WWE Friday Night Smackdown Reivew (Feb 21st) (Phoenix Arizona)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with The Usos arrive and it’s promo time because we can’t just start with a match. They aren’t happy with Mz & Morrison’s shit talk last week and plan to throw a superkick party. New Day arrives and the Usos say they hope they are keeping the titles warm for them as they put each other over. Big E then says they have one more tag title run than the Usos, so they are better than the Usos. The Usos want next after SaudiMania. Miz & Morrison arrive and mockingly put over the faces, and say they need a catchy chant. They will win the tag titles next week, and claim to be the greatest tag team of the 21st century. Dolph & Roode arrive.

Match 1 8 Man Tag Team Match:Smackdown Tag Team Champions New Day (c) & The Usos vs The Miz,John Morrison & Glorious Showoffs
JIP as the Usos isolate Dolph. The faces work him over and are all friends as they control things. Morrison dumps Kofi and Miz lays him out on the floor. Morrison lays the boots to Kofi and back in, Miz covers for 2. he and Morrison follow with double teams for 2. Morrison follows with kicks, Roode tags in and grounds Kofi. Dolph tags in and choke out Kofi. Morrison back in and Kofi fires back, but gets cut off as they work up top. Kofi fights him off, and then gets kicked to the floor. Post break and Dolph dropkicks Kofi and covers for 2. He whips him to the corner, Roode tags in and Kofi dumps Dolph and cuts off Roode. Big E tags in and he runs wild with suplexes on Miz and follows with the running splash. Miz counters big ending, Morrison in and cuts off Big E with a knee strike. He runs into an STO for 2. Morrison battles back with the disaster kick and running shooting star press for 2. It breaks down, Morrison is dumped, and we get near falls. Superkick to Dolph, one to Miz and Roode hits the DDT. Superkick by Jey and Roode is done.Winners:Smackdown Tag Team Champions New Day & The Usos

Gulak has a PowerPoint presentation for Daniel Bryan to show what he has been doing wrong. Heath Slater arrives and wants a rematch with Bryan tonight. Bryan agrees.

Lacey Evans is interviewed, and comments on her loss to Bayley at the Rumble. She says Bayley is a bully and Renee says she used to be a bully as well, and Evans says she learned better when she came to Smackdown. She’s looking to change and set a proper example. What’s next for her? She’s looking for a shot at Elimination Chamber.

Match 2 Tag Team Symphony Of Destruction Match:Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman (c) & Elias vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro
Nakamura & Elias begin, an even though there are no rules, they are abiding by traditional tag rules. Elias attacks with a tambourine, hits a knee strike and Cesaro cuts off Elias, until Bran breaks a bass drum over his head. Sami attacks and Nakamura cuts off Braun. Post break and Cesaro breaks out the cowbell and Elias cuts him off. Sami distracts him and Elias gets sent through a table. Braun runs over Cesaro and dumps him over the announce table. He beats down Nakamura, chokeslam Cesaro on the apron and grabs the string bass until Sami hits him with a Casio, The heels suplex Braun onto the bass, and cover for 2. Elias battles back, working over Nakamura and is quickly cut off until Nakamura Kinshasas the gong. Guitar shot to Cesaro, lays him on the table and heads up top. Braun takes out Nak, and powerslams him onto the piano as Elias puts Cesaro through the table and it’s over.Winners:Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman & Elias

We get a Corbin vs. Reigns video package, because this is the feud that doesn’t end, yes it goes on and on my friends.

King Corbin cuts a promo on his match with Reigns next week. Reigns is an egomaniac that hides behind his hoodlum cousins, and ha s never beaten him in a singles match (Um.. the Rumble, but yes he’s the delusional heel) and after SaudiMania, he will be the face of WWE and they will all bow down to him.

Alexa welcomes us to the show and hypes the WWE Hall of Fame class, with Batista, the NWO, and confirms the Bellas as inductees. Alexa congratulates them and asks them how they feel. Nikki says they are excited and happy to be here in their hometown. Nikki thanks the Bella army and says that they couldn’t break barriers without them. Brie praises Alexa and the other ladies for raising the bar in WWE. They mention being pregnant and Nikki being engaged. They debuted on Smackdown and are happy to be back. Bryan and Birdie arrive and Bryan then heads to the ring.

Match 3:Daniel Bryan vs Heath Slater
Slater shoves Bryan around, and Bryan grounds him. Slater escapes, attacks the knee and Bryan then fires back. Slater goes back to the knee and the DDT gets 2. Slater up top, Gulak on commentary throws a fit and Slater misses the splash. Bryan follows with kicks, and the busaiku knee is countered as Slater cradles him for 2. The busaiku knee finishes it.Winner:Daniel Bryan

Dolph meets with Mandy, offers her a ride and sad Otis appears.

Sheamus cuts a promo on Crews & Gable, and how he kicked their asses last week. He wants bigger game and will exterminate the locker room, and is entering the Elimination Chamber. Gable meets with Crews and says he won’t back down. Crews doesn’t want his pep talk and leaves.

Main Event Smackdown Womens Title #1 Contenders Match:Naomi vs Carmella
Naomi grounds things to begin, Carmella counters out and then gets grounded again. Carmella battles back, hits a shoulder tackle and Naomi counters with a back elbow. Naomi follows with a backslide and then a sliding clothesline for 2. The full nelson bomb follows and that gets 2. Carmella follows with the head scissors and dumps Naomi. Naomi cuts of the suicide dive and the high cross follows for 2. Naomi to the ropes and Bayley distracts her as Carmella hits a head scissors for 2 Naomi is dumped and Bayley is sent to the back. Carmella follows with the suicide dive. Post break and Carmella is in control until Naomi hits a backbreaker. She follows with kicks, but Carmella trips her up and covers for 2. They trade and Carmella slams her down by the hair for 2. Naomi cuts her off and sorta hits a disaster kick follows with a plancha. Back in and Naomi covers for 2. Carmella avoids a charge, heads up top and the high cross gets 2. Naomi fights of a suplex, follows with kicks and the sunset flip for 2. Carmella cradles her for 2. Naomi then cradles her for 2 but Carmella counters into the code of silence. Naomi makes the ropes and the rear view follows for 2. Carmella cuts her off with the superkick for 2. Naomi fires back with a kick and the blockbuster follows. Naomi follows with the split legged moonsault for the win.Winner & #1 Contender To The Smackdown Womens Title:Naomi

The crowd is happy to see Goldberg and Goldberg is glad to be back. It’s been a long time and so he will take his time tonight. The Fiend, whatever you are, know this, I’m ready. The Funhouse music hits and Bray is in the Funhouse, but Goldberg won’t play games. He’s here to take his championship, but Bray disagrees, and introduces his puppets, who say hello to Goldberg. The Fiend appears as the lights go out. Goldberg knows he’s behind him and Goldberg spears him. Fiend gets up and the lights go out as he disappears.