WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (March 27th) (Orlando Florida)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with Michael Cole welcomes us to the show, still hyping Miz & Morrison defending the Smackdown Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania.

Banks & Bayley arrive to kick things off. Bayley hypes Mania and Banks agrees with her in regards to Mania being a nightmare due to Paige booking them in the 5-way match. It’s not fair pitting them against each other. That will fail because they are great together… Banks isn’t quite buying this. Lacey Evans arrives and Banks mocks her and tells her that her daughter is ashamed of her. Lacey says she will break Banks’ jaw and will beat respect into Bayley. Naomi arrives and Naomi says she has unfinished business with Bayley and will snatch Banks bald. Tamina, actually still employed, arrives and looking like an angry soccer mom. She attacks Lacey & Naomi, Bayley & Banks join in leading to Tamina scaring them away. A par for the course WWE revolving door segment to try and add some hype to a cold title match.

Match 1:Drew Gulak vs Shinsuke Nakamura
If Gulak wins, Bryan gets an Intercontinental Title shot at Mania.Nakamura attacks with knee strikes, grounding Gulak and taking early control until Gulak hits Jon Woo and lays the boots to Nakamura. Cesaro pulls Nakamura to the floor and Nakamura then pulls Gulak to the floor and attacks. Back in and Gulak dragon screws him, and starts working the knee. Nakamura cuts him off with a flying knee strike for 2. The guillotine follows, grounding Gulak. Kinshasa is countered as Bryan pulls Gulak away and Gulak cradles Nakamura for the win.Winner & Gets Daniel Bryan A Intercontinental Title Match At WrestleMania:Drew Gulak

Cole discusses the Otis vs. Dolph rivalry, including recent highlights. We see Dolph on the phone mocking Otis, and Otis arrives but is held back by Tucker and referees. Dolph challenges him to a match at Mania.

Elias arrives and talks about his Mania match with Corbin and then sings a song, mocking Corbin. And calling him a turd. Corbin attacks and dumps Elias off of the perch.

Match 2:Womens Tag Team Champion Asuka (c) vs Alexa Bliss
Asuka talks shit and cackles at Bliss. They lockup and Bliss follows with strikes. The dropkick follows for 2. Asuka cuts her off and dances until Bliss dumps her and she dances. Asuka then quickly slams her to the steps. Post break and Asuka has things grounded. Nikki tries to rally Bliss. But Asuka continues to dominate things until Bliss avoids the ass attack. They trade, working on the apron and Bliss slams Asuka shoulder first to the apron and covers for 2. She avoids the charge and follows with clotheslines, rights and a dropkick. The double knees moonsault misses, to the floor and Bliss slams Asuka to the apron. Back in and Bliss covers for 2. The DDT finishes it.Winner:Alexa Bliss

Backstage The Usos cut a promo about tonight’s #1 Contenders Match against New Day

Match 3 WWE World Heavyweight Title Match:Triple H (c) vs Roman Reigns (WrestleMania 32)
Stephanie distracted the ref, Triple H kicked Reigns in the balls and got a God like pop for it. Reigns got next to no shine as Triple H took the heat, and he worked over Reigns and attacked the previously inured nose. He then mixed it up and hit a neck breaker on Reigns as Reigns was on the announce table and then placed him in the middle of the ropes and hit a knee off the second rope. This feels like a solid mid-card match 12-minutes in, not the WrestleMania main event. Reigns made a comeback, it was fine. They brawled to the floor, where Reigns slammed Triple H to the steps a few times, but then Triple H fought right back and slammed Reigns to the steps. At the 15 minute mark it dramatically slowed until Reigns hit a spear through the barricade (WWE main event trope #11). They got back to the ring, the crowd chanted for Nakamura as Triple H countered a spear into an arm bar, and then into a rings of Saturn variation. Triple H has been scouting Zack Sabre Jr. This is not actively bad, it’s just bland with a crowd that wouldn’t give a fuck to save either of these guy’s life. 19-minutes in Triple H is going grapple fuck like he’s working an Evolve main event with Catch Point, NO ONE CARES. I mean, when shit is not working you have to change directions, but they are doing the same shit with no intensity and having Reigns sell, and sell and sell; the issue is no one likes him, so having him babyface for so long kills the crowd. I am not saying that it’s “bad work,” it’s the wrong match and story to try and tell. 22-minutes in and the crowd in largely entertaining themselves. Stephanie pulled out the ref to stop a pin and then distracted the ref. She then got in the ring, which led to Reigns spearing her when Triple H moved. Triple H hit a pedigree for a near fall after that. The spear woke the crowd up as did the near fall. So they kept going, Stephanie handed Triple H a sledgehammer, but Reigns hit two Superman punches and a spear to win.Winner & New WWE World Heavyweight Champion:Roman Reigns (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)

Triple H joins us and comments on Reigns vs. Goldberg since he’s battled both. He puts them both over, but feels Goldberg fades quickly after a quick burst and that if it goes long, Reigns wins. Keep hyping the match that isn’t happening.

New Day hypes tonight’s match with the Usos.

Dolph tells Sonya everything is coming together and Mandy arrives. She’s questioning why Dolph is doing this to Otis, but doesn’t want to be fought over like a prize.

Firefly Funhouse time. Bray is excited to see us and the head lantern is whispering to him. Bray says “you failed” against Cena but “he won’t.” Bray has the recipe to beat Cena and mixes it up; it’s no LA Park cooking show. Poor Ramblin Rabbit gets mixed up in the blender, dying again. Bray drinks it and says they need more than an ordinary match and proposes a Firefly Funhouse match.

Main Event Smackdown Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match:New Day vs The Usos
Kofi and Jimmy work into a fun, counter filled opening stretch as the Usos powder. Jey tags in and Big E joins him. They lockup and Big E easily overpowers him. Jey fires back, but is quickly cut off as double tams follow for 2. Kofi takes control of things until he’s double teamed and the cover gets 2. The Usos work quick tags and isolate Kofi in the corner until Big E gets the tag. He follows with suplexes and clubbing strikes. He follows with the apron splash. Post break and the Usos cut off Big E with double teams. The corner ass attack follows until Big E cuts off, we’ll say Jey with the STO. Kofi tags in, and runs wild, hitting the boom drop. Jey fires back, Kofi hits a RANA, but gets cut off with a half crab. He escapes, hits SOS and covers for 2. Big E tags in and the Usos counter the doomsday stomp, follow with superkicks and post Kofi. They double team Big E, but Big E fights back until they dump him. Kofi cuts off a dive, dumps the Usos and follows with a dive. Miz & Morrison celebrate, that leads to everyone fighting and Big E hits the suicide spear. Miz & Morrison attack for the no contest.Winners & #1 Contenders To The Smackdown Tag Team Titles:No One (No Contest)

They all brawl post match and Cole announces that the WrestleMania Smackdown Tag Team Title match is a Triple Threat Ladder Match.