WWE Smackdown 2.14.20 w/ Justin C

A Moment of Bliss, Carmella vs Bayley

This started off bad with Carmella appearing on a Moment of Bliss. These segments are almost always the same thing. It leads to two women fighting after reciting the same crappy dialogue. Carmella wanted to fight right now so her and Bayley had their Women’s Title match.

And you know what? This was surprisingly good. Carmella is an average worker but she brought her A game for this match. And the crowd was extremely into it. You wouldn’t expect that given it was pretty obvious Bayley would retain. But they bought into Carmella’s near falls, especially the Cone of Silence submission she did near the end of the match. Carmella even hit a nice top rope Frankensteiner. Bayley won with a pin and her feet on the ropes. After the match Bayley attacked her until Naomi came out. If we were going right to this feud then why was Naomi pinned cleanly last week? Oh yeah because they don’t think that far ahead.

Bayley says she is defending her Title at Super Showdown, so I guess women are going back to Saudi Arabia. Good, give them a Naomi match.

Otis is nervous for his date with Mandy.

Shorty G and Apollo Crews vs Sheamus

Yes, a heel is in a 2-on-1 handicap match. This makes no sense to me. Especially when the faces jumped Sheamus before the bell. If the goal of this match was to get Sheamus over as a face it worked, because the crowd cheered for Sheamus throughout the match. The faces got some offense in early on until Sheamus Brogue Kicked Gable off the apron then hit Apollo with one. At this point both Apollo and Gable are dead in the water. This loss doesn’t hurt them any more than the booking already has.

Hulk Hogan is doing a pretape interview. He says The Fiend doesn’t know what it is like to step in the ring with Goldberg. Bray Wyatt interrupts. He mimmicks the nWo stuff with the music and playing the belt like a guitar. Bray tells Hulk there can always be room for one more on his wall and Hogan leaves. Oh good, Hogan/Bray is exactly what we all need.

Sami Zayn and Cesaro have a protest concert. Elias interrupts. Sami tells Cesaro less cowbell, so the crowd chants for more cowebell. They attack Elias until Braun makes the save. Is there actual wrestling on this show anymore?

After building up the Mandy/Otis stuff for two weeks, Otis walks into the restaurant. When he walks in, he sees Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose at the table eating together. Otis drops his roses and leaves with his head down. So after all of that, we get one minute of nothing. Great job Bruce!

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz and John Morrison

Bryan ended up being Reigns partner. At least we finally got some wrestling on this show again after a 45 minute break. Even though he was banned from the building, Corbin comes out into the crowd with a ticket. Why couldn’t the WWE just extend the ban to that?

Anyways the heels work over Daniel Bryan until he gets the hot tag. Reigns cleans house. Bryan takes out Morrison then Reigns hits a Superman Punch and Spear on Miz for the win. After the match Corbin hits Reigns with the scepter.

So lets clarify: the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles lost. Corbin, who was suspended/banned/whatever by WWE tonight, comes out of the crowd after the match and attacks Reigns and security does nothing. Once again, great job Bruce.

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