The Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast: NXT Takeover Recap, Wrestlemania, Women’s Wrestling and More!

NXT Takeover Portland might have been the best Takeover NXT has produced, and the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast is here to talk about! Justin C and Cam breakdown the show and give their thoughts on NXT’s Road to Wrestlemania weekend. Who should fight Adam Cole at Takeover Wrestlemania Weekend? They also break down an outstanding week in the world of women’s wrestling with five very good matches.

Is John Cena’s rumored opponent at Wrestlemania really the best use of him? What about the rumored Undertaker and AJ Styles match? They give their thoughts as well as what to expect with Goldberg taking on The Fiend next week.

And lets play finish that phrase! Justin C and Cam finish the following sentences:

-Daniel Bryan’s Wrestlemania opponent should be ….

-In 3 months Rusev will be….

-If Eddie Guerrero came back today, his first opponent should be….

-When you think of Sid Justice, you think….

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