The Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast: Wrestlemania in Jeopardy, Finish the Sentence Wrestlemania Edition!

The world is in an interesting state right now, but we the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast is here to bring a little bit of levity to the situation.

Wrestlemania is in jeopardy, but Justin C, Cam and “The Chairman” Steven Vincent are still here to talk about all the scenarios a cancellation could result in. And even with the status in doubt, the Hot Tag Crew still looks at all the major feuds heading into the show in the extreme possibility the show does go on.

After looking at the Wednesday Night War, the Hot Tag Crew then plays finish the sentence Wrestlemania edition! They complete the following sentences:

-If Shawn Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania, the runner up would be ___

-The most underrated Wrestlemania is ___

-The worst WWE Title match in Wrestlemania history is ___

-If you could change one finish in Wrestlemania history it would be ___

-The best entrance in Wrestlemania history is ___

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