WWE Wrestlemania Night 1: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

Night One of Wrestlemania is in the books. I’m here to break it down for you guys with my five thoughts on the show. Results are at the bottom of the page as well as some minor quick hits.

1. How Long Will Becky’s Reign Last?

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was Becky Lynch retaining in a pretty clean fashion. They went with the Piper/Bret from Wrestlemania 8 match finish with Becky turning over the Kirfuda Clutch and getting the pinfall win. It was a really weird finish, especially because Shayna has had that move done to her before numerous times and has always kicked out of it. I assumed for months that Shayna would be winning the Title here. Was Shayna’s lukewarm reactions pre-pandemic scaring Vince and Co? Do they want Shayna to win in front of a live crowd? Are they building to Becky vs Ronda still at some point? There are still a lot of questions coming out of this match.

2. John Morrison Puts On A Show

I have been very critical of John Morrison in the past. But even I have to admit that was John Morrison’s best WWE match in his return. It may have been one of his best matches during his entire WWE career. He ran across the ropes unassisted and then hit a Spanish Fly on Kofi Kingston. Morrison brought his A game in this match and they ahd a nice creative finish to it as well. All three men had a hold of the hanger with the Titles and Morrison grabbed the belts falling off to get the win. I thought it was a creative finish. I didn’t find anything dumb about it whatsoever. Morrison and Miz were the right team to win. We don’t need New Day and the Usos winning again. But an A+ from all men involved here.

3. Putting the Wrestlemania Sign To Good Use

They had me for a second there with the DQ finish in the Seth Rollins/Kevin Owens match. Then when they had KO restart the match, I thought for sure they were going to have Rollins win the match. But in the end KO went over. And he got a cool Wrestlemania moment out of it. With the Wrestlemania sign lowered down, he jumped off it and through the announce table onto Rollins. It was a cool spot and pretty high to do that kind of jump off of. It technically gives Rollins an out, but this needs to be the end of this feud. Both guys put on a good match here and it was a good blowoff to this feud.

4. Can Braun Take Off As Universal Champion?

In reality, the WWE is two years to late here with Braun Strowman winning the Universal Title. They had numerous other times to pull the trigger with him as Universal Champ. And they didn’t do it. They always saw Braun as just a giant big man attraction. But given the circumstances, they ended up putting the Title on Braun tonight. It was a unique situation. But now the question becomes if this is going to be a one off or a longer reign. Of course we have no idea what the real world holds going forward. It could be a short title reign for Braun or circumstances could cause it to go longer. But this is Braun’s time to possibly save his career as Universal Champ.

5. The Boneyard Match We All Wanted

Holy hell. When they announced the Boneyard Match for Wrestlemania, I pretty much thought it would be like the old WCW Graveyard Matches. While it took place in a graveyard, it was nothing like it. IT WAS A MILLION TIMES BETTER. Everything about that match ruled. From the crazy cinematic effects. The music playing throughout. Undertaker coming back as Biker Taker to Metallica. Druids melting as Taker beat them down. AJ Styles hand sticking out of the grave after he got buried. If you can’t turn your brain off and like that I don’t know what to tell you. People didn’t want to see Undertaker in a regular match. And what we got was probably better than any match that could have taken place in the ring.

OVERALL: Everyone was ready to shit on this show. But guess what? The WWE did a great job of pulling off a fun show from start to finish. The Boneyard Match was amazing. The ladder match and KO/Rollins was good wrestling. Becky/Shayna was good with a weird finish. It could have been a trainwreck, but it was far from it.


Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated the Kabuki Warriors to win the Women’s Tag Titles

Elias defeated King Corbin

Becky Lynch defeated Shayna Baszler to retain the RAW Women’s Title

John Morrison defeated Kofi Kingston and Jimmy Uso to retain the Smackdown Women’s Title

Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins

Braun Strowman defeated Goldberg to win the Universal Championship

The Undertaker defeated AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match

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Justin C

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