NXT Takeover Portland Highlights w/ The Chairman

NXT Takeover Portland consisted of six matches and all of them were pretty good. The evening was full of surprises, title defenses, and even a title change. Find out how this marquee event went down here.


Keith Lee © vs Dominik Dijakovic

NXT North American Championship Match


The two rival didn’t waste any time going all out in this contest. Early in the contest Keith Lee hit a hurricarana on Dijakovic. Later in the match Lee grabbed Dijakovic and tossed him to the mat with an overhead suplex. Dijakovic wouldn’t stay down long though. Dijakovic hits a big boot taking Lee down and goes up top for a corkscrew moonsault. This wasn’t enough though to defeat Lee. Dijakovic then went for a jaw dropping Avalanche Feast Your Eyes, but that wasn’t enough to stop Keith Lee. Both men were down after the big move, but Lee knocked Dijakovic into the corner with a pounce. The match then went outside and the big men brawled. Dijakovic had Lee beaten in a commentary chair and then went off the ropes and flipped right into a seated Lee on the outside. The match eventually got back inside the ring and Lee hit not one, but two Spirit Bombs and still couldn’t out Dominik away. Dominik Dijakovic then with another jaw dropping move, this time an avalanche Spanish Fly. Lee manages to fight off Feast Your Eyes and finishes off Dijakovic with Big Band Catastrophe. Awesome opener and definitely in the conversation for match of the night. Hands down the best clash between Lee and Dijakovic.It’ll be interesting to see who will be next to step up and bask in Keith Lee’s glory. 


Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai

Street Fight


Dakota Kai didn’t waste any time ambushing Nox as she was heading to the ring.Eventually the ladies made it to the ring and the match officially started. Chairs, tables, and everything in between was utilized in this street fight. At one point Tegan Nox German Suplexed Dakota onto a trash can, but Kai kept fighting. Tegan then later on takes out Dakota Kai’s leg out as she was standing on the apron falling face first into the apron. Tegan Nox even channeled a Molly Go Round in this street fight. Tegan managed to strike the Shiniest Wizard after using a chain on Dakota. However Tegan wanted to take it further. Tegan brings a table into the ring and places Dakota on it. She then puts a chair around the neck of Dakota. Tegan climbs to the top rope and has evil intentions. However Raquel Gonzalez who once participated in the Mae Young Classic stopped Tegan Nox. Raquel moves Dakota off the table and then launches Tegan Nox into the table. This table had no give as Tegan bounced right off it. This of course allowed Dakota Kai to swoop in for the win. It looks like this story is going to continue a little longer and it’ll be interesting to see what the relationship is between Dakota Kai and newcomer Raquel Gonzalez.


Finn Balor vs Johnny Gargano


Two of the top superstars in NXT collided in this one. These guys brawled all over the ring and at one point Balor struck Gargano right in the face with a hard bone on bone punch to the face. Balor starts surgically picking apart Gargano by focusing on his knee. The action gets back to the outside and Gargano dives at Balor, but Balor catches him and looks for the 1916, but Gargano breaks away and shoves Balor into the steps. Gargano then goes on the apron and takes Balor out with the rolling senton. They get back in the ring and Gargano this time hits the slingshot spear. At one point Balor strikes Gargano with the Pele kick and Gargano falls on Balor and almost gets a three count. Balor starts hitting his sequence with the slingblade, the shotgun dropkick, but the Coup De Grace was a big miss. Gargano then locked on the Gargano Escape, but Balor managed to escape. They end up on the outside again taking things to the next level. In the end though, it was Balor with the Coup De Grace followed up with the 1916 to add another major win to his record. 


Rhea Ripley © vs Bianca Belair

NXT Women’s Championship


Bianca Belair gave this match her best effort. She managed to take out Rhea with an impressive spear. Belair had a decent showing, but in the end she was no match for Rhea Ripley who used a Riptide to put her away. Charlotte Flair then showed up and attacked Ripley from behind after the match. Charlotte then said she would face Ripley at Wrestlemania for the NXT Women’s Championship. Charlotte on the way out attacked Belair as well. Unfortunately with everyone knowing Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair was coming in the future hurt the interest in this match. Belair could possibly end up getting a one on one contest against Charlotte on the road to Wrestlemania, otherwise it’s hard to pinpoint what’s next for her. 


Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly © vs Matt Riddle & Pete Dunne

NXT Tag Team Championship


The match started with the shenanigans of Matt Riddle driving Dunne and the Dusty Classic trophy to the ring with a golf cart. Of course these guys are wearing shirts mocking Bobby Fish and Riddle starts singing his little jingle which provoked the Undisputed Era to go after them. O’Reilly and Fish use their combination of tag team moves to fight off their opponents as long as they could. Doing things such as a dragon screw in the ropes to Dunne. However it was Stereo Strikes that finished off the Undisputed Era and the Broserweights captured the gold. The Undisputed Era lost more gold here and are down to just Cole’s NXT Championship. The concern now is the NXT tag team division has little depth. Outside of another match with the Undisputed Era I have no clue who they’ll feud with. The Forgotten Sons doesn’t scream Takeover match to me. 


Adam Cole © vs Tommaso Ciampa

NXT Championship


This match started somewhat slow, but really intensified once it got going. The two fought all over the place and one point Cole was slouched in a chair by the timekeeper table and Ciampa came in charging and took him out. Cole later got revenge by dropping Ciampa on his neck on the edge of the commentary table. Cole kept working the neck, this time hitting a backstabber on it. Cole wanted Panama Sunrise, but Ciampa countered with a jumping knee strike to the jaw of Cole. Ciampa took Cole to the top rope and delivered an Air Strike Raid and somehow Cole survived. They end up back outside and Ciampa powerbombs Cole through the commentary table. Ciampa gets Cole back in the ring and hits Project Ciampa, but Cole survives. Cole hits the Last Shot on Ciampa, but he makes it to the bottom rope to survive. Cole looks for the Panama Sunrise, but it’s turned into an Air Crash Raid onto the apron. Cole later on leaps off the commentary table and delivers Panama Sunrise onto the floor. Cole looks to put Ciampa away, but Ciampa hits a quick DDT followed by a Fairy Tale Ending, but Cole survives. Roderick Strong heads to the ring and distracts the ref. O’Reilly and Fish hit the High/Low on Ciampa and throw him in the ring. Cole covers, but Ciampa kicks out. Cole aims for the Last Shot, but misses. Ciampa then sends Cole into O’Reilly and Fish on the outside. Ciampa then hits a DDT on Strong. Ciampa then leaps over the ropes to take out Undisputed Era. Ciampa tosses Cole in the ring, but Cole hits three superkicks and a Last Shot, but Ciampa kicks out again. O’Reilly slides the NXT title belt in the corner and distracts the ref. Cole grabs the title, but after a scuffle with CIampa the ref goes down. Ciampa tries to fight off Undisputed Era, but Cole sneaks in a low blow. Panama Sunrise gets countered by Ciampa for Fairy Tale Ending, but there’s no ref to make the count. Johnny Gargano shows up at ringside and grabs the belt just as Ciampa was looking to grab it. All the sudden Gargano drills Ciampa with the title and this allowed Adam Cole to get a pinfall victory over Ciampa. 


This definitely makes things interesting in NXT going forward. Johnny Gargano as a heel was awkward the first go around, but with an actual motive in Ciampa this time around it could be better. Adam Cole of course will more than likely have a new opponent for NXT Takeover Tampa, but we’ll have to wait and see who. More than likely it’ll be Finn Balor or Velveteen Dream. Nowhere near the best Takeover of all time level, but a solid event. Wednesday should be a good night for NXT so we’ll see what happens next.