WWE Elimination Chamber 3.8.20: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Daniel Bryan Does What The WWE Can’t

I feel like if Daniel Bryan had full control of WWE booking, he would do wonders with everyone on the roster. Over the last few weeks on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak have built up a little mini program that culminated with a match tonight. And it was just a great technical match. Daniel Bryan sacrificed what was left of his neck to get Drew Gulak over. He landed pretty much square on it after a release German suplex. He took a nasty suplex spot to the outside of the ring. He made Drew Gulak look better than he has during his entire WWE run so far. Apparently Bryan is allowed creative control over his storylines. And with some weeks left before the full blown build to Wrestlemania, Bryan decided to take that time to help elevate Gulak a little in the eyes of the WWE crowd.

2. The Dumb WWE No DQ Formula

When they announced Aleister Black vs AJ Styles for Elimination Chamber, everyone was excited. Then they added the No DQ stip and it still was good. Then the match happened, and boy was it a let down. It followed the typical WWE formula of a No DQ match. Grab a kendo stick, grab a chair, setup a table and use it later. Then the crowd chants for tables like it is something they have never seen used before. It’s my least favorite chant in all of wrestling. And of course the crowd knew that the Undertaker was going to show up. So the entire match was building to that end spot. And that spot could have been done better. How hard would it have been to have Taker show up right before Black was about to get attacked? Then Black and Taker fight off the OC together. We get a chokeslam into Black Mass combo for the win. Black gets a huge rub and you set up Taker/AJ for Mania at the same time. But that is probably to creative for the WWE.

3. The Problem With The Elimination Chamber

Back in 2002 when the Elimination Chamber debuted, it was a unique match that looked painful. Guys would constantly be busted open during the match and it would look like it took a toll on their bodies. Now? The match has turned into nothing. It is essentially a wrestling match with an Elimination Chamber surrounding it. There isn’t anything brutal about it. I’m not saying you have to have blood involved everywhere nowadays, but the Elimination Chamber is one match where blood should be allowed. It just looks so dumb to have these wrestlers have their heads and faces rubbed up against a chain link fence and not get busted open. Gimmick PPVs will always be a stupid idea and the dumbing down of the Elimination Chamber makes it a match that seems nowhere near as brutal as it once was.

Random Thoughts

-I like forward to Humberto Carillo getting another US Title shot tomorrow night on RAW.

-Why do people in charge think it is a good idea to give Natalya promo time?

-Kevin Owens walking through that crowd with the potential to catch Coronavirus. A bold move.

-Sami Zayn can make anything work (outside of the Lashley sisters). This man deserves the Intercontinental Title.

-That was the proper way of booking Shayna to win, but the time in between eliminations went on way too long.


Viking Raiders over Ryder and Hawkins

Daniel Bryan over Drew Gulak

Andrade over Humberto Carillo to retain the United States Championship

Miz and Morrison retained the Smackdown Tag Titles inside the Elimination Chamber

Aleister Black defeated AJ Styles

The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy to retain the RAW Tag Team Titles

Sami Zayn pinned Braun Strowman to win the Intercontinental Title

Shayna Baszler won the women’s Elimination Chamber match


Until Next Time,

Justin C

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