AEW is still trucking along and have had a strong few weeks working into this quarantine.  How will they respond this week to WWE’s weird and wild Wrestlemania?  Will they still be at the top of their game?  Chris Jericho is on commentary with Tony Schiavone tonight and there are way too many people ringside who have no matches.

Lance Archer defeated Alan Angels

I missed the beginning of this match and thought about going back, but I imagine it was the beginning of a squash match that ended as a squash match.  Archer going strong into his tournament match with Colt Cabana… next week?  Probably?

Hikaru Shida defeated Britt Baker

Jericho on commentary really put Britt over here comparing her heel turn to his when he turned in WCW in 1997, and mentioning she has the makings of a star.  He might be onto something.  I mentioned last week that Guevera reminds me of a young Jericho but maybe it’s Britt Baker.  Just gotta get that pony tail a little higher.

This match tonight proved even more that Britt Baker is a great woman for this division. This match was really, really good.  I had a hard time looking away actually especially after it seemed really possible that Shida had broken Britt Baker’s nose.  The match continued to go at a high level too and it made Britt seem even more badass.  Shida is incredible and I may have been completely brought over to the Britt Baker bandwagon in two short weeks.  I really have to strongly recommend this match.  Really enjoyable, and worth the time.

In a trailer backstage Kenny Omega talked with Michael Nakazawa about their upcoming tag match and said they needed a tag team name.  Nakazawa suggested “Best Friends” with Kenny explaining they can’t have that name even if they were better best friends.  Orange Cassidy in the trailer bathroom along with Chucky and Trent heard everything though and now are angry and ready to fight in…the match I already think they were going to have.  Still, it was kind of funny.  I only question why Kenny needed a tag team name with Nakazawa – why not with Hangman?

Excalibur broke down a list of the AEW Rankings before they aired a Hager and Moxley promo and if I haven’t made it clear already I don’t care about Jake Hager so it pains me to have to care about Mox’s storyline here.  It was mostly about how Hager’s badass and strong and doesn’t lose and his family and oh I turned the channel.

Best Friends defeated Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa

Trent and Kenny tore it up last week so it was a wise move to get them back in the ring together tonight.  This was slightly less entertaining and it had a lot to do with more entertainment than wrestling.  I really do enjoy good comedy in wrestling, I like Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.  I don’t really care for the Nakazawa stuff though.  The oil is just a little eye rolly for me.  I can appreciate that some people do like it though.  When any of the other three were in the ring with each other I thought it was good, and I do think a lot of people at home were happy.  Why not try and make people laugh in these crazy times?  Jericho and Schiavone couldn’t really hold it together for this though haha.  Best Friends won which is important to push them as a viable tag team since Nakazawa is really a non entity in AEW.

Another Brodie Lee promo aired with him arriving in an SUV and demeaning two of his followers for not looking important – they weren’t wearing a tie like a counterpart with their terrible masks.   The tie guy he took with him for whatever reason.

There was a promo backstage with Britt Baker still sporting her bloody nose and she still looked cool but now I’m just having Becky flash backs.

They played the same Hager/Moxley promo I didn’t want to watch maybe a half hour ago.

There was ANOTHER promo here but this one was Matt Hardy tearing apart Jericho’s inner circle by calling Sammy a false God, said he wanted to eat Proud and Powerful I think (Loud and Devourable), and called Hager Hagenstein.  It was pretty funny, especially when Vanguard 1 revealed he’d set Jericho’s shirt on fire.

Brodie Lee defeated Lee Johnson

A squash to start the show, a squash to interrupt the 19 promos we’ve just seen.  It is kind of questionable to have two of the exact same guy happening at the same time.  Maybe if they hadn’t debuted

Cody defeated Shawn Spears

I do not hide my disdain for Shawn Spears.  It doesn’t mean this match was bad but unfortunately my bias does make it hard for me to enjoy his matches.  Again, this is probably more of a me thing and many people might watch this and be riveted.  It was perfectly serviceable, good even!  There was weight belt usage, tables, guard rails – all sorts of weapons and I had to question what kind of relaxed rules we’re living in here.  Spears took it to Cody and even put him through a table from over the top rope but lost, further confusing me as to why he was in this tournament at all.  He doesn’t have a lot of wins!!  Maybe it was the grit and determination he displayed tonight that won others over.  I think the pinfall within the figure four is actually pretty weak too.  Jericho even says he’s never seen it before.

I thought this was an okay show.  I think it was the weakest it’s been in a few weeks but that woman’s match is well worth the watch.  I also thought Jericho on commentary was better than Cody the past few weeks.  He had and Tony had a great rapport and Jericho is fun to listen to.  They both put themselves over on commentary but Jericho should and I’m supposed to think Cody is kind of humble.  The overall show though was mostly promos.  I’d think because they don’t have enough wrestlers around but there were WAY too many people around ringside tonight so it can’t be that.  Still, AEW has been doing well in this pandemic.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Britt Baker vs Hikaru Shida

This was a really good match and was a great display for what I think is often a struggling women’s division in AEW.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Brodie’s or Archer’s

Both were squash matches so I don’t think they’re important.  I won’t say the tag or the Cody/Spears even if I don’t like Spears or didn’t care for the tag because I don’t think I’m a majority on either of those things.

Hope everyone is surviving these trying times.  You can always catch me over on twitter @HM_Pufnstuf