Well, it’s been a week.  Justin and I were meant to be at this Dynamite tonight, but of course circumstances being what they are, nobody is!

Cody cut a pretty good promo to start the show off, doing it in a darkened arena.  He asked for Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega and Adam Page to stand with him to fight the Inner Circle despite the differences they’ve been having.  Of course Matt is in and Kenny as well, but Hangman Page is nowhere to be found.  He does eventually show up at the top of the ramp with a drink in hand and nods that he’s with them before he leaves.  Kenny took over then and said they were still going to give entertainment to people watching at home and the lights and pyro hit to kick Dynamite off.

It was a nice message and there is a need for some new media for people to enjoy and I’m glad they’re trying this out.  Is it a totally surreal experience?  Oh yeah.

MJF got interviewed by Tony Schiavone ringside who is….not doing commentary I just realized in favor of….Taz?  O….kay.  MJF is there to watch the show and make some money as he and Shawn Spears appeared to be gambling, but they were upset at the insinuation when it was made.

Brandi Rhodes was the ring announcer for the show, something her little infographic says she said she’d never do again.  She is good at it though, a little Eden Stiles peeking in.  There were also various wrestlers at ringside making a lot of noise to try and play at being the crowd.  It was kind of fun.

Lucha Bros defeated Best Friends

Orange Cassidy was on commentary for this match and it was everything you imagined it’d be.  AKA Is he asleep?  This was a really good match, it didn’t seem awkward as I thought it would but honestly it may have been the crowd at ringside.  They seem to have been separated by heel and baby face on either side of the ring, and the wrestlers on the outside trying to tell the ref when Trent was as Chuck said “kicked in the dick”.  Both teams looked good here and that is a real strength with AEW I think.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Best Friends win and they still don’t seem like chumps to me.

Hikaru Shida defeated Penelope Ford & Kris Statlander & Riho

This was a pretty fun match.  Penelope Ford’s inexperience came through a little, but I still think she did a good job.  I really like Hikaru Shida though I don’t really know her story.  I may have missed it, but also in wrestling what you do in the ring should be able to say enough and for her it does.

After the match Colt Cabana talked to Tony Schiavone and complimented Penelope Ford but threw shade at Kip Sabian who was still at ringside.  They had a little confrontation, but Sabian walked off to help Ford to break it up.

After a commercial break they cut to a segment from earlier where Tony Schiavone is waiting outside Jon Moxley’s car, door wide open.  He’s medically banned from being in the arena tonight so he was gonna take a drive to calm down.  Mhmmm.

Jungle Express defeated Butcher & The Blade

I thought this was possibly the most impressive I’ve found Butcher & the Blade but maybe it’s the wine.  The Bunny was not with them, instead they were only distracted by MJF screaming at them to do their finisher which of course instead cost them the match.  I guess they’ll be turning on him soon to be on their own with the Bunny but I’m not sure they really need another face tag team.  I guess they could just not work with him anymore and still be bad.  Butcher missed his spot at the end so we just watched Jungle Boy weirdly jump through the ropes to a downed man.

The Dark Order came out to say The Exalted One is near.  Christopher Daniels hit the ring to say there was no exalted one only to be interrupted by a video of the Exalted One himself.  After talking with his face hidden for awhile it was revealed to be….Brodie Lee!  Damn he is finally free!  Knowing this would have been in Rochester tonight, Brodie Lee’s home town, is sad knowing he probably would have gotten a great reaction.  It was a great promo though, and when it cut back to the ring he was already there, and took Daniels out with a big kick.  He posed with the Dark Order at the end.  It was pretty great.  The best part was probably Brodie saying “You aren’t the first out of touch old man to not believe in me” which I did not hear, of course.

Tony Schiavone was with Jake Roberts and Lance Archer next and if Lance Archer can be as kick ass as he was last year in NJPW this could be a lot of fun.  I don’t know how he’s gonna jive with the AEW people and crowd…(if there’s a crowd…).  Jake is still great on the mic, but I’m always worried he’s going to say something he really shouldn’t be saying.  After the interview we get an Archer promo in the backwoods …somewhere and he’s just beating up lots of rednecks.  It was fine.

Inner Circle (Santana & Ortiz & Hager) defeated The Elite (Cody & Hangman & Matt Jackson)

Jericho was on commentary for the match and Sammy Guevara was on karaoke duty singing Jericho’s theme song to MJF.  It was obviously a really fun and chaotic match with some animosity between Page and his friends. The Inner Circle won meaning they have an advantage at Blood and Guts.

After the match Inner Circle starts to cut a promo and Chris Jericho said they can’t lose at Blood and Guts because they have no cracks between them.  I mean, they aren’t wrong. As Jericho is going on and on, he and Sammy insulting Cody by using Brandi a noise went over the arena….it was…a drone.  I of course did not get it right away but Matt Jackson told Chris he’d called in a favor from a friend –  that friend?  Matt Hardy!  After him not being the exalted one I didn’t even give a second thought but this was pretty great.  A piano played when he was introduced and he stood in the rafters looking…well crazy.  Hahah It was great fun.


We need entertainment in this time and it was a lot of fun.  Really.

In all seriousness, if you find yourself here reading this – please be safe and be smart.  A lot of us are out of a job this week for…who knows how long and I hope this post finds you well.  Have a drink, or smoke some drugs, or just take a nice long walk.  We will get through this.  I think AEW put on a hell of a show tonight and I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t find it awkward like I thought I would and I appreciate every single person involved for giving us a fun show.  It would have been great to be there, but it’s great that people are doing the smart and right thing.  I hope it all passes soon and we’re all doing what we love soon.

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