NXT Hits and Misses 2.19.20 w/ The Chairman

NXT Takeover Portland has passed us by, but there are still alot of unanswered questions on the black and gold brand. Let’s break down this weeks hits and misses and see what happened.


HIT: The Irish Ace Deals With Lio Rush

Jordan Devlin puts his NXT Cruiserweight on the line against Lio Rush. This was a very good match and got alot of time. Both men put their bodies on the line with highlight reel moves. In the end though, it was the Devlin Slide that helped Devlin retain the title. I’ll be curious to see who steps up to challenge the Irish Ace next. It’s worth noting the former champion Angel Garza was not involved in the decision where he lost the title so he definitely has a claim for a shot at Devlin.


HOLD: Ciampa Has a Theory

Up and coming NXT wrestler Austin Theory was scheduled for a match, but Tommaso Ciampa came out to the ring and decided to speak about Johnny Gargano. Everyone knows Gargano was responsible for costing Ciampa his chance at reclaiming Goldie. Ciampa blamed his obsession with getting Goldie for being blinded by his surroundings otherwise he would’ve seen Gargano’s betrayal coming. Ciampa is going to finish Gargano once in for all. Austin Theory however didn’t appreciate Ciampa’s interruption and went in for an attack and ended up getting taken out. Not sure if Theory is the guy to use in this situation so we’ll see what it does for him in the long term. Ciampa and Theory face off next week.


MISS: Grizzled Young Veterans Squash

It’s good to see NXT trying to reestablish a tag team division again. They brought over NXT UK and Dusty Classic runners up James Drake and Zack Gibson to face the makeshift team of Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. I don’t think Mendoza has ever won a match in NXT and this cruiserweight team didn’t last long in this contest. Being that Drake and Gibson just had a solid showing in the Dusty Classic, they almost could’ve straight up challenged for the titles opposed to a random squash match. Later in the show the Forgotten Sons took exception to the comments Gibson made about America so these two teams could face off in the near future.


HIT: Broserweights Taking On All Comers

Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle won the NXT Tag Team Championship at NXT Takeover Portland and now look to face all challengers. First up is the team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. They have teamed in the past and have also competed on occasion in singles on 205 Live. Burch and Lorcan tried their best against the new champs, but were no match for them. It’s good to see NXT working on their tag team division and Lorcan and Burch have had some solid matches in the past when they get a chance to work. However there’s no team right now in NXT that I could see beating Dunne and Riddle any time soon unless Fish and O’Reilly somehow get another chance?


MISS: The Finest Got Pounced

Why is the North American Champion Keith Lee doing squash matches against Kona Reeves? Well that happened. Lee of course just defeated Dominik Dijakovic at NXT Takeover Portland in an amazing match. Dijakovic confronted Lee and said he could’ve beat him, but Lee squashed his excuses and said if Regal let’s it happen, they’ll fight again. As awesome as Lee and Dijakvoic have been, I feel it’s time for Lee to enter a rivalry with a new opponent.


MISS: Bianca Overshines Green vs Carter

Robert Stone’s client Chelsea Green is going to try getting her first win again against the woman that upset her a few weeks ago Kayden Carter. However midmatch Bianca Belair interrupted them and touched on Charlotte Flair and said she’s going to beat her ass. Definitely excited for that match and you figured it was coming. However we get back to the match that was taking place here and it wasn’t anything exciting. Robert Stone tripped up Carter to allow Green to win with the Unprettier.


HIT: Dream Returns to the Ring

Velveteen Dream had his first match in five months against the man who took him out Roderick Strong. Strong told the rest of Undisputed Era he wanted to win this match on his own. The match was back and forth with Dream and Strong using all their signature moves. Dream went up top towards the latter part of the match and jumped towards the outside taking out Undisputed Era when they came ringside. Dream managed to defeat Storm with the Dream Valley Driver. Unfortunately for Dream, he was ambushed four on one and UE was left standing to close the show.


This was not a very good episode of NXT. Guessing after NXT Takeover Portland, the creative brass didn’t have much left to give. The advertised cruiserweight match and main event were solid, but the rest of the show was more so setting up future storylines. In two weeks it was announced Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox would face off inside a steel cage so that should be big. With that, thanks for reading.