NXT Hits and Misses 3.25.20 w/ The Chairman

With limited action these days in the wrestling ring and shows filled with more recaps and old matches, there’s been very little to cover. This episode however NXT got back to wrestling again. It was also announced earlier in the week that with NXT Takeover: Tampa cancelled, all the matches that were supposed to take place there will be airing on Wednesday nights in the coming weeks.


HOLD: Breeze Beauty Shot’s Theory

Tyler Breeze has been bounced around since losing his tag team partner Fandango to injury. Breeze was wrestling often in the cruiserweight division, but this time finds himself against newcomer Austin Theory. Theory was cocky and talked alot of trash in this match. The empty arena matches take some getting used to being Full Sail crowds are quite vocal. The finish here was rather odd. Theory took Breeze’s phone and went on to record a bunch of trash talking and attempted to finish the match while holding a phone. Breeze however managed to escape Theory and take him out with the Beauty Shot for the win. You would’ve thought Theory would’ve took out the veteran Breeze, but that wasn’t the case. Theory’s booking has been questionable since arriving in NXT for how much hype he’s received. Right now I’m not seeing it.


MISS: Killian Rebuilding Attempt

Killian Dain this time faces off against Tehuti Miles. Needless to say you knew how this one was going to end and Dain wins in a squash. We’re getting little to no wrestling right now and this is what they’re serving up to us. I also don’t understand why they’re trying to build Killian Dain up again as a singles wrestler. Honestly the best case situation for him is to find a partner and add some depth to the tag team division. There’s already enough big men such as Keith Lee, Damian Priest, and Dominik Dijakovic that are more interesting than Dain.


HOLD: Grimes Caves Inn Nese

Cameron Grimes is looking to get back on the winning side of things so it’s only fitting resident enhancement talent of the cruiserweight division Tony Nese gets the call. Remember when he was the crusierweight champion? Grimes is another wrestler that I don’t understand the hype on. Not sure where Grimes ends up in the long haul, I don’t see him ever being a main event player though.


HIT: Aliyah’s Plan Backfires

I give credit to the NXT booking team here for pairing Aliyah and Xia Li in a qualifier match. They brought up the incident from a few months back where Li busted Aliyah’s nose and knocked her out of action briefly. However Li didn’t make it to the ring as she was attacked in the backstage area. Anyone with a brain knew Aliyah did it. Maybe it was her sidekick Vanessa Borne, but she wasn’t seen on this episode. However Aliyah wasn’t getting a free win, she had to take on the returning Io Shirai instead. As expected, Io made quick work of Aliyah to qualify for the ladder match. Definitely sucks Io’s return wasn’t in front of the fans, that would’ve been a huge pop.


HIT: The North American Championship Feuds Intensify

Keith Lee came to the ring and wanted to apologize for attacking Dominik Dijakovic a few weeks ago when he realized it was Damian Priest instead who did the attack. Dijakovic came right out and said he didn’t care about an apology, only thing he cares about is the North American Championship Lee has. Priest came out then and said he wanted the title for a number of reasons. This led to the three men engaging in a brief brawl with Dijakovic diving to the outside cleaning house. It was later announced the three men would face off in a triple threat match for the North American Championship. One could only assume this was going to be one of the NXT Takeover: Tampa matches and it’s taking place next week.


MISS: Shane Thorne Trying to Find a New Partner

Another squash match took place here when Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan took on Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink. No idea who Vink is, but Thorne is definitely missing his old partner Nick Miller from their TM 61 days or whatever it was they called themselves when they went heel The Mighty. Burch and Lorcan as you would’ve guessed won. Moving on…..


HOLD: Candice Qualifies

Candice LeRae is one of the more talented women on the NXT roster, but always seems to find herself in weird stories and feuds. She took on Kayden Carter and LeRae took care of business to join the women’s ladder match. It was later announced that there will be a second chance match next week for all the women who failed in their original qualifying match. I bet Dakota Kai wins….


HIT: Riddle and Strong Clash in the Main Event

Matt Riddle was without Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong was without Undisputed Era so this was going to be a one on one clash between two of the best in the ring. Strong however was unable to defeat Riddle after he was taken out by the Bro Derek. Riddle wasn’t able to celebrate long though as Malcolm Bivens introduced two big heavyweight wrestlers to take out one half of the tag team champions.


HIT: Ciampa and Gargano Told by Triple H This Ends Once in For All

Triple H brought Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano to the ring and told them they are not to touch each other. Triple H was blunt with the two rivals and told them that he will send them to an empty arena when he finds one with a referee and they finish things for good. If they continue destroying NXT afterwards, then both of them will no longer be apart of NXT. The final encounter takes place in two weeks.


NXT tried their best with the circumstances, but there was a better wrestling show this week on the other channel. With some big matches on tap the next few weeks, hopefully these empty NXT events become must see.