AEW is still rocking it through these audience free shows!  It feels really weird that this is Wrestlemania week, AEW is pretty much the only wrestling I’ve been watching outside of my Nitro venture with Justin.  I’ve been impressed thus far with what they’ve been doing, though I do wonder if it’s only a matter of time before they shut these shows down too.  For now, let’s enjoy what we’ve got.

Cody was back on commentary tonight with Tony Schiavone.  They discuss the new championship AEW is bringing in and the tournament brackets.  On one side is Cody Rhodes vs Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin.  The other side is Kip Sabian vs Dustin Rhodes and Lance Archer vs Colt Cabana.  If I had to guess I would actually say I asssume Sammy Guevara walks out of this thing as the champ though if not I’d guess Darby Allin.  I guess that match will decide everything.  Hahah or it won’t.  I am usually wrong.

They had the wrestlers at ringside again tonight though definitely spaced out more.  I imagine this will help with the atmosphere like it did the first week even if it isn’t totally necessary.

Kenny Omega defeated Trent? via pinfall

One of the things I really do like about AEW as opposed to WWE is that they will give you two good, over wrestlers facing off against each other with a clean win.  Wins and losses do matter, but how can you not love watching a wrestling event where good wrestlers get time to show the fans what they can do?  In the words of Rosie Perez from “White Men Can’t Jump” sometimes when you lose, you really win.  And just getting out there to showcase their ability is a win for any of these guys.

Orange Cassidy and Kenny almost hugged during this match and not only is that gimmick infringement but it’s also very dangerous in these troubled times.  Trent did a good job playing at the heel in this match, relentlessly attacking Kenny’s hand.  Kenny also pulled out all the stops, a suplex to the floor, a powerbomb to the pole and throwing him through the guard rail which I cannot believe Cody did not point out wasn’t padded.  This match ALMOST went the distance – 19 minutes in a 20 minute time limit.  This is what I meant above when I said how great it is to see matches like this.  And Trent didn’t win but he doesn’t look like a chump now.  He took Kenny Omega to the distance!  This was a great match.  I really did think it might have gone to a draw, but I like the clean win.

Hikaru Shida defeated Anna Jayy

Had no idea who Anna Jayy was so expected a squash here.  Her most devastating maneuver seemed to be turning quickly and kind of brushing her hair along Shida’s face.  That actually isn’t fair, she did a pretty good job for being someone I’d never heard of.  She was obviously here to give Shida a win on her road to the Championship match she’ll have soon, but the match still wasn’t a complete squash.   Cody pointed out that she was trained by the Nightmare Factory meaning she’d been trained by, as Cody has told us before, his best friend QT Marshall.  I imagine we’ll see her in a similar position again, maybe building her way to something bigger eventually.

There was a promo here about Moxley and Jake Hager and I’m really sorry I just hate Jake Hager so much I kind of avoided it.  I do love Mox buuuuut….it happened.

Lance Archer defeated Marko Stunt

Well.  I mean I’m all for people showing their skills but this needed to be a squash to put Marko over.  I don’t think small guys need to lose, but Archer had to establish himself.  He took out someone at ringside first before just demolishing poor Marko Stunt.  Honestly it really didn’t wrap up quickly enough.  Marko did look like he tried his darnedest.  After the match Archer continued to just destroy Marko Stunt, throwing him into Billy Gunn and his son in the audience.

Before the match Jake Roberts cut another promo on behalf of Archer, angry that AEW is playing games with Archer for not giving him Cody.  Jake brought up Brandi again because when someone acknowledges their woman on TV  other people absolutely have to bring them up in a feud.

Brodie Lee had another great taped segment from backstage where he verbally abuses another member of his Dark Order for not responding as he wants him to.  He also called out someone else for yawning in his meeting further cementing himself as probably a Vince McMahon call out.  I really wonder if eventually WWE  is going to take shots at AEW like they’re taking shots at them.

Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall) defeated 8 & 9 (from the Dark Order)

Two masked Dark Order members took on the new tag team Natural Nightmares who are managed by Brandi Rhodes now that she’s not being a bad guy.  The Dark Order lost and before Dustin and QT could even leave the arena Brodie Lee took out either 8 or 9 while the other just kind of stood by.

There was a taped Jericho promo from his hot tub where he talked about April Fools Day being a holiday for the Elite.  As he called them all fools, Vanguard 1 was shown flying into Jericho’s yard.  The best part was definitely when Jericho stepped out of his tub and was wearing full on slacks.  He tried to woo Vanguard 1 over the Inner Circle by giving him a little T Shirt.  After he refused by flying away Jericho said to release the hounds and some very cute dogs came out including a tiny one and you know what, I loved it.

Taped promo of Nick Jackson working to come back to AEW after being attacked by mystery assailants.  We obviously assume it was Inner Circle, but even in this he said he didn’t know who jumped him.  Waiting for it to be someone else.

Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara defeated Cody & Darby Allin

This was a team up of wrestlers who will face the other wrestlers next week, which is why everyone was subjected to Shawn Spears.  I suppose he isn’t as bad as I make him out to be, but i just find him so boring.  I also don’t understand his inclusion in the tournament for the new title as his record is 1-6 this year and 6-11 overall.  That’s…not good.  Nobody has a better record than that?  I mean, okay….

Sammy Guevara vamped a lot during this match, vlogging at one point causing Brandi to steal his phone when he went in for a kiss.  Everyone remember that Cody has a wife that’s on the show and bring her up and into every match because that is important.  Whatever.  Most of the match was spent targeting Darby by the heels including a break where Spears and Guevara started betting on how long they could hold Darby Allin up in the air.  Spears lost and Guevara got the money in case you were wondering.  When Cody did get involved he was tossed into the crowd of heel wrestlers who beat him up, including Britt Baker who used her heel – incredibly reminiscent of Woman and Debra McMichael in WCW.  This might have been my favorite part of this very good show.

Darby is kind of a better Jeff Hardy I think.  I mean that in the sense he reminds me of Jeff Hardy, who I really dislike, but I find Darby better in the ring without killing people.  He does a coffin drop after climbing to the top of a pole nearby the ring.  I mean this could all change in time.  Darby and Cody lost when Darby tried to stop Cody from getting hit by a chair and Shawn Spears took advantage to take Darby out.  Shawn Spears got the win.  I guess he’s 2-6 now.  After the match Cody tried to comfort Darby and Darby knocked him back.  A frustrated dude.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Kenny Omega vs Trent? 

The show was pretty good overall tonight, but this match really brought out what I love most about this.  A match you kinda knew Kenny would win, but Trent? still looked like a million bucks, and I genuinely thought it might go to a draw.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Natural Nightmares vs 8 & 9

Eh, it was fine.

I liked this show again!  Even when I wasn’t totally satisfied, I think they’re doing a great job during these shows.  The taped promos are top notch and the matches are mostly really good if not great.  AEW has been killing it in these shows.  I’ve been having a lot fun watching them in my quarantine.  I hope you’re all enjoying it as well!

Well, I hope you and yours are all doing okay during these weird and wild times, find me to talk about wrestling on twitter @HM_Pufnstuf.  Happy Wrestlemania week!!