can bring that joy next week too.  Woo!

If you wanna talk wrestling you can catch me @HM_Pufnstuf on twitter.  Happy wrestling!