WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (Feb 28th) (Boston Massachusetts)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with the new Universal Champion Goldberg arrives (the fans aren’t particularly happy about it) and says do not be mistaken, it’s not about who was last, but about who’s next. Roman Reigns arrives and they have a stare down. Reigns says he’s next and leaves.

They hype Cena’s return tonight with a clip of his debut vs. Kurt Angle.

Match 1 Non Title Match:Smackdown Womens Champion Bayley (c) vs Naomi
The bell rings and Bayley grabs a mic and rants about having this match. Bayley says she’s here to introduce a future Grammy award winning artist, Sasha Banks. Bayley attacks Naomi and lays the boots to her. Naomi counters back and follows with a dropkick. The rear view follows until Banks attacks a for the DQ.Winner By:Naomi

After the match, Banks & Bayley kept attack Naomi unit Lacey Evans made the save.

Match 2 Tag Team Match:Boss N Hug Connection vs Lacey Evans & Naomi
The faces clear the ring and follow with planchas. Post break and Banks is working the heat on Naomi. Bayley joins in for double teams and cover for 2. Bayley talks shit, lays the boots to Naomi and then chokes her out in the ropes. Bayley grounds things. Tags in Banks and follows with corner knees for 2. Banks grounds things, Naomi battles to her feet and follows with a spin kick. Banks cuts her off with a dropkick, lays the boots to her and Bayley tags in and double teams follow for 2. Banks back in and dumps Lacey. Naomi battles back, hits a jawbreaker and enziguri as she tags in Lacey. She runs wild and hits the slingshot elbow on Bayley. The broncobuster follows as Naomi tags in with the high cross for 2 as banks makes the save. It breaks down. Lacey pulls Banks to the floor and shoots her to the barricade. They brawl, Naomi sunset flips Bayley and wins.Winners:Lacey Evans & Naomi

Backstage,New Day are walking before Kofi’s match against Robert Roode then they have face off with Glorious Showoffs

More Cena career highlights.

Match 3:Kofi Kingston vs Robert Roode
They lockup and Roode follows with a shoulder tackle. He looks to ground things, Kofi hits a shoulder tackle and they work to the ropes. Roode follows with kicks, chops and Kofi counters back and delivers a dropkick for 2. He works the arm, Roode makes the ropes and follows with strikes. He grounds things until Kofi escapes with strikes. he back elbow follows and Roode powders. Dolph takes the ref, Roode fakes that Big E attacked him and the ref boots Big E to the back. Post break and Roode has Kofi grounded. Kofi fights to his feet and follows with body shots. Roode cuts him off until Kofi counters back with a dropkick. Roode stuns him off the ropes and covers for 2. He lays the boots to Kofi, Kofi fires back and Roode counters into a suplex. He mocks Kofi, misses the bombs away knee drop and Kofi follow with the springboard clothesline, chops, a dropkick and the boom drop. Trouble in paradise is countered, but Kofi follows with the run up high cross for 2. Roode counters SOS, hits a full nelson slam and that gets 2. They work up top and Kofi knocks him to the mat and back down, runs into a spinebuster for 2. Roode sets for the glorious DDT. But Kofi counters into SOS for 2 as Dolph put Roode’s foot on the ropes. Roode then cradles Kofi for the win.Winner:Robert Roode

Tucker tires to console Otis, who thinks something odd is up with Mandy & Dolph. Tucker says he has to let Mandy go, but says next week, they will be back in action and Otis is happy now.

Renee Young is the host. These two men will face off at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Sami, Cesaro, & Nakamura arrive. Strowman follows and Sami cuts off the signing to say that they are here to conduct business. Sami doesn’t trust the contract and wants to look it over. He complains about Strowman injuring Nakamura, causing him to get 9 stitches. Strowman tells him to shut up and stop bitching and moaning. Strowman know she will have to deal with all three and signs. Sami proposes a three on one handicap match, amends the contract and the heels all sign. Sami gloats and celebrates his genius move, telling Strowman that he’s losing at the PPV. Strowman moves the table and says they may not make it to the PPV. He attacks, they brawl Sami hits helluva kicks. Kinshasa by Nakamura and they put Strowman through the table.

Goldberg (c) vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Title is OFFICIAL for WrestleMania 36.

We get highlights of Taker kicking AJ’s ass at SaudiMania to win the prestigious Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match that he wasn’t even in.

Match 4:Daniel Bryan vs Curtis Axel
They lockup and Axel works over Bryan in the corner. Axel grounds things, Bryan fires back and Axel cuts him off with clotheslines. Axel lays the boots to Bryan, but Bryan fires back with kicks until Axel dumps him. Axel follows him out, posts him and back in, follows with kicks. Bryan counters back, cuts off Axel and follows with Yes Kicks. The Yes Lock is countered as Axel cradles him for 2. The clothesline follows and the Perfect Plex is countered and the Yes Lock finishes it.Winner By Submission:Daniel Bryan

The new Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison arrive. Mix mocks the crowd for no “you deserve it chants,” and puts over his movie career and they say their second run will be even better than the first. They proved the haters wrong, proves themselves as champions and only hear the sweet sound of victory. They do their wacky chant and celebrate to Miz’s music. It’s announced that they will defend against New Day,Heavy Machinery,Lucha House Party,Glorious Showoffs and The Usos in an Elimination Chamber match at the PPV. The Usos arrive.

Main Event Non Title Tag Team Match:Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs The Usos
Jey and Morrison start us off as they work into counters and Morrison follows with strikes. Miz in and he runs into a hip toss. The Usos follow with double teams as Jimmy covers for 2. Miz cuts him off with a DDT for 2. Morrison tags in, and double teams follow. Miz grounds things, Jimmy fights to his feet and dumps Miz. Morrison in and Jimmy follows with an enziguri. Miz cuts off the tag, Morrison hits a disaster kick and covers for 2. Post break and Jey tags in, runs wild on Miz and the Samoan drop follows for 2. Miz counters and Morrison tags in, double teams follow and Morrison covers for 2. It breaks down. bodies to the floor and The Usos follow with double teams. Dive by Jimmy, Morrison counters the splash and cradles Jey for 2. Jey fires back, he and Morrison work up top and Jimmy tags in as Morrison fights them off and starship pain is countered as the Usos follow with the avalanche destroyer and top rope splash for the win.Winners:The Usos

John Cena arrives and gets big hometown reaction. He is all fired up and plays to the crowd. Cena says this is insane and thanks the crowd. Why is he here? It’s Mania season, so what is he doing at Mania? No one wants to miss it, and while his role has changed, he will always be a WWE Superstar. He’s doing something different, puts over the roster and says he prides himself on listening to the fans. He puts them over and says he always hears them and knows they are passionate about the future of WWE. Cena can likely do anything he wants at Mania, he’s doing the right thing, and Mania should go on without him. This isn’t goodbye, but this is the right thing to do for now and Mania spots should be earned and not demanded. It makes tonight special he doesn’t know when he will be back but wanted to do this in front of his loved, one, his family and at home. He thanks the fans, leaves and shakes hands with kids. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE as the Fiend arrives. He points to the Mania sign and Cena accepts. The Fiend disappears.