Well it’s been 197 years since last week so let’s see what AEW Dynamite can give us this week!

Cody Rhodes defeated Jimmy Havoc

The show kicked off with Tony Schiavone, Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes on commentary but Cody was quickly out to the ring to take on Jimmy Havoc.  There were no wrestlers ringside betting on matches this week, instead they were backstage sometimes on a split screen.  Jericho was backstage cheering for Havoc and Billy Gunn was making sure his son got TV time.  The match was pretty good, though Cody did a run from backstage to walk down some stairs to jump into a lariat I thought was pretty corny.  At one point Havoc dragged Cody to the commentary table and commentated on his own match which is always fun.  Cody won after hitting two spiked Cross Rhodes, but Havoc – who was apparently 3 and 0 this year before the loss tonight was pretty impressive.

After the match there was another Jake Roberts promo saying that AEW should have picked Lance Archer up after seeing his work the past year before assuming they didn’t because they were scared.  He asked Cody for a chance, said to come fight Archer and bring the old man, Arn Anderson before basically calling Brandi a whore (Samson’s Delilah, Caesar’s Cleopatra, Bill’s Monica).  It was effective, of course, because Jake Roberts is one of -if not THE – best promo guy of all time.  I do love him, and I do hope this goes well for him.  I still worry for him.

Darby Allin defeated Kip Sabian

The production crew was having some problems tonight.  A lot of people said they could hear the producer in Tony’s headphones though I missed it.  They did cut to some weird camera shots and during this match Cody and Tony sent it to commercial and continued commentary for Fite TV but it didn’t cut to commercial til about 30 seconds later.  I find this totally understandable as they’re running on a skeleton crew, so I pointed it out here and will try to limit any complaining in the future haha.  The match got a good amount of time and I assume it’s because they’re trying to use as few guys as possible and I think it was a gift.  Both guys looked pretty good in it and Penelope Ford is a great foil at ringside.  Darby won with Last Supper which Cody pointed out was sometimes called the Gibson leglock because Cody has to show throughout this whole thing how much he loves and knows about wrestling (with some shots at WWE throughout).  It’s fun, but it’d also be fun for him to tone it down.

Jake Hager defeated Chico Adams

Blah who cares about Jake Hager.  He buried him.  The one good thing that happened is that Jon Moxley interrupted him after the match and hit Hager with a Paradigm shift that Hager no sold immediately.  Great, now I’m gonna have to watch this.

There was a Moxley promo from backstage where Mox says he told Hager to watch his blindspot and he goes where he wants when he wants.  Basically Mox just being incredible.

There was a Brodie Lee promo after where he repeated what Mox said about doing what they want when they want.  It was awkward to have them back to back, but this was another great promo.  Brodie was eating with two members of the Dark Order, but wouldn’t let them eat until he finished.  He kicked one guy out for doing that before kicking the other out for sneezing.  This was a monster dig at Vince McMahon, right?

Brodie Lee defeated QT Marshall

Cody made sure to tell everyone before this match that QT Marshall is his best friend in the world which explains a lot if you ask me.  The match went a little long because it was basically another squash match but gave time for Brodie to show off.  I guess that makes sense to do.  After, they leave QT a mask to join the Dark Order.  Sure – get some more nobodies.

They talked a bit about Nick Jackson being taken out by The Inner Circle and showed the clip of it happening.  They gave an update via Vanguard 1 invading Nick’s driveway and said he’s at 61%.  Sure, people love that drone.

Kenny Omega (c) defeated Sammy Guevara for the AAA Mega Championship

This match got plenty of time returning to the pros of the beginning of this show.  Sammy Guevara is so young and is going to have a really incredible career and probably more so because he’s in AEW.  They’ve already given him such a monster presence.  He actually really reminds me of WCW Chris Jericho.  Great in the ring, funny on the mic, and a real sleaze vibe.  I enjoyed watching he and Kenny mix it up and think in a matter of time this will be for the AEW Championship.  WE WILL SEE.  This was the first match since the beginning where they went back to the wrestlers in the back and just in time to see Kip Sabian slap Billy Gunn down.  They continued to keep the people in the back’s sound on throughout the match though so there was some kind of crowd reaction.  Sammy was very BITEY in this match.  Sammy put up a great fight but 73 V Triggers and a One Winged Angel spelled disaster for him.

Man I really wish Chris Jericho wasn’t an asshole about a lot of things because he really is maybe the best pro wrestler ever.  Maybe not in ring (debatable), but he’s so god damn entertaining.  I love him.  He came out to end the show to engage with Matt Hardy.  Kenny Omega went back on commentary with Cody to be up close for this encounter I guess.  Vanguard 1 interrupted Jericho so Jericho asked him through Vanguard 1 to join the Inner Circle.  Matt finally showed his face in the top of the stands and through some movie magic he teleported from row to row to interrupt Jericho.  This was…pretty incredible.  Matt: “I knew you’d come!”  Chris: “Of course you did we booked this segment….” hahaha.  Matt said he had to protect AEW from Jericho and his cronies running roughshod over it.  Jericho said he was always in the shadow of people including his brother and would he join The Inner Circle or the Elite.  Matt of course, said “Delete!”  Matt then I think said he was the essence of Jesus because he knew the real Judas and he betrayed him.  He then also sang and said that there were people like Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr were in the audience watching him.  After some more back and forth Guevara jumped Hardy from behind and Cody and Kenny left commentary to help.

Listen – watch this segment.  I wasn’t always all in on the Broken Matt Hardy character but I’m an idiot a lot of the time.

I thought this was a pretty good show in the beginning and a pretty great show at the end.  The two matches in the middle were just squashes, but they did serve to showcase Hager (ugh) and Brodie Lee so it makes sense.  Maybe just have put one of them in between the first two matches instead of the 9 o clock hour.  The last match was great though and the segment with Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho was gold.  Really though put Jericho in the ring and let him talk and it’s probably going to be great.  Also, thank goodness Matt is the Hardy I like.

I thought Cody on commentary was a little insufferable at times.  It seemed weird to me that he was out there at all and I do wonder if it has anything to do with HHH doing commentary last week and people responding well to that.  He took some shots at WWE including making sure to point out that their guard rail was NOT foam.  He also compared to Darby Allin to Sting which I think is just a face paint thing….though I did compare Sammy Guevara to Chris Jericho so maybe we’re both crazy.

Overall it was a watchable show and I think AEW has been doing pretty good for itself in this hard time.  Worth watching!

WATCH THIS MATCH: Kenny Omega vs Sammy Guevara

I thought the first two matches were really good as well, but the main event delivered!



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