AEW Revolution 2.29.20: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. The Sky Is The Limit For Darby Allin

If you have followed me since Wrestlemania weekend last year, you know that I am a Darby Allin fan. And you know that I have been clamoring for him to get a win in a big match for some time now. I knew he was never going to beat the likes of Jericho, Moxley or Cody. But the crowd just loves the guy and he needed a win here. And Darby Allin got that win. The match was just okay, but the crowd loves Darby Allin. It is clear they see him as the likable underdog and he has a unique look and persona that stands out. I don’t know if Darby Allin can ever be AEW Champion, but he is the perfect guy to hold an AEW midcard Title when it makes its way to the promotion. Hopefully the momentum keeps going for Darby Allin.

2. Hangman Page’s Rise

I had a good amount of problems with the early booking of Hangman Page in AEW. I thought in the buildup to his AEW Title match that he looked pretty weak, and they didn’t do a very good job of making him look like a credible World Title contender. Even when AEW started I still didn’t think they were doing a good job with him. Then Page in storyline decided to leave The Elite. And ever since then his character has taken off and he is a whole new performer. The match tonight was very good. One of the better tag team matches we’ve seen in quite some time. Page, afterwards, even game a slight tease leaving the ring like he was going to hit the Buckshot Lariat on Omega but didn’t do it. I’m glad because there is still much more to the story of Omega and Page that can be told. And I didn’t need to see the story of the Tag Champs not getting along and being rivals as Champions.

3. Cody vs MJF Was Missing Something

This feud had a ton of heat leading into it. But for some reason, the match didn’t connect on that level. It didn’t have the intensity of a match that felt like a blood feud. Not only that, but Cody was booked to kind of look like an idiot at the end of the match. If this were WWE people would be all over that. I think this match exposed MJF’s in ring work a bit. The guy is great on the mic but he isn’t the best worker in the ring. So I guess this feud keeps going with some kind of gimmick added to it. It will help hide MJF’s weaknesses in the ring.

4. Orange Cassidy Arrives

There were people questioning what AEW would do with Orange Cassidy signed with them. Could AEW really book Cassidy in a way to get him over and not make everything look like a complete joke? So far they had been doing the right thing on TV with Cassidy. And in his first match tonight, Orange Cassidy showed that his character can work in AEW. Cassidy still pulled off his slow kick, hands in the pocket offense. But at the same time he showed that he is a very capable wrestler in the ring and went toe-to-toe with PAC. Orange Cassidy is one of the most over people in AEW at the moment and nothing that happened tonight will ruin that. The fans know Cassidy will likely never hold a Title in AEW, but that won’t change the love they have for him as a performer.

5. The Moxley Era Begins

This match was an honest tossup for me when I was trying to figure out who would win. I thought you could make a case for Jericho keeping the Title, and I thought you could make a case for a changing of the guard at the top. AEW decided to go with Moxley and I will respect the decision they made. The match itself wasn’t very good. Maybe Moxley and Jericho just don’t have good chemistry. But it was overbooked with interference and the ending just kind of came out of nowhere. Moxley can have better wrestling matches than Jericho as Champ at this point. Jericho is one of my favorites of all time, but he’s at the point where he can’t put on great standard wrestling matches anymore. And we know Moxley can. Who is Moxley’s first challenger? My guess is either PAC or a debuting Lance Archer.

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Justin C

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