The Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast: Wrestlemania 36 Thoughts

Wrestlemania 36 weekend is in the books. It was certainly one of the most unique experiences of all time. An empty Performance Center hosted the majority of the show. But it might have been the matches that took place outside the PC that were talked about the most. Justin C and Cam are here to break it all down in the first installment of the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast this week!

-Which pre-taped match did you enjoy more: The Boneyard Match or Firefly Funhouse?

-Both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair walked out with Championships, as did Bayley. Is the WWE pushing the Four Horsewomen too much? And at the extent of the rest of the women’s division?

-What kind of Champion will Drew McIntyre be? And who will be his first opponent?

-Is Braun Strowman’s Universal Title win his chance at redemption?

-Going forward, can Wrestlemania over two nights make sense?

After that they look to the future and answer he following:

-Who is Edge’s next opponent?

-Have we seen the last of Goldberg in the WWE?

-What is next with Otis and Dolph Ziggler?

-What will be next year’s Wrestlemania main event?

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